But there wasn’t any time to think about that.

As soon as the prince had her lying on her back on the desk, he took hold of her shirt and ripped it off, and did the same to her bra. She was bared from the waist up in seconds, leaving her mind whirling in a daze at how swiftly things were moving.

To be fair to the prince, a voice drawled out inside her, you did ask for it.

I know that, but I didn’t mean he had to be in a hurry like this—-aah!

The prince had managed to get rid of the buttons and zip of her jeans and was now wrenching it down her legs. By the time she realized he had her jeans tossed behind his back, he was already reaching for her panties—-


But they were gone in a second, ripped into two and joining the rest of her clothes on the floor.

The prince’s hands went to his pants, and she managed to raise herself on her elbows. “W-wait, this is going too fa—-” She swallowed as the prince freed his erection from its restraints, his engorged cock springing free.

Oh God.

And then he was sliding into her, every inch of his throbbing cock disappearing into her pussy, and she moaned, her body arching off the desk sharply at his possession.

As the prince raised her legs to form a wide V in the air, his gaze captured hers, demanding her attention—-

And as soon as she gave it to him, he started pounding into her.

Hard. Fast. Deep.

Holding on to her legs, he pounded into her nonstop, all the while holding her gaze with his, as if he never wanted her to forget who owned her.

“P-prince…oh God…” The force of his thrusts and the vulnerable position of her body left her helpless, and all she could do was hang on to the edges of the desk as the prince continued to fuck her like he wanted the feel of his possession imprinted on every part of her.

The phone suddenly started to ring, but the prince paid it no heed, and neither could she. His cock was making her see stars again, the kind that made her feel like floating all the while twisting her stomach into achingly beautiful knots—-

The call went to the answering machine, and both of them heard a familiar voice say, “Hi, Reid. It’s me, Lilac.”

Oh God!

She hurriedly reached for the phone, thinking it was better to end the call, but in her haste she accidentally hit the answer button instead, and the prince’s eyes widened.

“Reid? Can you hear me?”

Without pausing in his thrusts, the prince answered, “Go on.”

Oh God.

Releasing the desk, she quickly covered her mouth, hoping to keep her cries to herself.

Seeing it, the prince smirked, and her eyes widened in alarm.

No, he couldn’t possibly want Lilac to know—-

“And so we’re thinking we should move the event to…”

The prince suddenly withdrew, but before she could start feeling empty, the prince grasped her by the waist and flipped her over. As soon as her breasts flattened against the desk, the prince thrust his cock back into her behind, and in this position he was able to go all the way in until his cock brushed the tip of her womb.

Her eyes rolling back at the sheer pleasure of it, Fawn managed to grasp the edge of the desk just as the prince furiously began pumping his hips against her, his cock pistoning into her—-

Lilac was still speaking, explaining about the changes of the event they were co-hosting with the student council.

Fawn bit her lip hard, desperate to keep silent even as the pace of the prince’s thrusts became rough and savage, brutal to the point that pain and pleasure merged.

The prince began slapping her ass as he thrust into her, and the sound rang loudly in the study, making Fawn frantically shake her head as she looked at him over her shoulder.

Over the phone, Lilac’s voice broke off all of a sudden, and a second after there was faint mumbling in the background, with Lilac seemingly covering the mouthpiece of her phone while she spoke with someone else.

Fawn tried shoving the prince away, desperate not to make more noise, but instead the prince’s hands tightened over her butt, squeezing both cheeks hard before plunging into her hard. Harder. Over and over—-

And finally, his fingers reached around her, pinching her clit—-

Her orgasm shuddered out of her, and Fawn screamed—-

Over the phone, she faintly heard Lilac let out a tiny squeak of shock, followed by the sound of a man’s deep, knowing chuckle.

Oh my God, Nick and Lilac knew – they had to know what she and the prince were doing!

But it was too late.

She could no longer get away from the prince, not when she was still trembling at the waves of pleasure assaulting her body, and certainly not when the prince had also started to come, growling his release as he shot cum into her body, filling her to the brim until cum started to streak down her legs.

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