He still wasn't sure how she did it, but whenever she felt the urge to see if he was willing to do ten to life behind bars for manslaughter, she pulled that damn clipboard out. She never carried it around, but it always seemed to be within her reach, something that had driven him nuts until he realized that he was allowing this small, plump pain in the ass that much power over him. Once that was done he'd forced himself not to care that she was able to pull the fucking torture device from thin air and ruin his whole fucking day with just a few key, “points.”

“I had to switch Jenn to the morning shift, because I have an appointment this morning, but I should be back in time for the lunch rush,” she began, trying to prolong the inevitable and bringing this whole thing to a new level of sad.

“There's no point in you coming back,” he explained before gently reminding her, “you're fired.”

“Uh huh,” she mumbled absently, clearly ignoring him, which unfortunately for her was one of the things that pissed him off the most about her.

Well, to be honest he hated a lot of things and just about everyone. Except for his family. He tolerated them, because he had to or his mother would probably beat the shit out of him.

Then his father would of course feel obligated to kick his ass for upsetting his mother.

Then his brothers would try to kick his ass. That is, if he survived the ass whooping from his father, which wasn't likely. So, for self preservation, he tolerated his family.

To a point.

He might have to acknowledge them and refrain from killing them when they annoyed the shit out of him, but he didn't have to let them in his restaurant no matter how much they bitched and God, did they bitch.

“I'll be back for the lunch rush,” the thorn in his side said, reminding him that he was supposed to live out his fantasy and he would.

There was no way in hell that he was allowing her to ruin this for him. He'd dreamed of doing this and now he was going to savor every second of it.

“You're fired,” he said, taking perverse satisfaction in letting those words roll off his tongue.

“I had John go through the refrigerator this morning and clean it out today instead of tomorrow since we’re getting our delivery early this week,” she said with a little frown that he refused to find adorable as she absently reached down, grabbed his coffee and took a sip before he could grab it.

“Didn't you hear what I just said?” he asked with a glare as the frustrating woman took the cup out of his and took another sip before handing it back to him, leaving him sitting there, glaring at the frustrating woman that refused to leave.

“I also had to let go of Jeremy this morning,” she said, grabbing his attention in a big way.

“You did what?” he snapped, taking note of the time and absently noting that she'd set a new record for making him yell.

“I fired him,” she said with a shrug as though it was no big deal.

It was a big fucking deal!

“Who the hell do you think you are firing one of my employ-.” He started to demand only to get cut off and left speeches by the little brat as she tossed him her clipboard, hopped off his desk and headed for the door.

“He was calling hookers from the business line and using petty cash to pay them. Well, I'll be back in a few hours!” She said cheerfully as he sat there, staring at the door long after she left, wondering how'd she managed to keep doing this to him.

It wouldn't happen again, he promised himself as he grabbed his keys and decided to have a word with the piece of shit that had gotten off way too fucking easily.

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