When it was over, she whispered faintly, “Lilac?”

Over the phone, they heard Lilac stammer incoherently before her fiancé stepped in, his smirk evident in his Greek-accented voice when he said, “We are definitely still here.”

Holy sweet Jesus!

As her hands flew to cover her face, Fawn heard the prince drawl, “We’ll call you back tomorrow. We’re busy right now.”

Nick Christakos chuckled. “Yes, you probably are. Tomorrow then.” As the call clicked to an end, the prince reached behind him to pull his shirt over his head, and Fawn temporarily forgot her embarrassment as she was treated to the exquisite sight of the prince’s hard chest—-

The shirt came off, and the prince caught Fawn peeking.


He grinned, and she looked away, turning red.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he purred. “You can stare for as long as you want, but first…” He put his shirt over her body, and it was just large enough to cover her all the way to her knees. Lifting her up, he said huskily, “We’ll continue this in the bedroom.”

“Umm.” How did one pretend not to be excited? Even after all this time, she just couldn’t figure it out!

The prince laughed. “Don’t bother.”

“I d-don’t know what you’re talking about,” Fawn stammered.

“Of course you don’t.” As the prince carried her out of the study and up the stairs, he whispered silkily into her ear, “Do you want another promise?”


Without waiting for her reply, the prince said, “There won’t be a second you won’t be imagining me fucking you.”

And he was right.

The next two weeks were the happiest days of her life even though it also felt like her life had turned into an endless stretch of a tightrope that she had to constantly balance on.

More and more, she fell in love with him, and because she did—-

There was not one day that she didn’t meet with Grant, not one day that she didn’t have her ring on her necklace, not one day that she didn’t ignore the prince’s words about becoming his alone.

As if she were that stupid, Fawn thought painfully. Jealousy might make the prince half-mean his words, but the truth was in his calculating, grim gaze.

If she made one mistake of showing that she loved him-—

If she made one slip and revealed that everything was just a lie between Grant and her—-

He would leave.


It was rare for the prince to display any semblance of naiveté, but it became quickly apparent to him that he had been naïve where Fawn Cornwall was concerned. He had hoped, now that he had a taste of Fawn’s sweet body, once would be enough. With the novelty and challenge gone, he had hoped, naively as it turned out now, that his obsession with her would wane or even disappear.

The prince had said as much once to Derek Christopoulos, to which his friend had only laughed out loud, saying, “It will only get worse, Chalkias. Much, much worse than you can imagine.”

And as it turned out, Derek had been all too accurate.

Every day of his life was now heaven and hell, and it was no exaggeration. Waking up to Fawn was one of the things he always looked forward to, and the pleasure he drew from seeing her innocent, sleeping face next to him only seemed to grow each day. The usual things that followed it were his favorites as well, as the prince never wasted a chance to share a shower with Fawn and accompany her downstairs for breakfast.

In between bites of toasts and sips of coffee, the prince and his fawn would talk, and there would not be a moment that they wouldn’t be touching. She would brush the hair from his eyes, he would wipe off a crumb on the corner of her lip. Simple little things that the prince had long thought would have been impossible for him, but with his fawn, he had found himself doing them without even thinking about it.

The worst parts of the day were when she was away, and every day the prince had to force himself not to go after her. It was strange, but she met more often with Bennett now compared to when she hadn’t yet known that the other man had been cheating on her. He brooded on this more often than he was comfortable admitting, and in the instances that his possessiveness would get the better of him—-

A humorless smile touched the prince’s lips as memories flooded his mind. He remembered the first time he had expressly forbidden her to meet up with Grant, remembered how incensed he was that she had only shaken her head at him and stubbornly insisted that she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“Why is it so important for you to meet with the man who’s cheating on you?” he charged violently.

“Because he needs me!” She answered with such feeling that the prince knew she was telling the truth, but it was also that very fact which grated on him and made his insides scorch with jealousy.

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