Dammit, this was ridiculous.

He glared at her, warning darkly, “Whatever it is you’re thinking—-”

To his even greater surprise and unease, Fawn cut him off, asking in a suspiciously high-pitched voice, “A-are you in a h-hurry to leave?”

Fuck. His unease deepened, and the prince asked warily, “Why do you ask?”

“B-because I’d l-like to kiss you goodbye.”

The prince stilled, but even as his body went taut in an instant, he didn’t allow himself to relax completely, thinking that he was missing something.

In front of him, Fawn wetted her lips, her pink tongue darting out—-


Arousal, raw, deep and excruciatingly hot, forced his cock to stretch into longer and harder proportions, and the prince sucked in his breath.

Fawn’s heart started to beat harder and harder at the near-feral look of lust in the prince’s gaze. “P-prince?”

Their gazes collided, and oh, the way he was staring at her now—-

She almost threw herself at him but caught herself in time, the few functioning brain cells she had warning her against being selfish. If Jason Christakos had a grave need for the prince, then she had no choice but to wait for another time to do what she wanted.

But if not—-

She raised her gaze to him, her tone unconsciously pleading as she asked, “P-please tell me you’re not in a hurry?”

The prince rasped out, “No.”


“I don’t have to leave right away.”

The moment the words left the prince’s lips, Fawn didn’t let herself think.

She simply pushed the prince down, his back bouncing against the bed, and even as his raised eyebrows made her turn red, she still rose on her knees and reached for his belt buckle, saying determinedly, “It’s my turn t-to please you. I’m g-going to kiss you goodbye t-there.”

The prince stilled in surprise, unable to believe that he had heard Fawn actually utter such a promise. But then she started to wrestle with his belt, her cheeks turning redder by the second, and he found himself fighting back a smile.

His beautiful liar was really quite unpredictable, he mused, and it was sexy as hell, the way she kept surprising him. When her clumsy fingers moved on to the zip of his pants, the prince drawled, “Do you need help?”

“No.” She glared at him even as she continued to blush and struggle with lowering his zip without actually touching his erection. “I can do this.”

The prince raised himself on his elbows, asking in genuine puzzlement, “What exactly are you having difficulties with?”

She didn’t answer.


Grimacing, she admitted reluctantly, “I just don’t want to accidentally touch your…” She paused.

The frustration in her brown eyes was all the clue he needed, and he said slowly, “Are you talking about my…err…conana?”

“Stop calling it that!”

His eyes widened. He was actually right? So that meant…she really was trying to lower his fly without touching his cock? For one moment, the prince could only stare at her, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to figure that out even in a hundred years.

“It’s not that weird,” she mumbled defensively.

“It is,” he said bluntly.

“It’s not,” she insisted. “It just d-doesn’t feel right, like it’s cheating. I think I should only touch…it…when—-stop laughing!”

But the prince couldn’t stop. Dio. Fawn was simply out of this world, the prince thought, and he would never want her any other way.

“It’s not that funny,” she protested even as she finally managed to pull the zipper down.

“It is,” he assured her.

“It’s not.” She worked on his pants and briefs next, which were a lot easier, and in no time at all, his engorged and rigidly aroused—-

No more hiding behind the truth, Fawn Cornwall.

With what you’re about to do, you need to learn to say it.

Fawn mentally squared her shoulders.

I am staring at the prince’s c-c-c-c-cock.

The prince’s erection twitched violently, and the sight was more than enough to have her folds slowly get wet.

Cock. Cock. Cock.

This was the prince’s cock she was staring at—-

“Fawn?” The prince’s voice was hoarse. It was both heaven and hell to have Fawn staring so intently at his erection, and his fists clenched against his sides as he forced himself to wait for Fawn to make the next move.

Realizing that she would lose her courage if she allowed herself to continue dithering, Fawn took a deep breath—-

Don’t overthink.

She took hold of the prince’s cock with one hand—-

The prince’s breath came out in a hiss.

Fawn lowered her head.

His eyes widened. “Fawn—-”

Her mouth closed over his cock.

The prince groaned.

Fawn began to suck.

“Fuck.” His fingers instinctively drove through her hair. “Fuck.”

The raw need in the prince’s words had her sucking harder, and the prince’s groans turned into a growl of agonized pleasure.

“God. Fawn. Fuck.”

Her tongue laved around the head of his cock, and the prince’s ass arched off the bed. His grip on her tightened, and when she continued licking the head of his cock, the prince couldn’t stop himself.

He began to pump his hips up to meet the up-and-down movement of her head, wanting to get more and more of his cock inside her sweet, tight mouth.

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