“I miss you, too,” she whispered shakily, and when he lowered his head to kiss her, she closed her eyes as she lifted her mouth to his.

This was the man she had loved her whole life, she told herself as Grant nibbled playfully on her lips.

Whatever happened between her and the prince – it was merely an abnormality, a freakish incident that would never happen again.


Her fingers sank in his ash blond hair as she surrendered herself to his kiss.

Pulling away, Grant said hoarsely, “You seem different than usual.”

She stiffened, unable to help thinking the worst. She fought to keep her voice steady as she asked, “In w-what way?”

“I’m not certain.” His hungry gaze roamed over her, and Fawn tried not to cringe at the way he licked his lips while his gaze lingered on her breasts. Instead of feeling desirable, she almost felt—-

Fawn mentally shook her head.

Stop it, Fawn.

This was the prince’s fault. What he did – or rather, what almost happened between them – was still messing with her head, and that was the only reason why she was feeling so strange.

Grant touched her cheek, saying huskily, “Are you finally ready?”

She hesitated.

His face hardened.


Pulling away, he started to drive without looking at her.


“I’m sick of the way you keep playing hot and cold.”

His tone was almost vicious, and it stunned and hurt her.

“How long are you going to lead me on?”

“I’m not—-” Grant’s phone, mounted on the dashboard, suddenly started to ring, and she fell silent. She saw him frown and since he was still driving, she asked tentatively, “Do you want me to answer it for you?”

But Grant rejected the olive branch she was offering, saying brusquely, “It’s unimportant.” He canceled the call.

It rang again almost right after, and glancing at the screen, she saw it was the polo team’s vice captain calling. “Are you sure you won’t take that?”

“I said it’s okay,” Grant snapped.

She fell silent.

A moment later, and Grant reached for her hand, squeezing it as he said tiredly, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too.” But what they were apologizing for?

“It’s just been a really long day.”

She nodded.

“Let’s not talk about me, though. How have you been? How’s it working for the so-called prince?”

And there was the opening she needed.

Fawn said slowly, “Actually, I was thinking I might take you up on your offer.”

“What offer?” Grant sounded bemused.

“You know…” She smiled at him awkwardly. “Working at your company?”

“I see.”

Fawn blinked, taken aback by the lack of enthusiasm in Grant’s tone. “I guess…the job’s no longer available?”

“It is, but things turned out to be more complicated than I thought.” The lights turned red, allowing Grant to look at her as he slowed the car to a stop. “I talked to our branch manager here about you working for us, and he says it might set a bad example, like management playing favorites.”


“I know you could prove to them that you deserve whatever job I give you, but even so, I don’t feel good about exposing you to that kind of situation.” A crooked smile touched his lips as he admitted, “If I ever hear someone trying to bully you, I don’t think I can be held liable for what I’d do.”

Fawn nodded in understanding, knowing from experience that Grant’s temper could be nasty when provoked. She smiled at him reassuringly, saying, “I get it.” And she did, but what was she to do now?

THE PRINCE DESCENDED the stairs with his gaze trained on the reports the FBI had sent him. The maids mumbled their greetings as he passed by them, and he looked up absently, about to acknowledge them with a brief nod—-

That was when he saw…her.

He stilled.

Damn you, Igor.

Yesterday, the old man had asked him if he wished to contact Fawn about her absences and he had shrugged, saying it didn’t matter either way. Igor had obviously taken him up on his word, having seen fit not to let him know that Fawn was back.

Damn you, Igor.

Fawn tried not to move as the prince’s piercing green gaze pinned her to the spot. Was he mad about her absences? Was he going to fire her on the spot? Should she protest if he did?

When he finally spoke, she practically jumped as he snapped, “Follow me.”

The other maids looked at her in pity, their gazes telling her they believed she was about to lose her job.

I think so, too, she thought miserably.

By the time she made it to the prince’s study, he was facing the window, hands clasped behind him.

“Why the change of mind?” The prince’s voice was abrupt.

She swallowed. “I h-had to be practical.”

He turned to face her. “And your reason for missing work?”

She stared at him in frustration. Did he really want her to spell it out?

He raised a brow. “I’m waiting.”

Finally, she said, “I was sick.”

“Liar.” He started walking towards her.

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