“Are these invisible scars that only you can see?” Trevor had to ask when a second inspection failed to come up with anything.

Grumbling something about vicious little bastards that almost took his leg off, he shoved his pant leg down, sat back and shoved a piece of bacon in his mouth. “Whatever,” Jason sighed, “I came over here to help you not to be mocked and belittled, you insensitive prick.”

“Well,” Trevor said, getting to his feet, “save your bullshit and get the fuck out. I have too much shit to do.”

“As long as you’re not doing something stupid like taking Zoe on a honeymoon then I could give a flying fuck what you’re doing,” Jason said with a shrug as he picked through the last of the take-out containers, searching for any tasty morsels that may have previously escaped his notice.

“The curse is bullshit,” he said, grabbing his cellphone and double-checking to see if the travel agent that he’d been stalking since last night when Zoe had reacted poorly to the delicious sandwich that he’d made her, had been able to come up with anything decent.

Junk mail, an email from one of his tenants bitching about one of his asshole cousins getting them all banned from another restaurant, coupons, more junk mail, and-

“Oh, thank fucking God,” he said with a chuckle as he shook his head in disbelief, unable to believe his dumb fucking luck.

“What?” Jason asked, arching a brow in question.

“Nothing that you need to concern your pretty little head with,” he said, sending a quick response to the travel agent to confirm the last minute package that she’d managed to find for him.

“Don’t do it,” Jason said with a shake of his head as he returned his attention back to looking through the take out containers.

“Mind your own fucking business,” he said absently, wondering if they’d have time to consummate the marriage before they had to pack and race across town to make their flight. When he thought about the way she’d moaned his name and how it had felt to slide his tongue inside her, he decided that he’d make the time.

“Wait a year,” Jason said, giving up his search for food and grabbed the last bottle of maple syrup.

“I can’t,” he said, shaking his head as he shoved his phone in his back pocket.

“You really can,” Jason said, popping the top off the bottle of syrup as he tilted his head back and chugged the rest of the syrup.

“In a year we’ll have twins and no time to go on a honeymoon. I’m doing this now,” he said, more determined than ever to do this. “She deserves to have a real vacation,” he said, remembering the excited little smile that she made every time she mentioned going on her first real vacation.

He was fucking taking her, come hell or high water, on a real vacation. After all the bullshit that she’d been through in her life, she deserved this and more. Plus, it would show her just how much he loved her so he was definitely going to do this.

“Then do it after the babies are born and Haley and I can watch them so that you can take her on a nice vacation where you don’t have to worry about this stupid fucking curse kicking your ass and fucking with your marriage.”

Trevor shook his head. “She’s waited long enough. I’m not going to make her wait any longer.”

Shaking his head with a heavy sigh, Jason tossed the empty syrup bottle away. “You’re going to regret this.”

He thought about Zoe and that mischievous smile of hers and shook his head. There was no way in hell that he was going to regret giving Zoe the perfect honeymoon, but first…

He had to give her the perfect wedding night.



She squeezed her eyes shut tighter and bit her lip, as she laid there trying to pretend that she was asleep while Trevor called her name and her puppies playfully nipped at her toes.

“Baby, are you awake?”

“No?” she said, shaking her head as she pulled the covers over her head.

“Are you hiding?” Trevor asked as he gently pulled the covers off her head.


“I see,” he murmured, sounding thoughtful as the puppies gave up attacking her toes and stumbled over each other to get to her face to give her puppy kisses until Trevor picked them up with a chuckle and placed them on the floor.

“Is Jason still here?” she asked, opening her eyes just enough so that she could see for herself.

“No,” Trevor said, leaning down to kiss her temple. “He left.”

“Okay,” she said, pulling the covers back over her head, deciding that the humiliation of getting caught with Trevor’s head between her legs demanded that she spend the rest of her life right here, beneath the covers where there was absolutely no chance of running into Jason ever again.

“Are you hungry?” Trevor asked, pulling back the covers so that he could kiss her temple, her cheek and then her neck, which she had to admit, helped to take the edge off her humiliation.

A bit…

“I could eat,” she admitted, deciding that mentioning that she was starving after eating all of those pancakes, hash browns and sausages would probably only add to her humiliation.

“Do you want to go out to eat?” he asked, pressing another kiss to her neck, this time just beneath her pulse point, tickling her skin with his early morning whiskers and making her toes curl with pleasure.

And risk the chance of people guessing by the expression on her face what she’d been caught doing? No, she was good. “No, I’m kind of tired,” she said, which was sadly the truth.

She’d never been so tired before in her life. Then again, when she wasn’t tired, she was hungry and when she wasn’t hungry she was tired. Exhaling softly, she tilted her head to the side to give him better access to that spot just below her ear. This pregnancy was already taking its toll on her and she wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to manage five more months of this.

“Do you want me to run out and get something for you?” he asked, gently suckling on her neck as he deftly reached beneath her tee shirt and bra and palmed her breast, which she had to admit also took the edge off her humiliation.

Her body responded instantly to his touch, her nipples hardened and became sensitive, responding in a way that they never had before. God, she wanted him, she thought with a desperation that actually frightened her. Licking her lips, she grabbed hold of his t-shirt and tore it off him, barely aware that he was growling in approval or that he’d released his hold on her breast, reached down, shoved her sweatpants as far down as they woul

d go, ripped off her panties, shifted back away from her, flipped her over onto her stomach and-

An inarticulate scream tore from her lips as he entered her in one hard stroke. The scream had barely finished echoing throughout the room when she suddenly found herself pulled back onto her knees, her back against Trevor’s bare chest, his hands on her large breasts, using his hold to keep her against him as he took her.

“Fucking love you,” he groaned, kissing her neck hungrily as his grip tightened around her breasts. “Love you,” he groaned as he slammed into her, “Love you so fucking much.”

She tried to answer him, tried to tell him how much she loved him, but all she could manage were needy little whimpers, sobs and breathless cries, demanding that he fuck her harder, begging him not to stop even as her body violently trembled as each thrust sent her closer and closer to the release that she knew that she wasn’t ready for. When it hit, she screamed the only thing in the world that mattered to her.

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