But the wanton part of her told her it was too late.

She was hypnotized.

Her arms went back to her side.

“Now,” the prince purred, “I need you to make a choice.” Reaching up to trace her lips, he murmured, “Do you want to come first?” He watched her intensely as she squirmed in front of him, thinking that her fear and nervousness would get the better of her. But again, she surprised him.

Her lips started to move against his fingers, words rolling down her tongue in a sexy little whisper.

“N-no. I want you to come first.”


Desire burned through him as she sank to her knees in front of him. “Do you know what to do next?” he asked hoarsely.

“J-just enough.”

“Is that so?” He almost laughed, probably would have if he didn’t want to fuck her so badly. When she nodded, he said hoarsely, “Show me what you know then.” He watched her visibly hesitate before sinking to her knees and reaching for his shorts. He did nothing to stop her, only lifting himself up just enough to help her get rid of the single piece of clothing that kept him from being naked.

Do I stare or close my eyes? It wasn’t her first time to see the prince’s erection, but even so, she still couldn’t make herself used to how…how…

“Awe—-” She stopped abruptly when she realized what she had been about to say.

The prince’s brows shot up.

“W-what?” She winced at how defensive she sounded.

“You tell me,” the prince drawled. “A moment there, I thought you were about to describe my…conana—-”

She cringed at the hateful term.


Fawn turned red. “No! I! Did! Not!” But oh my God, why was she talking in exclamation points again?

The prince laughed. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, parthena mou. After all…” He suddenly reached for one of her hands. “It is yours to do whatever you want.” As he spoke, he brought her hand to his cock, and Fawn’s fingers instinctively tightened around the silky hardness of the prince’s erection.

The prince hissed, and thinking that she had done something wrong, Fawn released him with a cry—-

“No.” The prince swiftly caught hold of her hand and brought it back to his cock. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” He wanted to fuck more than ever now, but seeing her hurt expression, he managed a smile, saying roughly, “If you don’t believe me—-”

The prince covered her hand with his, and he slowly guided her, teaching her how to stroke him all the while keeping his gaze locked with hers, wanting Fawn to see just how much he wanted her.

The prince’s erection throbbed hard against her fingers with every stroke, and when she tried moving it just a little faster, she saw the prince’s nostrils flare—-


Her grip tightened, and the prince stiffened.

“Do you understand now?” he asked tautly.

At her nod, the prince slowly let go of her hand even as his gaze remained on hers, dark and demanding in its need for her.

Please me, his eyes commanded and seduced her, and oh, how it made her so, so much wetter. She began to stroke him, faster and harder, using the expression in his eyes as her guide, and oh, how she drowned in the knowledge that her touch could make him look so hungry, could make his breath choppy and his body jerk—-

“Fawn.” The prince suddenly drove his fingers through her hair, and she stilled. When their eyes collided, he asked hoarsely, “Do you remember you once told me about being happy with any position I ask of you?”

Her brows furrowed. “Did I…” She stopped when a memory teased her mind.

It was the day of her evaluation, following her first month on the job, and she had earnestly promised him, ‘I genuinely want to continue working here, prince. Any position you want me in, I’d be happy to do it.”

When her eyes widened in horrified realization, the prince purred, “I can see you understand now.” His grip on her hair tightened. “You were thinking of silly things,” he whispered, “but this was what’s always been on my mind.”


But the prince only laughed. “Be honest, parthena mou. You want me exactly the way I am, while I…”

Fawn caught her breath as the prince started to lean forward. Her breasts ached more and more as the prince closed the distance between them—-

His forehead touched hers, and as their gazes collided, the prince whispered, “I, parthena mou, want you to take me in your mouth.”

The erotic words tore a gasp out of her, but instead of repulsing Fawn, they ensnared her, mesmerized her, making Fawn want to hear more.

And she did.

“I want you to stay on your knees, parthena mou, sucking on my cock…”

Fire licked her body, making it melt, and she found herself using her free hand to clutch the prince’s shoulder for balance.

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