Soon, the sucking sounds that Fawn made with her mouth were the only thing that could be heard in the room, with the prince left to gritting his teeth as he fought to control himself from fucking her mouth hard—-

But then he felt her small, soft hands curl under his hips just before her fingers dug into his ass, clutching them hard as she slowly ran her tongue along the slit on the head of his cock.

His control snapped.

“Goddammit, Fawn.”

And then he was fucking her mouth hard, thrusting his cock all the way to the back of her throat, and goddammit, but he could no longer stop, the pleasure taking over him. He could feel her fingers digging deeper into his ass as she tried desperately to accommodate the length of his erection, but even with her struggling he couldn’t stop himself.

The prince thrust in and out, pounding her mouth with his cock—-

Fawn squeezed his ass hard, and her mouth mirrored the action, her lips closing tightly around his cock.

The prince came with a roar, and his cock jerked violently inside her mouth as it released a strong, heavy load of cum down her throat. He came hard and long, a part of him expecting her to pull away and throw up on the amount of cum filling her mouth.

But she didn’t.

Instead, she swallowed every fucking drop, her throat working furiously, and when his cock finally twitched one last time, he felt her licking him dry—-


When she released his cock with a popping sound, he hauled her to him, and she tumbled against his chest with a gasp. His arms tightened around her, and he said hoarsely, “You were magnificent, parthena mou.”

She mumbled something incoherently, and he laughed, drawling lazily, “You’re being cute again.”

Fawn let out a moan of pure embarrassment.

Now that it was all over and her senses were slowly returning, she just couldn’t believe she had actually done that.

Was this how true love worked, she wondered dizzily.

All these years, the only love she had known was what she had felt for Grant, and it was the kind that made her heart skip but never made her heart ache. It had been the kind that was both sweet and immature, tender because it was untested.

It was love that had been born out of infatuation and the need to have someone to lean on, and she had always been the one who needed, and Grant always the one who answered the need. He had never made Fawn want to protect him or keep him safe—-

The thought made her mind reel harder, and she drew an uneven breath, feeling like she was about to explode with the way her heart was spinning out of control inside her chest.

How funny and strange it was, she thought numbly, that it was the Prince of Darkness who made her feel like she wanted to be the strongest woman in the world, just so she could protect him.

When the prince finally lifted her off, Fawn didn’t hesitate, quickly crawling under the covers and pulling it all the way over her head, not wanting the prince to see her face while she was still feeling too vulnerable and exposed.

She loved the prince, yes, but love didn’t make her stupid.

She also knew that the prince didn’t love her back—-

Yet, Fawn reminded herself forcefully.

After dressing himself, the prince stood up, and glancing at Fawn, his lips curved at the sight of the lump under the covers. “I’m going now, parthena mou.”

After listening to more incoherent mumbling, he asked in an amused voice, “Are you speaking your version of German again?”

His smile widened as the lump under the covers moaned and shrunk a size smaller, and with a shake of his head, he reached for the edge of the covers. “I’d like to see your face before I go.” They played a bit of tug-of-war between them, but in the end the prince’s strength still won, and he pulled the covers down to her chin.

Fawn glared up at him, fingers tightly holding the covers to herself as she muttered darkly, “Go away.”

He laughed. “I’ll miss you, too.” He ran his knuckles down one soft cheek, murmuring, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Turning away, he caught sight of Fawn’s phone on the bedside table, and his brows lifted imperceptibly when he saw that there was an ongoing call.

Based on the duration of the call, which continued to run, it had started just before he had come to this room—-

And it was from Bennett.

How disappointingly masochistic, the prince thought dispassionately. He had never pictured the other man to be the type to listen while his girlfriend gave another man a blowjob, and the realization made the prince muse idly about what else he might not have read correctly.

Fawn frowned when she saw the prince reach for her cell phone. “What is it?”

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