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“At the station…the visitor…” She hesitates.

“You mean your ex?”

She nods. “Are you going to get in trouble for hitting him?”

“Nah.” One or two nights in a cell isn’t going to hurt me or my standing. “But if I do serve time, are you going to come and visit? Maybe we can exercise my conjugal rights.” I wink.

She lets out a gasp of outrage. “They are sending you to prison for punching a guy? That’s not right.” She jumps to her feet and moves toward the door. “Who do I have to talk to about this?”

I catch her before she can grab the handle. “It’s all good, baby.” I swing her into my arms and hold her so she can’t run out. “Hitting him is worth a day or two behind bars and I’ve got a good jail cell. We keep it clean.”

“It’s not right.” Her lower lip juts out and it’s so fucking tempting I just have to swoop in and kiss her. It’s not meant to be a distraction, not really, but soon enough we’re not thinking about Dick or David or whatever his name is, we’re just thinking about how good the other person tastes and how there’s way too many clothes keeping our bare skin apart. Her hands push my shirt up, and mine dig under her pants to cup her round, juicy ass. My cock throbs and pulses, fucking eager to get inside of her.

She breaks away from my mouth. “Wait.”

I stop immediately. “What?”

“Why me? Why do you want me?”

My brows come together. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?”

“I have and it’s not that great.”

“You must be blind.” I tug my right hand out of her pants and swipe her hair away from her face. “I’ve never seen a prettier face or a more banging body. Your ass would bring all the boys to the yard, but then I’d have to shoot them for looking, which means more days in my jail cell and honestly it ain’t that nice.”

A reluctant chuckle escapes her. “Okay, even if I agreed with you, we just met. How do you know I’m worth your time?”

“Mae’s been a long-time resident here and she thought you were worth leaving her house to. When I took you home, my mom fell in love instantly. You’re not going to tell me my mom is a bad judge of character, are you?” I challenge.

Khloe shakes her head no.

“Right. And instead of being bitchy to Tina and Connie, who were nosy and trying to incite a fight with their boyfriends, you welcomed them into your home, so you’re decent, kind, open-minded, friendly, and you have a fucking hot-ass body that I want to maul with my fingers, mouth and cock. Are those good enough reasons?”



All my insides melt at his confession. I slide my hands up his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Don’t hurt me.”

“I’d never hurt you.” He lifts me into his arms, his hands going to my ass. Everything feels right when I’m in his arms. As though it’s where I was always meant to be.

“Then I’m yours.” I don’t want to fight this pull to him anymore. I know it’s fear that has kept me running. I’m scared to get close to someone and then have it taken away from me. That another person who’s supposed to love me will disappoint me. My mom had done a real number on me growing up. But I know I need to try with Dane. That if I continue to run scared I’ll miss out on something special. I’m not willing to miss another moment with Dane.

“I know,” he says with a smile on his lips. It makes me laugh.

“Take me to bed, you cocky jerk.”

He gives my ass a squeeze. “You’ll pay for that comment.” Before I can ask how, his mouth is on mine. He steals my breath away with how possessive his kiss is. It’s almost as if he’s trying to brand me. Leave his mark on me for everyone to see. And there is nothing I want more than to be his.

I wiggle against him. The throb between my legs growing to the point of being unbearable. “Dane.” I moan his name, needing more. Wanting everything he’s offering physically and emotionally.

“I got you.” He lays me down on the soft bed. I hadn’t even felt us move. “Clothes off, babe. If I take them off you they’ll be in shreds.”

I watch as he pulls his shirt up and over his head, revealing his broad chest. Every muscle is defined, and my fingers itch to trace over each of them. Holy shit he’s hot. No wonder all the women in town want him. He’s never leaving this house without a shirt on again. Now I’m the one who’s being possessive. Hell, if he gets to do it so do I.

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