wouldn’t bother her to add a few extra groceries to the mix for him. Then again, all she would have to do was give him a list of what she needed and he would make sure that he got double of everything that she wanted.

“Sorry,” he said with a sheepish shrug, “but I got hungry.”

She shrugged it off like it was no big deal and to a Bradford that was a huge fucking turn on, his cock, that had started to go down once Duncan’s attention shifted to grocery trips stood back up at attention and agreed. There was definitely nothing sexier than a woman who didn’t flip out because he needed a light snack.

He moved to show her exactly how sexy he found all of this when she went ahead and said the one thing that nearly dropped him to his knees.

“That’s okay, because when we were at the store yesterday, a nice elderly couple was telling me about this new buffet not far from here that serves breakfast all day so I figured that….Duncan, are you okay?” she asked as her words trailed off, sounding concerned. Again, not that he could blame her since she did have over two hundred pounds of muscle wrapped around her waist.

“I’m fine,” he swore, closing his eyes and holding her tight as he thanked God for sending him a woman like her.


“Just act cool,” Duncan said, giving her hand a gentle squeeze of assurance as he shot another discreet glance around the large restaurant while she stood there, trying not to yawn.

She was so tired, she thought with a smile when all she should be doing is grumbling and bitching that she wanted to go back to bed, but that would probably lead to exhaustion and eventually a stay at the hospital where she would probably have to explain how she’d managed to get exhausted and dehydrated by going to bed.

That definitely was not a conversation that she wanted to go on record, so instead she stood there, taking in the delicious aromas of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. She loved to cook and had a very high level of expectation when it came to her food, but every now and then she liked to slum it up a bit and eat at places like this.

No, she wasn’t a snob, not in the least, but sometimes she liked to sit down and enjoy a simple meal without having to worry about how it was made, who made it and what should have been done to improve it. Basically, she just enjoyed a little bit of fast food now and then as an escape from her own impossibly high standards.

“Do you see a banned list?” he asked suddenly, drawing her attention to the fact that he was now wearing sunglasses and staring intently at the brown tiled floor.

Frowning, she looked around as she repeated back in a mumble, “A banned list?”

“Shhh! You’ll give us away!” he said in a harsh whisper as he reached back and rubbed his neck nervously while risking a glance at the cashier and manager before averting his eyes back to the floor and giving her, her first clue that there just might be something a bit off about Duncan.

“Ookay,” she said, stretching out the word and wondering where all this paranoia was coming from suddenly.

That is until she saw it…

By the time she’d read through the list twice, she decided that she definitely needed to use bathroom and splash some cold water on her face. As she excused herself, she averted her eyes to the piece of slate nailed to the back wall with what looked like heavy duty bolts and quietly made her way to the bathroom.

Once she was there, she breathed a little easier. Maybe she’d misread the slate board, she tried to tell herself, but she knew that she hadn’t. She also knew that in less than a minute Duncan was going to realize that he was banned from this restaurant simply because he had the misfortune of having the last name, Bradford.

It also meant that she now had a choice to make. Go with Duncan in support of this unfair band, find a restaurant or another grocery store, whip up a lunch or a late breakfast or, she could risk the man that she was quickly falling for over some cheap, greasy food.

When she looked in the mirror, she realized that the choice was never hers to make. She wasn’t the type of person to back down from doing the right thing and she wasn’t going to start now. So, after taking one last fortifying breath, she swallowed, praying for the strength to do this even as she asked for forgiveness, because she knew without a doubt that there was going to be hell to pay for this later.

Opening the bathroom door that was off to the side of the front cash register, she wasn’t exactly surprised to find Duncan standing by the exit, looking incredibly pissed and being guarded by five really nervous looking employees. When he saw her, he sighed with relief and held out his hand for her. “Come on, sweetheart, I’ll make you breakfast,” Duncan said with a sweet smile that really made what she had to do a little more difficult, but they were talking about unlimited bacon and eggs here so…

She frowned as she walked towards the cash register, “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” she asked innocently, loving the way that his eyes narrowed accusingly on her, because she could see the heat in them and knew exactly how he’d make her pay for this later.

Which, was more than fine with her, she decided with a little thrill as she paid for her meal, grabbed a tray and walked away, trying to pretend that she didn’t feel his gaze burning into her back the entire way.

As she loaded up her plate with fresh scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries, she was kicking herself for not bringing a few of her cooking magazines with her to help pass the time, because it seemed as though that she was going to be stuck here for quite some time.

Chapter 33

“Are you still mad at me?” the tentative voice asked from the doorway.

Since it should be more than obvious that he was in fact no longer speaking with her, he pointedly rolled over and gave her his back. He ignored the amused chuckle since it only enraged him further and laid there, listening as the woman who had the balls to betray him this morning and actually had the audacity to come back to their little cottage of love after she’d partook of the delicious food that he’d been denied.

That kind of betrayal could not, and would not be forgiven, he reminded himself. It wasn’t much of a mantra, but it had kept him going all day while he knew that the woman that just very well might be the one was sitting in a restaurant that discriminated against him simply because he’d had the misfortune of being born into a family with a food disability.

That kind of betrayal cut deep and there was no way in hell that he was going to forgive her. Absolutely none, he reminded himself as he listened to her walking around their small room, opening this drawer and shutting that one, all while the unmistakable sounds of stripping echoed throughout the room.

Because he hadn’t been the one to betray her, he felt completely in the right to glance over at the mirror in the corner where he could watch her every move as she had the audacity to walk around the room completely naked, uncaring about the view that she was giving him when she leaned over this way or that way until he realized that the cruel woman was doing this on purpose.

Not only had the woman betrayed him by pretending that she didn’t know who he was so that she could partake of the forbidden buffet, but now she had the balls to walk around their room naked and giving him glances of all the things that he wanted to touch, lick and fuck?

What kind of cruel woman did such a thing, he wondered as he licked his lips and watched as she stood up, closed her eyes and pulled her hair up into a lazy ponytail, making her tits arch towards the ceiling and her back curve just the right way so that he knew without a doubt that if he went up behind her right now that he could enter her from behind with very little difficulty.

The woman was cruel….just cruel…, he decided as he watched her disappear into the bathroom and close the door behind her, leaving him alone with a thousand naughty thoughts and no way to get them out of his head.


Oh, she was so going to hell, she thought with an evil little smile as she turned on the shower, but she really didn’t care. There was just something so right about teasing a man like D

uncan. Even though she probably shouldn’t have stayed at that buffet for the last six hours, she was glad that she did it simply because it had seemed to annoy him.

Then of course, she’d done the unthinkable and walked around their room completely naked, something that she’d never even done in her own house, but something about the way that he was pouting made her want to tease him some more. It was probably that part of her that she’d inherited from her Grandfather, the part that liked to mess with people’s heads, but whatever it was, today she’d fully embraced it and had loved every single moment of it.

Knowing that he’d been watching her every move had been so freeing and such a turn on. As he’d watched her, she’d watched him, taking in the way that the sheet clung to his muscular torso, how it had barely covered the large erection that he’d started sporting once she’d walked into the room. Every time she’d bent over for something or stretched, that piece of his body that she was starting to love so much would jerk with appreciation.

The fact that he hadn’t pushed back the covers and told her to either suck his cock or walk over to him had been a huge disappointment, and a bit of a shocker to realize that she loved being dominated by him and she knew that it was just him. If any other guy had tried to boss her around in the bedroom or otherwise, she would have simply set up one of the snares that her grandfather had showed her and moved on, laughing merrily the entire way as she debated whether or not to tell her grandfather.

She knew that she wouldn’t tell her grandfather, not unless she wanted someone seriously hurt or dead. Besides, she would miss her grandfather if he ever went to prison. He was a cranky bastard, but he was her cranky bastard, she thought with a sad smile, wishing that she could see him.

Over the past year she’d become used to seeing him every day, kissing his freshly shaved cheek every day while he glared and pouted, but was secretly pleased to have someone fawning over him. She really wished that she could see him right now and tell him how happy she was. He’d always been her best friend, always made sure that she was happy and safe and let her know that there was absolutely nothing on this earth that she couldn’t tell him and she really wanted to tell him about Duncan.

“Put your hands flat against the wall and spread your legs,” he ordered, making her smile even as she decided that this was probably one of those things that her grandfather didn’t need to hear about.

As she placed her hands flatly against the tiled wall as hot water trickled down her back, he used his foot to gently push her legs apart. “Tilt your hips towards me. That’s right, baby,” he said encouragingly as he placed his hands on her hips and guided her hips back to where he wanted her as she stood there, trying to catch her breath and so damn turned on that she thought the water should have evaporated and turned to steam the second that it touched her skin.

“Did you have fun teasing me today?” he asked in a bored tone as she felt the length of his hard penis placed against her bottom and wow, it was really getting hot in here.

She considered lying to him, but what the hell, she went for it. “No, I didn’t.”


“Oh my God,” she choked out as he gave her ass a playful slap that had her nipples hardening and her mouth going dry.

“Let’s try this again,” he said, gently rubbing the spot that he’d just spanked. “Did you enjoy teasing me today?”

Curious to test this theory out, and really turned on, she lied again, “No.”


“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned loudly as he groaned in approval.

“How about when you came home?” he asked, this time using that large, hard appendage between his legs to sooth her skin. “Did you enjoy teasing me then?”

“Yes,” she admitted on a moan, because it felt so damn good. Her fingers curled against the warm tiled wall as Duncan continued to tease her, rubbing himself against her bottom in a way that should have been interesting if anything, but it felt so good.

Better than good.

She wasn’t sure where this was going or if she could handle taking that large appendage in the place that her grandfather liked to call, “The forbidden place,” but right now it was making something else feel incredibly good.

“You like this?” he asked as he continued to rub his cock against her ass.

“Mmmhmm,” she admitted with absolutely no shame, taking herself by surprise.

She knew that she should be embarrassed that she liked this, that she wanted him to keep doing things like this to her, telling her what to do and taking control, woman’s rights and all that, but there was just something so unbelievably primal about how he touched her. It felt so good, so much better than she ever thought it would.

He kissed the side of her neck, gently teasing her with his teeth and making her breath catch as he reached up and covered one of her hands with his own. Never ceasing in the grinding motion against her bottom, he took her hand and placed it between her legs.

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