Lilac bites her lip. Are you saying you want to go against the Kardashians?

Nick nods. Hell yeah. I’ll even get the other guys to do it with us, so we get to offer multiple storylines.

Lilac sighs worriedly. And do you think that’s going to be enough? I don’t want you to be disappointed if it doesn’t work.

Pulling her closer, Nick places a kiss on her forehead. Have a bit more faith in us, sweetheart. We’re all a hot commodity. His fingers thread through her hair. I can see it now, making it to number one.

Lilac finally smiles. You’re right. There’s nothing to worry about, and I even have the name for it.

“The show would be named Greeking it Up with the Billionaire Barbarians,” Fawn finished triumphantly.

As Nick and Lilac slowly looked at each other, Nathan said dryly, “Even I can read what Nick and Lilac’s thinking now.”

“The last one’s purely just to rhyme with Kardashian,” Fawn was saying at the same time, “but it can be—-” She broke off at the former supermodel’s words. “What?”

The prince’s friends burst into laughter.

Her face fell. “So I got it wrong?”

“Completely,” Nick confirmed bluntly.

“What? But I was so sure—-” Fawn’s voice trailed off as the elevator chimed upon reaching its destination. The doors slowly slid open, revealing a ballroom decorated in crystals and black silk.

And just like that, she was back in the prince’s world.

Men, women, the guests, and even the servers – everyone around them glittered, their faces and bodies painted with golden streaks coming from the ballroom’s incandescent lighting. It was like the sun had been seduced into an evening of darkness, and of course the only one that could have made it happen was—-

Across a ballroom that had hundreds of people, what should have been impossible happened.

Brown eyes met green.

Her gaze swept over him in a rush, Fawn wanting to absorb every little thing about him. He looked so, so beautiful-—

Formal pants that hinted of the impressive strength of his long, muscular legs—-

The dress shirt that molded perfectly to his powerful chest—-

The black tux that accentuated the impressive breadth of his shoulders—-

The black silk bowtie that underlined his innate sophistication and grace—-

When her gaze met his again, she realized that he, too, had been studying her at the same time.

The prince’s jaw clenched at the effort it took to smile and converse with his guests while his chest threatened to explode. Too many goddamn emotions crowding a heart that was supposed to be empty and invincible—-

What the fuck was she doing here with his friends?

He didn’t want to stare at her but he couldn’t stop himself.

She might not be the most beautiful girl in the room, but for him -—

She was the only girl in the world that he could imagine staring at forever.

Studying her from bottom to top, he took note of her glittering heels and the way it made her look like Cinderella coming to the fucking ball—-

And it only got worse from there.

Her shimmering white gown fell just above her shapely ankles, proving that a girl could be sexy as hell without showing any skin, while the gown’s sweetheart neckline clung to her generous bosom and bared her creamy white shoulders to view.

This was the fucking worst, the prince thought grimly.

The kind of worst that made his cock throb in powerful need, forcing the prince to shift restlessly on his feet, hoping like hell that the enormous bulge behind his pants would pass unnoticed.

When their gazes met for the third time—-

Prince. She ached to call him. And she couldn’t help calling out to him, in her mind, the only way she was allowed to.


The prince smiled, almost as if he had heard her, almost like he cared.

But then that was all he could give, and a second later, the prince was turning his back on her, his arm going around the waist of the woman beside him.

Fawn wanted to throw up.

“I n-need to go to the restroom,” she managed to say before turning around to run away.

Nathan’s face became grim. “I’ll go after her.”

Nick nodded, and having caught sight of Reid heading their way with a cold expression on his face, he murmured, “Lilac and I will handle Chalkias.”


The prince’s hold on his wine glass tightened as he felt Fawn’s stricken look scorching his back like an unforgivable wound.

This is the right thing to do.

The best thing to do.

The only thing to do.

But even so, he found himself unable to resist the urge to look back.

And that was when he saw Fawn walking away, with Nathan Callis looking too damn gorgeous by her side, his hand on the small of her back.

He hailed a waiter in a brusque gesture to dispose of his wineglass, knowing that if he didn’t, he would end up snapping it in half.

This is the right thing to do.

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