He nodded proudly. “I’m the best in my class. I can almost swim the whole pool.”

I looked at him, impressed. Damn. The little dude was a freakin’ fish.

But when I looked at his mom, Cherry, she shook her head with a grin and mouthed, “No, he can’t.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I turned back to my cousin’s son. “Sounds like you’re kicking some butt.”

Red put a plate of bacon and eggs down in front of me. “Small man got some ribbon at school for runnin’, too, didn’t you, Brax?”

I gave Brax a big grin. “You did? Dude, you must be amphibian.”

Brax looked at me like I’d spoken alien.

“That means you can easily get around on land and in water,” I explained to him.

Apparently, I was still speaking alien because Brax just stared at me with those wide, blue eyes.

Red walked back over with a frypan full of hash browns. “You want hash, Cade?” He scooped a couple up but as he let them slide onto my plate he let out a loud, “Mother. Fucker.”

To which Braxton quickly copied. “Mudder. Fucker.”

I fake-frowned at him, “Oi!” But I had to force myself not to laugh. I shook my head and took a sip of my coffee. “Amphibian, he can’t say. But mother fucker he has no problem with.”

“That’s my boy,” Isaac said, sitting down between Cherry and his son.

I dug into my bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Being six foot and pretty much hard-as-fuck with muscle meant I could eat whatever the hell I wanted. But the biker lifestyle was hell on the body. Booze. Drugs. Cigarettes. Partying. No sleep. Women. Lots of women. It was a combination just waiting to take you out with a heart attack before you hit fifty. I didn’t plan on being a statistic, so I countered my booze and hard partying ways with daily, hard-core weight sessions at the gym.

A lot of my brothers did. Including Isaac.

“How you doing this morning, Lady?” he asked as my mom placed his breakfast in front of him.

Lady looked up from the coffee in her hand gave him a small smile. “I’ll get there, babe.”

Isaac winked at her. “Indy will be here soon.”

And just like that, the activity around the table stopped and all sets of eyes fell on me. Even Lady gave me a concerned look. It was because everyone seated at that table knew that the infallible Cade Calley had one huge motherfucking Achilles’ heel and her name was Indigo Parrish. I had lost my shit over her once and everybody wanted to know if I was going to turn psycho again when she returned.

“I’m looking forward to meeting her,” Brandi said. “What is she like?”

Caleb’s girlfriend was new to the club and I didn’t think she’d be around long. She was nice looking, had a decent set of tits and some serious come-fuck me eyes, but Caleb wasn’t known for his commitment to the opposite sex. He had a limited attention span and would grow tired with the same body in his bed night after night. Plus, Brandi had a serious case of the I can’t shut the fuck up in every situation.

“You’ll meet her soon, babe,” Caleb replied.

“She’s a bit of a legend amongst the ladies,” she continued, missing the prompt from Caleb to stop. “I’ve already heard stories about her. Boy, she sounded wild.” She glanced at Lady. “And very beautiful. I’ve seen photos of her in the showcase at the club.”

Again, a strange vibe hung in the air. Yep. These motherfuckers were all walking on eggshells.

“You’re right,” I said, and as soon as I opened my mouth, again, everyone looked at me. “She is very beautiful.” I looked at Lady. “When are you expecting her?”

“She’s on a plane from Seattle now. She’s going to pick up a car at the airport and drive herself into town.”

A familiar sensation tightened in the pit of my stomach at the thought of seeing Indy again, and I forked more hash browns into my mouth to ignore it. Just like I had drunk it away the night before with too much bourbon.

I tried not to acknowledge that it was a two-hour drive from the airport to Destiny. That in a couple of hours we would be standing in the same room as each other for the first time since she ran.

I frowned and jabbed a forkful of eggs and bacon into my mouth.

“You ready for hurricane Indy?” Isaac asked, grinning.

I glared at him. The motherfucker loved drama.

“As ready as I’m ever going to be.”

He looked at me and his smile faded. “Can we talk?”

“Sure.” I looked at him over my bacon. Grease dripped over my fingers. It was pure heart attack material, but damn it was doing my hangover some good. “You need to talk now?”

He nodded and something about the way he looked at me concerned me.

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