Another hour passes, and as William requests the bill, he learns that it’s been comped by the owner and to consider it a wedding gift. “Wow. That’s fucking amazingly cool,” Cyber says.

“I want to know who he knows,” William says. “I don’t like free stuff as a DA.”

“We aren’t even in Texas, so it’s okay, but I’ll still check him out.”


“Are you okay?”


“I just don’t like good looking rich bastards anywhere near my gorgeous wife.”

“Are you serious?”

“I think anyone else would consider the hotel owner wiping our tab as a pleasant surprise.”

“Well, maybe…just maybe I’m too hard up to care at the moment. It’s been a whole twenty-four hours since I’ve been deep inside of you, and most importantly, I haven’t consummated our marriage yet.” The elevator doors open and it’s empty, so we enter and as soon as the door closes, Beast earns his name. Growling, he lifts me up and pins me to the wall of the elevator with his stiff cock digging into my stomach. Shit, is it possible to come during a short elevator ride? He grabs my ass, gripping it firmly as he rolls his hips. The door pings and we practically stumble out as he carries me to our room. My hands run over his shoulders. His cock nestles between our bodies, grinding on my core with every step he takes, causing me to shimmy against him. “Relax. Is your pretty pussy aching?”

“Yes, William. I need you inside of me.”

I hear the door lock beep, and then he uses his elbow to push down the handle, opening it for us. As soon as the door closes behind us, he wastes no time in getting us to our California King bed. He stands up and slides off his suit jacket.

Chapter 17


It’s been a month since we married, and the weather has been total shit for the past week. We had snow, rain, and slush. So it’s nothing new, but for some reason, the sound of rain takes me by surprise. I’m immediately worried about my wife. She’s working at the bar because Roxie caught a cold and they need her. She got a ride from Wrench and one prospect is there as well, but maybe it’s the weather, but I have a bad feeling. I call her cell and she doesn’t answer.

“Sir, you’re going to be late if you don’t leave now.”

“Shit. Okay. I’m coming.” I’m due to meet with Detective Spencer and an informant of his to get down to Serrano learning my address and when Mary would be leaving the house.

I get down to my truck and onto the road within a few minutes. My phone goes off just as I turn onto the ramp for Dallas. I see my girl come up on my screen. Clicking the display on the dash, I greet my future wife. “Hello sweet felony.”

“Beast, I came to your office. They said you just left and to check the lot and maybe you’d be there.”

“What? Baby, why are you there?”

“I got a message saying you wanted me to come here.” Her voice becomes a hushed whisper. “Oh shit. Someone is staring at me. I’m scared.”

“I’m on my way. Please go hide somewhere.” The call ends. What the fucking hell? At least one of the prospects should have been with her.

Seconds later, my phone goes off, and it’s Cyber. “Blade and I have her. She’s safe. I intercepted the call. We followed her and waited for the person to make a move. It’s a scrawny man that Boomer’s got pinned down. The pic coming to your phone now.”

Fuck. “It’s my assistant. The little rat bastard.”

“We got him.”

He rushed me out for a meeting, and now I know why. “I’m on my way back.”

“She’s scared, but she’s not hurt.”

“Why isn’t she on the phone?”

“Because we want to know what you want to do with him.”

“The Clubhouse.”

“Understood. Here’s Mary.”

“William, I’m okay. Sorry.” She’s out of breath. I’m going to fucking kick their asses for not telling me what was going on.

“Babe, are you really?”

“I don’t know what’s going on. The guys came out of nowhere, and I felt like I could breathe again.”

The second we’re at the clubhouse, I jump out of my truck and to Mary. I scoop her up and spin in a circle as she wraps her legs around me. I don’t give two fucks that it’s pouring down on us as I crush my mouth onto hers. Mary’s fingers fork into my hair, kissing me like it’s the last time. Fuck it could have been.

“I need to get you out of the rain.”

“I don’t care. I’m always wet for you.” I crack up laughing and set her on her feet. That’s just what I needed. That’s the woman I’m madly in love with.

“I love you, too.” I have too many questions that can’t wait, and I have a special guest to welcome to the club or maybe to one of Blade’s quality knives.

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