But the idea of two straight weeks of Rory in his arms with absolutely no interruptions was too tempting to pass up. Just thinking about making love to her any time he wanted to, had his cock hardening and had him licking his lips in anticipation, because the first thing that he was going to do to her was-

“So, you’re going to be out of town for two weeks?” Trevor asked, sharing a relieved look with his brothers as he did his best to play it cool.

“I’m afraid so,” he said, pulling back to give Rory a sad smile. “I’ll hurry back as fast as I can.”

She bit her lip as her eyes watered and for the first time since he was eight and she’d taught herself that little trick, he was more than happy that she was using it on him.

Until she went a little too far…

“I-I’m going t-to m-miss you,” she said, softly sobbing as she wrapped her arms around herself and stepped closer, but not towards him.

Oh no, not his hot chocolate addicted wife.

She took a step closer to his abandoned hot cocoa, picked it up with a sniffle and took a sip, which unfortunately was followed by a pleased little sigh as every man in the room rolled their eyes and went for him.

Oh, she was going to pay for this betrayal, he decided as he was taken to the ground, his arms yanked back and his hands cuffed before he was yanked to his feet and dragged back towards the stairs while his wife stood there, shooting him an “I’m sorry,” wince even as she continued to savor his cocoa.

Oh, she was so going to fucking pay for this one.

Chapter 7

“Open the goddamn door!” she yelled, pounding on the door that was apparently going to keep them locked up for the next two weeks until they were too swamped with work to even think about taking a honeymoon to “keep her stubborn, unappreciative ass safe,” according to her brothers and cousins.

“No!” Johnny snapped back, sounding pissed from the safety of the other side of the door, apparently still holding a grudge against her for that last nipple twist.


“Not happening!” Bryce added, backing their brother up and making her seriously regretting her choice in trying to take Johnny down so that she could make her escape.

She should have gone for the little bastard that had laughed his ass off when he tossed her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs and threw her in the bedroom with her husband, who hadn’t said a word since this whole thing went down. He also hadn’t stopped glaring at her either, but since she was the only one making any attempt to get them out of this situation she decided to ignore him.

“I’m going to tell Dad!” she threatened even though to be honest, she wasn’t exactly sure where he stood on this issue.

According to the rest of the family, her father had seriously fucked up by marrying her mother. Not that she would or even could disagree since her mother had not only left him, but had also abandoned her and her brothers for some loser, left town and never looked back. He’d married their mother right out of high school, worked his ass off, saved up, bought the ring, proposed and gave her the church wedding and honeymoon that she wanted.

All bad choices according to the rest of the family, but her father had refused to listen to anyone and had married the wrong woman. If she had truly been the one, he would have been out of his fucking mind to have her and had married her as soon as he realized that he couldn’t function another day without her. He would have dragged her down to City Hall, terrified the Justice of the Peace and then had every Bradford within a hundred miles trying to talk him into waiting a year before he took her on that honeymoon, but it hadn’t gone down that way.

“Go ahead!” Johnny shot back. “He’s the one that snuck up into your room when you came downstairs and made sure that you and that sick bastard that you married weren’t getting out of here until it was time.”

“Johnny,” she said, stressing every last syllable of his name and letting him know that it was his ass that she was going to go for first when she escaped even as she glared over her shoulder at the boxes of supplies that someone, apparently her father, had stacked in the corner for them.

He’d also apparently taken it upon himself to attach metal bars to the outside of the patio doors that led to the deck, making sure that they could get fresh air, but making it impossible for them to escape. At least not that way and by the sounds of the nail guns, grunts and high fives, they weren’t going to be able to escape by pretending that she needed to use the bathroom either.

“Think of this as a much needed two week vacation, little sister,” Bryce said, chuckling as he punctuated his words with one last shot of a nail gun and then nothing.

Absolute silence.

Closing her eyes in defeat, she reached for the doorknob, already knowing what she would find when she heard the click. So, when the doorknob easily turned, she pulled the door open and sighed in disgust at what waited for her.

A tunnel.

They’d built a goddamn tunnel leading from their room to the bathroom with take down walls, walls that could be quickly installed and set up to block office employees and tenants from walking through dangerous construction areas and getting hurt. It also prevented them from stealing tools and damaging property.

And they’d set one up in their house, with a passage door locked from the outside and everything.

Sneaky little bastards…

She considered trying to break down the walls, but she already knew that it was hopeless. Her brothers had put them up so she knew that there was no way that she’d be able to break free until they were ready to take the walls down. Knowing that it was pointless to try and not really in the mood to deal with the pouting bastard glaring at her from the bed, she headed across the makeshift tunnel, threw open the bathroom door, turned on the light and began the long process of pulling her clothes off and tossing them aside.

By the time that she was naked, she had the tub filled halfway and had already selected a lovely orange and mint soaking salt. She was just sprinkling it in the tub when the grumpy bastard that she’d married came walking in, shoving his jeans down as he walked past her. Without a word, he climbed into the large tub that was rightfully hers, settled back, pulled his knees up and spread his legs to make room for her.

For a moment she considered telling him to get the hell out of her tub, but in the end she climbed in the tub and settled back against him. When he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, she sighed and placed her arms over his as she snuggled back against him, closed her eyes and waited for it.

She didn’t have to wait long.

“You overplayed it,” he finally said, kissing her again as his arms tightened around her and he pulled her closer.

“I know,” she admitted with a grumble, because she knew that they were stuck here because of her. She’d overplayed it, gone for the tears too quickly and allowed herself to be distracted by the aroma of that delicious cup of hot cocoa.

If she’d just held back, said less, maybe argued with him a bit, her brothers might have believed them. Instead, she got cocky, jumped the gun and overplayed her part, instantly making her brothers suspicious and screwing up any chance that they might have had to make an escape.

He sighed heavily even as he rewarded her with another kiss. “We’re stuck with them now.”

“I know,” she admitted with a pout, because she knew her brothers well enough to know that they wouldn’t make the mistake of leaving them unguarded.

“For two weeks…,” he said, sighing heavily and she didn’t need to look back to know that he was most likely cringing.

Not that she could blame him.

She really couldn’t.

They were now stuck here for two weeks with her brothers and cousins as their guards instead of going wherever Connor had planned on taking them. Which reminded her…

“Where were you planning on taking me?” she asked, tilting her head back so that she could look at him.

“A Bed and Breakfast in Vermont!” Trevor, the bastard that she was going to get with her pliers, yelled from the vicinity of the hallway, letting her know just how seriously they were taking this.

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