I stopped.

It was Cade.

And he was kissing Cora.

INDY—Aged 18


I couldn’t stop kissing him. It was like the floodgates were open and we couldn’t keep away from each other. Abby and Isaac teased us, relentlessly, and Mallory walked around in a huff for the first few weeks but eventually got over it and moved onto Blake Lawson. And then, Brody Meyers. And then, Chris Frost.

To most people it was no surprise we were together. Especially to our families and the MC. To them it had only been a matter of time.

It didn’t take long for us to settle into a normal routine. Cade would pick me up for school and we would walk the halls of West Destiny High just as we always had, side by side and always together. But now we walked closer with our fingers tangled, and with an intimacy that everyone noticed. We were together every chance we got, losing ourselves in our newfound relationship, always touching, always kissing. And when we separated for class, Cade would hold me to his strong body and kiss the breath out of me.

Then, at the end of the day, I would fall into those strong arms and lose hours to kissing him. Sometimes things went too far and our bodies would beg for more, but Cade made it clear we should wait for when I was ready. Sometimes I thought I was, I mean, it’s hard to think of anything else when the full weight of his body was on mine and he was kissing me into a stupor.

“Can I touch you?” I whispered one night when things had gone past the point of no return.

He nodded and his body trembled when I reached between us. My hand moved down his muscular stomach and slid beneath his boxer shorts. When my fingers found him, his breath left him in a sharp exhale. Desire pooled between my thighs when I felt him harden in my hand, and boy, he was big. Not that I had anything to compare it to. He shivered and his lips parted with a slow exhale. I pressed my palm harder against him, and slowly began to move my wrist in an up and down motion.

“Indy . . .” he rasped desperately.

“Let me do this,” I whispered. I shifted restlessly, driven by the throb between my legs. Cade started to rock against the motion of my hand, his breathing heavy, his tortured moans strangled in his throat.

“Oh, baby . . .” He brought his hand up to cup my jaw and kissed me urgently. He rocked his hips and we fell into an erotic synchronicity. His breathing came hard and I had to clench my thighs together to stop the throbbing there.

“I’m going to come.” He breathed out the warning against my lips. He moaned and I felt him pulse beneath my fingers as a warm liquid shot onto my hand.

Watching him come brought me close to my own climax. The look on his face. The rasp of his moans. It turned me on more than I could have imagined. I wanted him. I wanted all of him.


Two nights later, I lay beneath him, my body tight with desire as he kissed me hard. Things were getting out of control. Our kissing was fierce. Cade moved against me, pressing his pelvis into mine as his desire increased. I shifted beneath him, moaning at the sensation of his zipper rubbing against my panties. I was so turned on I was desperate to take things to the next level.

“Make love to me,” I breathed desperately between kisses.

Cade’s denim-covered erection ground into me. But he said nothing. He just kept kissing me.

“Please . . .” I begged.

He pulled back. His blue eyes dark as they roamed my face.

“It’s a big move,” he breathed.

“I know that,” I replied.

I felt him throb against my panties.

“I’m ready,” I urged.

Cade frowned. “You want to do it now? Don’t you want something a little more special? Something planned?”

I dragged his hand between us and guided his fingers beneath my panties. When he felt how wet I was, his face shimmered with need.

“Oh God,” he rasped.

“Yes, I want to do it now,” I said. “And yes, I want to do it with you.”

His fingers began to slide through slick skin and I moaned. When he pushed one into me, my automatic reaction was to clamp down around it, and a tremor ran through him.

“You’re so tight,” he whispered with a tortured moan.

I began to move so my clit rubbed against his knuckles. Everything felt so incredible. I moaned and found his mouth again, kissing him hard.

When he tried to pull his hand away, I held it in place.

He broke away from our kiss. “Indy . . . I want you to think about this.”

“I have and I know what I want.” I sighed and released his hand, giving up. “Do you do this with all the girls you make love to? Try to talk them out of it?”

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