at the over-priced jewelry store on the ship that he’d found earlier, take her back to their room where he’d lay back and let her show him just how much she loved him, hopefully with her mouth…

God, the things that she could do with that mouth of hers, he thought, groaning long and loud as his cock started to rise to the occasion, remembering all too well what it felt like to slide inside Zoe’s extremely talented mouth. The way she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and sucked was fucking incredible.

He absently ran his towel over his eager cock and stomach as he left the bathroom, wondering if she’d be up to-

Getting out of bed in time for dinner.

Biting back a frustrated groan, he dropped the towel and walked over to the bed. “Zoe, sweetheart?” he said softly as he reached over and gently shook her shoulder. “It’s time to get up.”


“Sweetheart? It’s time to get up,” he said a little louder as he leaned over and kissed her cheek. When she didn’t even bother to swat at him in her sleep, he realized just how tired she really was.

“Shit,” he hissed softly as he reached back and rubbed his neck, wondering how he was going to salvage this night now.

There was no way that he was going to be able to get her going in time to make their reservations, but they could still grab food and spend the night in each other’s arms, dancing by the moonlight as he told her just how much he loved her. It wasn’t how he’d hoped to spend the night, but he could make it work, he decided as he dropped the towel and climbed in bed with her, pleased when she rolled over in her sleep and curled up against him, bringing her leg up over his and-

“Shit!” he bit out with a grunt when her knee made contact with the body part that loved her the most and brought tears to his eyes.

When she released a pleased little sigh and snuggled in closer to him, he decided to take it like a man and hold her while he pretended that his poor cock wasn’t suffering in silence.


“What time is it?” she whispered, not bothering to open her eyes because she simply wasn’t sure that she could manage to do even that.

“A little after ten,” Trevor answered, sounding a little grumpy and if she wasn’t struggling to stay awake at the moment, she would probably ask him what was wrong.

She yawned as she snuggled closer to him and instantly felt herself relax even more, which was surprising since she was already…

“Zoe?” Trevor whispered, but it was too late. She’d already fallen asleep.

Leaning down to kiss her forehead, he glanced at the clock above the television and sighed. So much for that romantic dance beneath the moonlight, he thought as he pulled her closer and resigned himself to trying to make the best out of room service. He’d be able to order candles, a romantic dinner for two and maybe some roses, but it was probably going to cost him a fortune, but if it saved their romantic evening then he’d do whatever it took.


“Trevor?” Zoe whispered a little louder, this time earning a soft groan as he shifted behind her, which of course caused that large erection that had teased her awake to brush up against her in just the right way.

Licking her lips, she had to force herself to resist the urge to push back against him. God, she wanted him so badly that she felt like she would literally die if she couldn’t have him in the next minute, but unfortunately for her, nature was also calling and she couldn’t ignore that call no matter how much she wanted to and God, did she want to. It felt like it had been years since the last time she’d had sex when in reality it had only been a few days thanks to Trevor’s adverse reaction to being on a boat.

She really wanted him, but she really needed to use the bathroom. So, it was with a heavy heart and a pathetic whimper that she reluctantly pushed Trevor’s large arm away, forced herself to climb out of that warm, comfortable bed and headed for the bathroom. After she took care of business, she decided to brush her teeth and take a hot shower, hoping that it would help wake her up so that she could properly take advantage of her husband.

Oh, and she fully planned on taking advantage of him, she thought with a wicked smile as she closed her eyes and dropped her head back, enjoying the feel of hot water running through her hair and over her body. There was just something intoxicating knowing that the incredibly handsome man asleep in the next room belonged to her. She still couldn’t believe this was how her life had turned out, happily married to the man that she loved with two babies on the way.

She’d always dreamed of having a family, but she never really thought that it would happen for her. She’d had friends over the years, people that she cared about, but after growing up in foster care she’d gotten used to people coming in and out of her life, sometimes without so much as a goodbye, so she’d never really cared if anyone stuck around, never expected it.

Not once.

She always just counted herself lucky to have had them in her lives for as long as she did. Friends were always like boyfriends, they came and went and maybe if she was lucky they’d remember at Christmas time and send her a card. Other than that, she’d always been fine with the way that her life was until Trevor came into her life, annoying the hell out of her even as he entertained her.

Thanks to Trevor, she now had uncles, cousins, good friends, a family of her own and more importantly, a best friend. He was the best friend that she’d ever had or probably ever would. He made her happy, made her smile even during those moments when it was hard to believe that someone could feel that way about her, that someone loved her so much that he was willing to do whatever it took to keep her. She loved him and she couldn’t wait to show him just how much.

“Good morning, Mrs. Bradford,” Trevor whispered hoarsely in her ear as his large arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against him.

Smiling, because she really couldn’t think of a better way to start her day….or night, she really had no clue what time it was, she leaned her head back in silent demand and sighed with satisfaction seconds later when he took her up on her invitation and leaned down and kissed her.

“Good morning, Mr. Bradford,” she said, smiling against his lips.

“Well,” he said, pausing to tease her bottom lip with a gentle nip and a kiss, “I think it might just be too soon to start with the ‘Good mornings’ since it’s barely one in the morning.”

Wincing, she brushed her lips against his in silent apology for making him miss dinner. “I’m sorry about dinner. Do you think the kitchens are still open?” she asked, right around the time her stomach released an embarrassingly loud growl and her cheeks started to burn.

It was going to be a long pregnancy, she thought miserably, deciding that if he commented on either her blush or the growl that she was going to have to kill him, which she hoped that she wouldn’t have to do since she really wasn’t thrilled about the possibility of becoming a widow.

Thankfully, mostly for him, because it meant that he would be allowed to live to see another day, he didn’t mention anything or even give her one of those sexy chuckles that she normally loved as he leaned back down, brushed his lips against hers, adding a firm nod as he released her. “I’ll go order us a late dinner. What are you in the mood for?”

Everything, but she just couldn’t admit that even to a man that would understand probably better than anyone about how hungry she was, more like starving. God, when was the last time she ate? There was the breakfast buffet this morning that Trevor made her go to before they left his morning, then they’d grabbed lunch while they were out picking up his medicine, grabbed a snack after that because she’d still been hungry, grabbed another one on the way back to the ship, hit the buffet once they got on the ship, and then she grabbed a sandwich a bottle of chocolate milk on the way to their room. That was less than twelve hours ago, so she’d understand being a little hungry, but she was absolutely starving. She could probably eat everything on the ship and still be hungry, she realized miserably

as she did her best not to pout.

“I’ll surprise you. How does that sound?” he asked, placing his hand over her bottom and gave it a squeeze as he pressed a kiss to her shoulder that had her licking her lips and reminding her that there was another hunger that she could really use his help with.

“I’ll be quick,” he promised her as he gave her ass another appreciative squeeze, letting her know that he planned on taking care of that other hunger just as soon as he got back.

Smiling with anticipation, she ducked her head under the water and-

Slapped her hand over her mouth, shoved past Trevor and dropped to her knees in front of the toilet seconds after her stomach violently turned on her, adding another lovely memory to their trip.

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