“Yes,” she finally managed to croak out. “I am.” She shook her head. “And I can’t believe you actually asked me to do this—-”

“Why shouldn’t I?” the prince charged softly.

She threw her hands up in the air, thinking that the prince was really the biggest bully in town. “Because it’s not right! In fact, it’s positively indecent!”

A rich, dark chuckle slipped past the prince’s lips. “I never cared about being decent,” he said dulcetly, his rock-hard shoulders moving in a nonchalant shrug. And if wearing a skimpy bikini was her idea of indecent, the prince mused, then he was keen to hear what she’d think once she learned what he had planned for tonight.

“Prince…” When he looked up, she pleaded, “Can’t you just make me swallow a bucketful of sand instead? Please?”

Swallow what? The prince stared at Fawn in utter amazement. “How do you come up with these things?” And why was it that the more she made him laugh…the more he wanted to fuck her?

Fawn squirmed when she felt the prince’s gaze start to travel down her body. He was practically undressing her with his eyes, and dear God, instead of feeling disgusted or violated, she felt—-

“Stop staring at me.” She forced the words out, determined not to let herself succumb to the baser demands of her body, which was currently doing its best to drown her common sense so she could throw herself at the prince.

The prince shook his head. “You’re asking for the impossible.” And with the way his already-throbbing cock was trying to poke a hole out of his shorts, he knew, regardless of how enjoyable it was to tease and torment her—-

The prince had to have her now.

“It’s time, Fawn.”

She froze, knowing exactly what the prince meant. He had spelled it out very clearly, that favor he wanted of her, and dear God, wearing the bikini was just the first half of it, and the easier part at that.

The thought of what she had to do after disrobing made her faint headed, but it wasn’t just that.

If only it was just that.

Moisture pooled between her thighs, and she swallowed back a whimper as she desperately pressed her thighs together, hoping to stop her body from getting wetter.

“Take it off, Fawn.”


The prince was staring at her, and the look in his eyes was unmistakable. He wanted to devour her, and he would. It should have terrified her, but it didn’t. Instead, all she could think about was how beautiful and dangerous he was, and oh, that he could want her—-


Her fingers shook as she reached for the knot of her robe, and when she finally managed to untie the sash, she saw the prince’s nostrils flare—-

Oooh. Desire uncurled inside of her, and her panties became drenched with creamy wetness.

“Show me the rest,” the prince rasped.

And she did.

In seconds, the robe was completely off, falling softly to the ground, and she stood in front of him, her body naked except for the thinnest strings and tiniest pieces of cloth.

A low growl of arousal rose out from the prince’s throat, and Fawn whimpered as she felt it starting again, that overpowering sense of velvety menace that drugged her consciousness, dissolving her willpower until all that was left was a doll yearning to be under the prince’s authority.

I must be an idiot, Fawn thought in a daze as her feet slowly began to move.

Maybe it was hypnosis, insanity, or love – maybe it was all of the above. In the end, it didn’t matter. All she knew was that she had to be closer. She had to be with him.

Because with the prince—-

She ceased to think.

She could only feel.

When Fawn was within reach, the prince took hold of her hand and gently led her into the pool. Water danced around her ankles as she dipped one foot in after another, her body softening as warm air rising from the heated pool wrapped itself around her.

She had descended up to the third step, the water knee-deep, when the prince tightened his grip just before turning her around to face him. She saw his gaze slowly dip to her breasts, and her fingers curled into fists against her sides.


As the prince’s gaze continued to linger on her chest, Fawn was shocked and horrified to feel her breasts begin to swell and her nipples start to pucker against the fabric. Oh God, if this continued, it would only be a matter of time—-

Unable to help worrying, Fawn halted halfway and slowly looked down.


She was right!

Her fully erect nipples had made the tiny pieces of fabric covering them fold and shrink, leaving the light pink areolas exposed. With a gasp of dismay, she started to cover herself—-

“No,” the prince growled.

Fawn froze.

“Put your hands down.”

Don’t do it, don’t do it, the sensible part of her screeched.

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