Stalking after Fawn into her adjoining suite, he watched her pick her dress with care, and every second of it fed his wrath. Why the fuck would she care what she was wearing with Bennett? When he saw her take a seat in front of the vanity, going as far as prettying herself for another man in front of him—-

His control snapped, and in one swift stride he reached her, snatching the lipstick out of her hold and throwing it out.

Fawn cried out as the lipstick broke into two upon impact, leaving a red streak against the creamy walls of her walk-in closet.

“What did you do that for?” she cried out, horrified.

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I do that,” the prince snapped, “when you’re going to so much effort to look good for an asshole—-” Taking her by the shoulders, he pulled her up, snarling roughly, “And that you would even have the fucking guts to do it in front of me!”

Even with rage clouding his judgment, a part of the prince knew that he was being unreasonable, and that part of him already expected Fawn to point the same thing out, to rub it in his face that he had been the one to tell her they could only be together behind Bennett’s back.

But rather than scream or struggle away, Fawn did what the prince least expected. Instead, her hands crept up, cupping his face, and with a smile that held on precariously to her lips, she whispered, “I’m doing this for us.”

The prince stilled.

Her hands fell, and when she turned away, he let her go, his own arms falling to his sides. “It’s too easy to be with you,” he heard her say unevenly, her back turned to him. “It’s too addictive, and I need to be with him to r-remember why I got into this in the f-first place.”

Spinning to face him, she raised pain-clouded eyes to his, and he sucked his breath in at the sight of it. “Fawn—-” And it was that moment he realized that he had nothing to say, nothing short of a lie that could comfort her.

Because she was right. She was doing the right thing, and in that aspect it turned out that she was the stronger one between them.

“I c-can’t let myself forget, prince. You understand, don’t you?” Her voice caught in the end.

“I do.” His fists clenched hard. “But it doesn’t mean you have to go this far, dammit. It’s almost like you’re—-” He managed to catch himself in time, but the strained smile on Fawn’s lips told him that she still knew what he had almost said.

“Prostituting myself for a man who cheated on me?” Her voice was painfully amused. “It does seem that way, doesn’t it?”

“If you know how it looks like,” the prince said tautly, “then why the fuck are you still doing it? Why fucking meet him every day?”

She answered tiredly, “I already told you why. If I don’t, I’ll end up being too clingy—-”

“Then fucking cling,” the prince heard himself roar.

And as soon as the words left him, they stared at each other, both of them stunned. But while Fawn’s shock was visible, the prince managed to keep his face inscrutable even as his mind reeled at what he had just said.

“Fuck this,” he muttered. “Go to him, leave, do whatever the fuck you want.”

And he had walked away, stalking into his study, and forced himself to watch Fawn drive away.

She had come home a few minutes past midnight and had screamed for dear life when he came out of the darkness in the living room.

“Oh my God, you frightened me—-mmph.” His fingers had slipped into her mouth as he brought her up against the wall, pushed the skirt of her dress up, and fucked her hard, his cock pounding into her nonstop until they came at the same time.

When they finally made it to bed, she had curled up against him, and he had only asked her one thing.

“Did you kiss him?”

Taking his hand, she placed it on her chest, and as he listened to her steady heartbeat, she whispered, “Never.”

That night had set a precedent, and although the prince and his fawn still got into heated arguments every time she would leave him for Bennett, both knew that when she returned, everything would be resolved in the best way possible—-

And sometimes, the prince mused, it was almost like she would go as far as provoking him over little things, just so they could have hot, furious make-up sex.

Just yesterday, she had neglected to keep her engagement ring out of sight and instead accompanied him in a double date in the guise of a business meeting with Derek and Jaike. Uncaring of the fact that their friends could easily hear him, he had told her to get rid of it and even though his cold tone had Fawn gulping, she had raised her chin, saying stubbornly that she had to maintain appearances since they were out in public.

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