“I can’t!” Jason snapped back, pissing Trevor off enough to realize that the bastard wasn’t going to leave until he beat the shit out of him. He started to pull out of Zoe to do just that when Jason’s next announcement had him cursing and diving for his discarded pants.

“They’re towing my car away!”

“Shit!” Trevor groaned as he yanked his pants up and stuffed his painful erection in his pants as he rushed over to the door and yanked it open right around the time that his wife screamed and dove for cover.

“Oh, look at that,” Jason said with a smile and a sigh, “it looks like you’re ready to go.”

Knowing that he couldn’t kill him, at least not until after he’d brought them home, Trevor settled on glaring at the bastard. “I hate you.”

Jason shrugged as he turned around and headed down the hal

lway, whistling, “It’s a small world,” just to piss him off as Trevor slammed the door shut in an attempt to stop himself from going after the little bastard.

The first chance that he got, he was going to-

“Oh, fucking hell,” he shouted as his cock was suddenly pulled free and traced with the most talented tongue that he’d ever encountered.

Slapping a hand against the wall, he looked down to find his wife, naked and on her knees, sucking his cock as she slid her fingers between her legs, moaning as she did it and letting him know that it was going to be a while before she was ready to leave, which was more than fine with him since there was no where else on earth that he’d rather be than in this disgusting hotel room, apologizing to his beautiful wife and making damn sure that she knew just how much he loved her.


One year, seven months, two weeks and three days later…

“This is more like it,” Trevor said with a sigh of satisfaction as he slid inside her.

She couldn’t help but smile as she ran her hand down his bicep, making sure that the patch was still on his arm. “This is more like it, huh?” she asked teasingly as she shifted beneath him so that she could take him deeper.

“Mmmhmm, this is the perfect trip,” he said with a wicked grin as he ducked his head and took her nipple between his lips.

“We haven’t left the room in four days,” she felt obligated to point out, gasping in pleasure when he began to roll his hips and hit just the right spot.

“That’s,” he said, pausing to gently tug on her nipple with his teeth, “what I call a perfect vacation.”

“Spending the entire cruise in our room, making love?” she asked on a moan as her eyes flickered shut, her mouth opened on a gasp and her toes curled in pleasure as Trevor did that thing with his cock that drove her out of her mind.

“Mmmhmm, the perfect vacation,” Trevor agreed absently as he switched his attention to her other nipple.

Gasping, she dug her heels into the bed and spread her legs further apart so that she could push against him. “We could have saved a lot of money and stayed home if all you wanted to do was to spend a week in a bed,” she somehow managed to point out, which actually impressed her that she was able to form a coherent sentence at this point.

“We don’t have room service back home,” he reminded her, giving up his claim to her nipple so that he could take her mouth in a hungry kiss.

“So,” she said, pausing to return his kiss, “your idea of a perfect vacation is nonstop sex and food?”

He chuckled as he took her hands in his and moved them above her head as he continued to slowly thrust inside her. “Sounds like the perfect vacation to me,” he growled, moving his attention to her neck and that spot just beneath her chin.

She pushed against him, needing him deeper as she hungrily licked her lips. “So, you’re enjoying yourself then?”

“I’m in fucking heaven right now,” he answered with a pleased growl that almost had her forgetting her reason for asking.

“I’m glad,” she said, entwining her fingers with his as she closed her eyes and allowed herself to savor the moment.

“Me, too. I think that we should leave the boys with Jason and Haley every year and go on a cruise,” he said as his thrusts became a little harder and a little faster, making it difficult to catch her breath, never mind remember that she had a purpose for this trip.

“I’m sure that something could be arranged,” she said, opening her eyes so that she could watch him as she added, “but probably not next year.”

“And why’s that?” he asked, releasing one of her hands so that he could palm her breast and nearly making her scream when it brushed over her sensitive nipple.

“Because I’ll probably still be breast feeding,” she said, biting back a smile as she watched comprehension dawn in Trevor’s eyes.

He paused mid-thrust, swallowing nervously, he asked, “Again?”

“Mmhmmm,” she said, leaning up to brush her lips against his curved ones as he released his hold on her breast and placed it over her soft stomach where their babies were growing.

“Are you sure?”


Smiling against her lips, he kissed her. “Well, I think we should make sure,” he said, starting to thrust again even as he continued to smile.

“And why’s that?” she asked, panting slightly as he increased his thrusts, forcing her to struggle to keep up.

“Because, this time I want a little girl as perfect as her mother.”

Coming in August 2015

Connor and Rory’s Honeymoon…

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