But then the import of the prince’s words managed to really sink in—-

The prince’s body…

Hers to do with as she pleased…

Fawn gulped.

Did that mean she could ask him to pleasure himself in front of her—-

Fawn turned redder as she realized what she was thinking.

Stop being so lewd, Fawn!

“I see you’ve thought of something,” the prince drawled.

Fawn gave the prince her fiercest scowl. “I d-don’t know what you’re talking about.” Oh God, didn’t she sound too defensive? She cleared her throat. “Like, never.” Oh God, she still sounded defensive. “N-no idea at all—-” She saw the prince’s lips curve in a smirk.


He totally knew she had thought of something.

The prince started tracing her lips with his thumb, and Fawn tried but failed to stop her body from trembling.

“Tomorrow,” the prince murmured huskily. “No matter what happens, I will take your virginity—-”

Goose bumps popped all over her body as her imagination again went into overdrive.

“And you’ll finally be mine.” The prince’s burning emerald green gaze captured hers as he spoke, and every part of her that could melt did melt at the look of dark possessiveness in his eyes.

“Uuuuuuumm.” Cringing at her incoherence, Fawn managed to lift her chin and say very eloquently—-


The prince grinned. “There’s no need to hide the truth, parthena mou.”

“I’m n-not hiding anything.” His thumb left her mouth, and she steeled herself, pretending that the loss of his touch didn’t make her heart ache.

“If you’re not…” The prince looked at her with hooded lids. “Then why don’t you show me how disappointed you feel that I can’t sink my cock inside of you tonight—-”


Fawn let out a gasp of outrage, but really it was just to hide the fact that she wanted to die of embarrassment. “How dare you?” And really, how dare he? How dare he see through her?

The prince leaned away and cocked his head to the side, asking in a politely curious tone, “How dare I what? Say the truth?” His voice turned into a mocking purr filled with sexual innuendo. “Which is that you really don’t want me to leave—-”

“Oh! My! God! You!” She shook her head vehemently even as the flush in her cheeks spread to the rest of her body. “I wasn’t thinking of any such thing.” Her huffy tone made her wince inside, but even so she still ended up digging herself a deeper grave, muttering, “If your friends need you, then of course I w-won’t stop you from going to them.”

“Ah. Then you’re saying if it weren’t for Keanne, you wouldn’t have let me leave?”


“Stop twisting my words—-”

“Only if you stop hiding the truth, my beautiful liar.”

“I’m not lying. If you want to go—-” She raised her chin. “Then go!” But the moment the words slipped past her lips, Fawn wanted to take them back. Oh my God, what was she saying?

The prince sighed. “And the lies continue.” The knowing look he gave her somehow made the prince a hundred times more gorgeous and annoying at the same time. “We both know you’ll miss me the moment I’m gone.”

“That’s stupid.” Actually, it was not.

“If you don’t tell me the truth,” the prince warned lightly, “then I’ll be forced to prove you wrong and not come back tomorrow at all.”

“W-whatever.” She tossed her hair at him, making a deliberate show of snubbing the prince.


Her irritation started to fade, and fear started to creep in.

Would he really not come back tomorrow just to prove his point?

Her eyes stung at the thought, and she glared hard at the blank wall in front of her.

Don’t you dare cry—-

The prince’s fingers suddenly cupped her chin, forcing her to turn to him. When she refused to still look at him, the prince gently knocked his forehead with hers, saying softly, “How stubborn you are.” When he spoke again, his smile was evident in his tone as he murmured, “And how you love to pretend to be uncompromisingly tough—-”

“I’m not pretending,” she said very fiercely. It had to be that way because it was the only thing that could keep the tears from falling.

The prince started to move—-

She stiffened.

And then he was suddenly bending his head down, peering at her face, and as she reared back in surprise, the naked expression on her face exposed, the prince murmured slyly, “It’s too bad those tears glistening in your eyes tell a different story.”


Feeling humiliated, Fawn tried to scramble away, but the prince only chuckled and pulled her to him. She started to struggle, but it was no use, with his arms closing around her in a steely embrace.

“Mi dispiace.” The prince cupped her face. “Syngnomi.” He tipped her chin up, forcing her to meet his gaze. “I’m sorry.” A tear escaped her eye, and he gently wiped it away, murmuring with a little sigh, “You cry too much.”

Lips trembling at the effort to prove him wrong, she mumbled, “I d-do n-not.”

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