“Do you want me to drive?” she asked, worrying her bottom lip as she watched Jason struggling not to lose it.


“Are you sure?” she asked just as the very angry police office returned with Jason’s Driver’s license, registration and what appeared to be that speeding ticket that he’d threatened Jason with when he’d pulled them over.

“Yes,” he bit out as he accepted the items from the police officer intent on sending him one last glare before he walked away.

Not really sure how to deal with Jason when he was like this, because she’d honestly never seen him quite like this before, she settled on nodding and pulling the damp, mud-caked, torn blanket tightly around herself and shifted her attention back to her window and her earlier thoughts. Maybe she should bake him a cake or ten? she wondered, already knowing that wouldn’t be enough to fix this.

God, why did she have to take off her glasses? Why couldn’t she have just left them on and accepted the fact that she wasn’t sexy? She should have just brushed her hair, threw on a little blush, a little lop gloss and the Yankees panty set and made the best of it.

Now thanks to her aspirations to become a Victoria Secret model, their honeymoon was ruined, their luggage was destroyed, they’d spent the night on the side of the road where they were caught doing… things, got into one fender bender, managed to get three speeding tickets, a cracked window, and they were heading home in a truck that she wasn’t really sure was going to make it. He’d worked so hard to give her the perfect honeymoon and she’d ruined it.

“I’m sorry, Jason,” she whispered, wondering how she was going to make this up to him.

When he didn’t say anything, she decided that it was probably for the best. Their honeymoon was already ruined and there was no sense in adding a fight to make things worse. Sighing, she drew her knees up to her chest and settled on staring out the window, counting down the minutes until she could take a hot shower, climb in bed with Jason and put this whole thing behind them.

“Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Jason said right around the time the familiar weird chuffing and clanking noise started up again. “This cannot be fucking happening.”

Since she had a pretty good idea what was happening thanks to the incident this morning, she decided to keep her mouth shut while Jason slammed his fists against the dashboard.

“Son of a bitch!”

Yeah, definitely a good time to keep her mouth shut, she decided as she pushed her glasses back up her nose. At least they were only a few blocks away from home, she thought with a sigh of relief as she adjusted the filthy blanket that she was going to throw away just as soon as they got home, around her.

Without a word, and to be honest, at this point she wasn’t really expecting him to say anything to her, he popped the hood and climbed out of the truck, slamming the door shut behind him and making her wonder if she should walk the short distance home and make him something to eat.

“Fucking unbelievable!” he shouted, making her sigh as she resigned herself to an interesting walk home.

Chapter 10

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked, trying to make sense out of what he was seeing.

“I’m walking home,” she said with a pained groan as she gave up on trying to put her foot down and settled on hugging the large oak tree in front of the Jacobson’s house instead.

“I see,” he murmured thoughtfully as he glanced back over his shoulder at his truck, which was less than ten feet away, and then back at his wife as she struggled to hold her blanket up while she held onto the tree for dear life.

When she just stood there, trying to…

Well, he had no idea what the hell she was trying to do, he realized as he rubbed his hands down his face and accepted the loss of his truck. If it had happened any other day, at any other time, he would have bitched and moaned about it, but he had no room to complain, not after he’d been warned. They’d told him about the curse when he was a child, but even to a child their dire warnings had sounded like bullshit.

When his father and a few of his uncles had taken him aside to plead with him to put off their honeymoon for a year, he’d shrugged it off, not really listening to them, and told them that he’d take his chances. Now he was paying for it…literally.

Deciding that now wasn’t the best time to think about the damage to the hotel that he was going to have to pay for, the speeding tickets that were going to clean out his checking account, the clothes that he was going to have to replace and the new truck that he was most likely going to have to buy and couldn’t afford, he walked over to his wife and picked her up.

“Umm, what are you doing?” she asked even as she wrapped her arm around his shoulders.

“Bringing you home.”

“And you need to run in order to do this?” she asked, tightening her hold on him as she licked her lips nervously.

“Yes,” he said, praying that he was able to get her home and end this honeymoon before anything else could go wro-

“My glasses!” Haley cried when her glasses suddenly slipped off her face and fell. She tried to grab them, but she only managed to hit them, sending them flying.

“Shit!” he snapped, slowing down so that he could-


“Fucking perfect,” he said, dropping his head back as he closed his eyes in defeat, because honestly, he wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

“I-I don’t think they can be fixed,” Haley whispered softly.

“Can you see them?” he stupidly asked even though he already knew that she couldn’t see a damn thing without them.

“Well, no, but that crunch didn’t exactly sound promising,” she murmured thoughtfully as he forced himself to open his eyes and look down.

“Please tell me that you have another pair,” he muttered, feeling his stomach twist in dread when he spotted the remains of her glasses scattered around his foot.

“I do,” she said, making him sigh with relief, because finally, something was going his way. That is until she added, “But Grandma had them packed for me.”

“Great,” he said, deciding that it was time to move his ass and get her home so that he could end this horrible nightmare, he started running again.

“Why are we running exactly?” she asked, grabbing onto his shirt and holding on tightly as he ran as fast as he dared with her in his arms.

“The curse,” he reluctantly muttered right around the time that he heard that vicious snarl breaking up the otherwise quiet morning.



“Put me down,” she said, trying to worm her way out of his arms, but the stubborn jerk refused to stop.

“No,” he bit out with a determined glint in his eyes that was a little disturbing.

“You’re limping,” she pointed out, again. Although, at this point she wasn’t sure that limping fit anymore, not when it appeared as though he was now dragging his right leg behind him.

“It’s fine,” he gritted out between a clenched jaw as he continued his excruciatingly slow pace towards home.

“I can walk,” she argued, pretty sure that she could at least walk better than him at this point.

“No, I’m taking you home,” he argued, which wasn’t exactly surprising.

Sighing, she shifted in his arms as they slowly turned the corner onto their street. “Why don’t you put me down so that we can take a look at your leg?”

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