“Well, you may get busier,” Matt adds.

“With two babies, you bet I will be!” I laugh, excited to have another child but somewhat unsure how to manage the workload.

“Not just with that, but maybe planning something else.”

Suddenly, the handsome man is down on one knee, and I find myself staring at the heirloom engagement ring from so many years ago. My heart pounds as the pearls gleam in the low lights.

“Cora, I have loved you since the moment I met you. Every day, you bring such fiery happiness to my life, and I never want to be without you. Will you marry me, sweetheart?”

My eyes tear and my heart flips over with happiness.

“Yes! Yes!” I kiss Matt as I laugh, tears mingling with my joy. My handsome fiancé returns my kiss, still kneeling in front of me. He slips the precious ring onto my finger then rests his head against my belly, greeting the burgeoning life growing inside of me.

We stand like this for several moments, each of us thankful for the circumstances that brought us to this very moment. I smile as I think back to the earliest moments of our relationship. How little we knew then that a spark in a cabin would ignite into the passionate fire that is our beautiful love story.

Story, unexpected. Life, perfect. Cora? I look down at my loving fiancé and over to my sleeping baby.



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