“That feels real good, baby . . .” I rasped.

She slid up my body and sank down on my cock, gasping as I filled her. I kept my eyes closed as she rode me, fighting off the hangover and the pain of daylight, hoping the hazy pleasure of an orgasm was going to ward off the headache.

Indy moved slowly against me, riding me at a perfect pace, lazy and slow, expertly coaxing the pleasure from the base of my belly. Just before I was about to come, she gasped and the sound pierced the haziness in my brain, sending my eyes wide open.

The girl riding my cock wasn’t my girlfriend.

I was fucking someone else.

I gasped. Unfortunately, the realization I wasn’t fucking Indy coincided with my orgasm, and I shot into the stranger on top of me.

“No!” I cried, shoving the girl off me while my cock continued to pulse with my climax.

She tumbled onto the bed. “Hey!”

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at her.

Before I could answer, a voice came from the doorway.

“Funny . . . that was my question.”

Horrified, I turned to see Indy standing in the doorway. She looked both shocked and heartbroken. My heart exploded in my chest.


“How could you?” she screamed at me. The water bottle in her hand hurtled across the room and hit the wall behind me. “How could you fucking do this to me?”

She didn’t wait for me to answer. With a heartbroken sob, she took off.

My stomach recoiled in panic. What had I done? In two hours we were due to leave for college to start our new life together—away from the club. We would be college kids, and in a couple of years I was going to make her my wife, and eventually we would have kids.

But one look on Indy’s face and I knew that world had just been ripped away from me.

I ran after her, tearing down the hall of the clubhouse, completely fucking naked. My dad was still in the bar, smoking cigarettes and laughing with Tex and Griffin, and one look at him and I knew this was his doing.

Outside, Indy’s beat-up Honda screeched out of the club parking lot, leaving a plume of dust and smoke behind her. I hightailed it back to my room, shoved on a pair of jeans, pulled on a plain white tee and flannel shirt, and got into my boots in record time.

“Why?” I yelled at the girl still on the bed. “Everyone knows I’m with Indy.”

The redhead looked like the cat that ate the cream. “It seemed to me you had forgotten all about your girlfriend when you fucked me last night. You enjoyed it. Kept telling me how much you loved my tight pussy.” She opened her legs so I could see all of her. My cum glistened on her skin, and I felt sick. I ran to the bathroom and vomited.

“Get out!” I screamed at her when I walked back into the room and saw her on the bed. “Get the fuck out.”

Without a word, she left. Butt naked and proud of it.

When I raced back through the clubhouse, my father was looking pleased with himself. I was furious, but I wasn’t even going to bother with him.

Until he opened his mouth.

“Guess the trip to college is off the cards now—”

I paused at the door but didn’t turn around.

“—college boy.”

My breath left me, heavy and heartbroken. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing my face. Without further hesitation, I ripped the door open and left the clubhouse.

Within seconds, my Harley rumbled with life and I took off after my girl.



I awoke with a start to find the bed beside me empty. I checked my phone, and when I saw nothing from Indy, I dressed quickly and went out into the clubhouse to see if she was in the kitchen making coffee.

She wasn’t.

I checked the bathroom. Nothing.

She was gone.

Feeling the fantasy of the night before slip further and further away, I rang her but she didn’t pick up. I went for the door but stopped. She had given me one last night. Made me promise I wouldn’t try for more because we both knew it wasn’t possible. She had a life back in Seattle. One that didn’t involve me.

She had left without even a goodbye.

Last night was her goodbye, asshole.

Worked up, I took a shower to calm down because my body was tight and prickly with frustration. My girl was on a plane back to Seattle and I couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. I slapped my palms to the tiled wall and let the water roll over me. I promised her . . . one night and then . . .

Fuck it.

Promise or no promise. She belonged with me.

I flicked off the shower and wrapped the towel around my hips. A quick phone call to Lady and I knew Indy was on her way to the airport.

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