He sat on the edge of the bed and I slid my legs on either side of him, kneeling slightly above him as he took my mouth with his.

“I want you so badly . . .” He moaned between kisses. His hands slid up and down my thighs and cupped my naked ass. “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Then allow me to oblige,” I whispered in his ear at the exact time I sank down onto him.

Pleasure blasted through me, and my moan was so powerful it forced my head back. He filled me, stretched me, his cock searing through the slickness of me, and making me feel so deliciously full of him. I reached for his shoulders, which were hard and broad, to help steady me as I rode his cock with fervor. He was so physically powerful. Strong. Formidable. I ducked my head to kiss him, slowing my hips to grind hard and slow against him, making my body swell with sweet tension.

Cade responded with noises that sent fireworks off through every nerve and fiber of my being. He gripped my ass with his big hands, driving his hips up as I rode him.

“You feel so good…” he moaned, his face showing the pleasure spiraling throughout his body. “I’ve missed you so much . . . so . . . damn . . . much.”

The feeling was mutual.

I had forgotten how good his cock felt to ride. I kissed him greedily, deep and ravenous. It wasn’t going to take me long because it had been months, years, since I’d had sex this hot.

That, and the fact that when it came to sex we were a perfect fit.

Cade’s big hands slid up my body to my neck and cupped my jaw as he took our kissing to a new level of hot. His big hands held my face to his while his lips and tongue set my mouth on fire with fierce kisses. Lust roared through me. His cock was so big, so hard, and at this angle it was hitting every erotic spot deep inside of me, stirring the growing arousal.

Oh God. This was too good.

Nothing good was going to come from this, but damn if I cared.

“You’re going to make me come so hard,” he moaned into my mouth.

My inner muscles clenched around him at the thought, tightening against his erection as I rode him slowly, deeply. The pleasure was insurmountable but there was something else. A strange emotion buzzed around us.

But I refused to think about it. This was nothing. What we were doing . . . was nothing. I needed fucking and Cade had always been good at the task. It was a one-time thing.

But as my climax swelled in me, our eyes locked and neither of us could look away. What we were doing, it was spellbinding. The look on his face. It sent me over the edge and his name fell from my lips.

We came together and it was blinding. Ecstasy burst inside of me. I shuddered, and collapsed against his warm chest, certain my legs had turned to liquid.

Cade’s heart thundered against my cheek and we both struggled to catch our breath.

I climbed off him and was immediately aware of the emptiness. My muscles clenched as if looking for the fullness of him. But it was done. Memory lane was closed.

I sank into my bed and closed my eyes, and let the haziness take me away.



Once was never going to be enough. I’d already made up my mind before drowning in the pleasure of my first orgasm.

The first one—that was to release the tension of twelve years of separation.

The second one—that was going to be a reminder of just how perfect our bodies worked together. When I finished with her, Indy was going to remember all the reasons why we should be together and none of the reasons why we shouldn’t.

She lay on her stomach, her eyes closed and every glorious inch of her naked.

In the hazy stillness, I reached for her, my fingertips finding the smooth planes of her shoulder and trailing an invisible line along the curve of her throat to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. A soft sigh escaped her parted lips as she stirred.

A strange feeling hung in the air. A thousand different emotions soared through me.

She opened her eyes but didn’t say anything as she looked at me. And man—my dick hardened as soon as I saw those long lashes lift and those beautiful brown eyes focus on me.

I could spend forever looking into them.

She slid her fingers through the sheets until they reached me, then skimmed them down the length of my body until they curled around my already hard cock.

There was no need for words.

I rolled her over and slid between her legs, kissing her slowly as I pressed my pelvis into her, slowly waking her up. I coaxed her out of her sleepiness with my mouth and reawakened her body with the heat of my own. She whimpered beneath me and tightened her legs around my hips, wanting me in her, wanting me to make love to her, shifting her perfect little butt so her pussy was right there for the taking.

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