“I mean, for not taking advantage of the situation,” she explained. “You know, in your bedroom last night.”

Her words wiped the smile off my face.

Who the fuck did she think I was?

Some douche who couldn’t get a girl to fuck him willingly, so he took advantage of her when she was emotional?

Did she really not know me?

“It’s not my style,” I said, pissed.

I walked past her toward the barbecue tables.

If Indy noticed what her words did to me, then she didn’t show it.

“I was wondering if you had any plans?” she asked. “I thought maybe we could go for a ride to the lookout.”

I turned around. At the mention of the lookout, my stomach burned with pain. I didn’t go to the lookout anymore. Not since … not since losing her.

“The lookout?”

She grinned. “Yeah. Can we?”

I gave her a forced smile. “I haven’t been out there for years.”


The lookout had been one of our places. As teenagers, we’d lost hours there. Drinking. Stargazing. Watching the glittering skyline of Destiny. Making love.

My heart warned me not to go.

Spending so much time with her was a tease.

“I only have a couple of days left in Destiny. I thought it would be nice to go and see some of the old hangouts.”

“You not staying for the wedding?”

Disappointment and something close to alarm spiraled through me.

“I don’t think so,” she said softly. “I don’t belong here anymore.”

I wanted to grab her and tell her that yes, yes, she did belong here. But Indy’s walls had only just started to come down. I didn’t want to scare her off. The tortoise won the race. Not the fucking rabbit.

“The lookout, huh?”

“Is that a yes?” she asked with a grin.

The way she smiled at me, I’d say yes to anything she wanted.

“Whatever you want.”

Her grin was big.

“I just need to get something from my car, okay?” she said.

Her rental was parked across the lot. She ran toward it while I grabbed a second helmet from inside the club. As I came back outside, I saw Genevieve storm into the lot.

When she got close enough to Indy’s car, she pulled a handgun out of her bag and aimed it at the tires.

Alarm ripped through me.

“Genevieve!” I yelled.

Indy looked up at the sound of my voice, and when she saw the gun in Genevieve’s hand, she ran for cover.

The first bullet took out the front tire. The second pinged the front panel and echoed across the lot. The third bullet got one of the windows, the fourth lodged in the rear passenger door.

Hearing the gunfire, Davey, Isaac, Vader, Maverick, and Joker ran onto the lot.

“Genevieve, you fucking psycho fuck!” Davey screamed at his ex-old lady.

She swung around to Davey, aiming the gun in his direction. Everyone ducked for cover. “Is this why you left me, Davey? For this stuck-up city whore?” She swung back toward Indy’s car and fired another shot, killing the rear tire.

“No, I left you because you’re a crazy bitch,” Davey yelled back, NOT helping the situation.

“I saw you. And her.” She pointed the gun at Indy and I instinctively stepped in front of her. “I saw her half-naked and draped all over you yesterday morning.”

“You’ve completely lost your mind!” Davey yelled. “She’s Cade’s old lady, ain’t nothing to do with me. I was just giving her a lift home, is all.”

“You lying piece of shit!” Genevieve screamed at him.

While she was preoccupied slinging insults across the lot to her old man, I rushed at her. She struggled but I managed to wrench the gun out of her hands without having to drive my fist into her like I wanted to. I didn’t hit women. Not even crazy bitches like this loose cannon. But part of me wanted to because she had pointed a gun at Indy, and that made me see fucking red.

I pushed her away from me and I was quickly forgotten as she stormed over to Davey.

“You forget you got two kids at home? You prefer to hangout and fuck whores?”

She lunged at Davey with clawed hands but he pushed her away and she fell to the concrete.

Indy knelt down to help her up. God knows why. Considering the psycho had just pointed a gun at her and shot up her car. The old Indy would have knocked her on her ass. But this Indy was more in control.

“He’s telling the truth,” she said, placing a hand on her arm to help her up. “He was just giving me a lift home.”

But Genevieve shook her off and gave her a scowl full of pure venom. “Why don’t you go fuck yourself, you fucking city piece of shit.”

I wanted to kill her. I’m not kidding, the rage was blinding. She had just pointed a gun at Indy. Shot up her car. Called her a whore.

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