The students inside gaped at them.

“Restroom?” the prince asked silkily.

One of the students pointed.

“Thank you.”

And before Fawn knew it, the prince had locked them inside the café booth’s restroom.


The prince didn’t answer, too busy unzipping himself.

His cock sprang out.

Her eyes flew wide with shock.

The prince reached for her.

Oh my God—-

She tried avoiding his hands, tried shoving him off her, hissing, “Are you seriously—-” She whimpered when the prince managed to lift her up, her back riding up against the door.

Oh my God—-

She felt him pushing her dress up, the fabric bunching around her waist—-

She heard her panties rip.

Holy sweet Jesus—-

The prince’s hot, hard body pressed against hers, and her eyes squeezed shut at the feel of it.


The head of his cock nudged against the entrance of her pussy.


And then he was sliding all the way in.


He pulled away just enough for Fawn to see him grin. “Harder?” he purred teasingly.

She whimpered.

“As you wish.”

And he thrust into her, so damn hard that they made a loud thud against the door.

Someone outside screamed, followed by the sound of glass shattering against the floor.

“Priiiiiince.” She moaned in embarrassment, knowing that everyone outside had to be aware of what they were doing.

Biting her ear, he whispered, “Are you telling me to stop?”



She couldn’t stop her arms from tightening around his neck at the suggestion, and when the prince chuckled, another moan spilled out of her, Fawn realizing that she had completely given herself away.

The prince’s mouth took hers then, his tongue thrusting in and out of her in rhythm with the movement of his cock.

Over and over, he possessed her every thought with the synchronized thrusts—-

Someone suddenly knocked hesitantly on the door. “S-sir?”

Fawn jerked, but the prince only tightened his hold on her, and pulling his mouth away without stopping his cock from driving in and out of her wet, tight pussy, the prince asked, “What is it?”

“S-someone, err, needs, to, err—-” Embarrassment seemed to have gotten the better of the student.

“I understand,” the prince murmured smoothly. “We’ll be done in a minute.”

Outside, they both heard someone scoff, “A minute? He can have her cum in a minute? Yeah right.”

Fawn caught sight of the glitter in the prince’s eyes.

“Bet you twenty dollars it’s going to be more than a minute.”

Oh. No.

She stammered in protest, “P-prince—-”

But it was too late.

The prince’s mouth caught hers. The prince’s cock drove hard and deep into her, all the way to her womb, and his fingers pinched her clitoris.

It. Was. Over.

In twenty seconds.

When they stepped out of the restroom, Fawn ducked her head, unable to meet anyone’s gaze. But the prince was the complete opposite, which was cute, sweet, and annoying at the same time. His arm around her waist was intimately possessive, and the air of immense sexual satisfaction about him was so palpable it was almost as if he was a walking signboard that screamed I FUCKED HER GOOD.

Just before they reached the doors of the café, they heard someone gasp in laughter. “Pay up,” the guy hollered. “Look at the floor, man! He made her cum so damn hard you can’t even see—-”

Holy. Sweet. SHIT.

Her knees buckled, but the prince caught her easily to him with a laugh.

“Shut up.” Yet his laughter was infectious, and oh dear God, she couldn’t help giggling up at him.

Leaving the café, they stepped back into the sunlight, and as the prince watched the rays of the sun create a halo behind her, he couldn’t recall seeing anything so beautiful.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.” It was the first time she had returned the words since they had gotten back together.

Looking up at him with eyes that shone, she said it again because she could no longer help it. “I love you.”

And the most fantastic thing happened.

The prince’s knees buckled.

Oh. My. God.

She laughed before she could stop herself.

The prince’s gaze turned murderous.


He said very, very pleasantly, “What do you mean fucking oops?”

She shrieking, jumping back before he could reach for her. “I’m s-sorry—-” And then she suddenly remembered the look on his face when his knees buckled, and she couldn’t help laughing again.

The prince’s teeth gnashed together. “I’m going to kill you.”

Shrieking, she ran away from him.

He went after her at a measured pace, his pride not allowing himself to run like a damn teenager. But he wasn’t above cheating either, and with a subtle gesture, he had his security corner her.

Fawn gasped when she realized what was happening, the way the prince’s bodyguards were forcing her to take the path that he had chosen. She glared at him over her shoulder, muttering, “Unfair!”

The prince’s broad shoulders moved in a shrug, saying silkily, “I’m the Prince of Darkness, aren’t I?”

In moments, he had her cornered between his body and a vacant passenger car of the Ferris wheel, the prince’s VIP status allowing them to cut in line. “Shall we?”

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