“Hey there, yourself,” Mallory replied, popping another pink bubble against her red lips and looking at Cade through her long lashes. He stopped at her feet and grinned down at her when she offered him a bottle of water from our cooler.

“You’re an angel,” he said, taking the bottle from her and twisting the cap.

I watched him bring the bottle to his mouth and my breath stopped short in my chest as his lips parted and he began to drink down the cool water. My stomach tightened and then flared with the strangest of sensations. When he pulled the bottle from his mouth, water dripped from his beautiful lips and slid down his throat to mingle with the sweat on his chest. My throat felt like sandpaper and I struggled to swallow. He smiled and it was like the world suddenly slowed and everything in it went in slow motion. The thud of my heartbeat. The whirl of my blood in my ears. Even the birds seemed to lumber in the sky above us. He turned to me and when those beautiful blue eyes found mine, his smile grew bigger and two dimples appeared on either side of his beautiful mouth.

That was when it became crystal clear. Right there in that moment.

I had fallen in love with my best friend.



It was official. I was crazy.

What the fuck had I been thinking, kissing Cade like some love-sick moron? Had I completely lost my fucking mind?

On the ride home I replayed my foolishness over and over in my head, so by the time I arrived home I felt stupid.

The house was dark when we pulled up. Mom had messaged me earlier. She was at the clubhouse with Ronnie and Bull, which was a relief because I wanted to drown my embarrassment with a shit load of wine.

And I wanted to drown alone.

I climbed off the bike and mumbled a pitiful goodbye to Cade, fully expecting him to leave. But he didn’t. Instead, he followed me up the tidy driveway and waited for me to unlock the front door.

I made a second attempt at a goodbye, which involved absolutely avoiding any kind of eye contact with him and pretending I hadn’t just launched myself at my ex-boyfriend like a psycho.

But Cade wasn’t having any of it.

“I’m making sure you get inside,” he insisted.

I didn’t want him to be so chivalrous. Mentally, I’d already sought out my first bottle of wine. I just needed him to leave. I was embarrassed. Hurt. Angry at myself for kissing him and wanting more. From this moment on, I would be immune to his charm and bullshit sexual aura. I didn’t care how big and sexy he was. I was done.

Reluctantly, I opened the door and we stepped inside. Trying to avoid eye contact, I turned around to tell him he could leave. But as soon as he closed the door behind us, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his powerful chest, crashing his mouth to mine and holding me tightly against his hard body. Completely taken by surprise, I whimpered and then, like the sucker I am, gave into the eruption of desire crashing through me.

With a rush, he pushed up against the door and kissed me fiercely, moaning into my mouth as he captured my lips and thrust his tongue in.

Remember the girl who was going to be immune to his potent charms and overwhelming sexual aura?

Yeah, that girl—she was gone. But what the hell. I had a throbbing need to travel down memory lane…just once.

With that thought, any reservations about what I was about to do turned to ashes and fluttered away on the cool, twilight breeze.

Tonight didn’t count.

I reached for the top of his jeans and slid my hand across the hardness behind the zipper, ripping at his belt buckle and pulling it free. Cade returned the favor and had me out of my jeans faster than you could say I’m a ridiculous human being and I really shouldn’t be doing this.

He hoisted me up into his arms, effortlessly, and I wrapped my legs around his hips, his hard cock seeking me out like the pussy-seeking missile it was.

Like I weighed no more than a feather, he carried me down the hallway to my bedroom, kissing me wildly as he walked, turning me on more than I thought was possible.

I’d forgotten how glorious Cade was at kissing. How perfect our mouths fit to one another’s and it was robbing me of all my common sense.

I was so turned on. Every part of me was a piston firing heat and pleasure to the one magical spot that would erupt with little effort if he kept kissing me the way he was.

We paused only long enough for Cade to slip on that all-important layer of latex. And I had to admit, all types of crazy went off inside of me as I watched him take his cock in his hand and roll the condom down the impressive shaft. I remember him being big, but in reality, he was so much bigger.

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