It hadn’t mattered that he knew that someone was always looking after her, making sure that she was okay. The only thing that mattered was that it hadn’t been him taking care of her. It had killed him not to see her or hold her for the past week, but it wasn’t like he’d had much of a choice in the matter. He’d needed to teach the James boys and their cousins a lesson about coming between him and Rory.

Sure, he could have probably got the message through to them on that first day, but he’d wanted to make sure that the lesson stuck. Then again, there was no doubt that by day two the lesson had sunk in. Day three had definitely done the job, but he liked to be thorough when it came to making sure that no one came between him and Rory, always had, ever since they were children.

Her brothers really should have known better, was his last coherent thought before Rory reached down between them and wrapped her soapy hand around his cock and squeezed. After that he stopped thinking completely.

“Connor,” she moaned his name with a dreamy sigh as he moved his mouth away from hers and began kissing and licking his way down to the large breasts that he’d found himself fantasizing about more than a few times over the years. Her hand tightened around his cock and her breath hitched into a gasp of pleasure when he rolled his tongue around her nipple before taking it between his lips.

He licked and suckled on the large nipple hardening between his lips as he moved forward until he had her back pressed against the smooth marble wall, right where he wanted her. He shifted his attention to her other nipple as she adjusted her hold around his cock so that she could slowly stroke him, making him groan in appreciation and damn near ending this before it had a chance to start.

They’d never had a wedding night thanks to Jacob and his big fucking mouth and unfortunately, they probably weren’t going to get one now, but he was going to make sure that he took the edge off just enough so that he could think of something besides how fucking wet and tight she was going to feel once he slid inside her. He just needed to take the edge off so he could think straight, he told himself as he reached down and wrapped his hand around one shapely calf.

In one smooth move he had her leg hooked over his hip and his free hand reaching between her legs and-

“So fucking soft and wet,” he whispered reverently without realizing or really caring that he’d spoke, not when he was sliding a finger inside her to find her ready for him.

“Connor,” she groaned his name as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled her other leg up and hooked it over his hip, using her hold on him to bring him closer and letting him know exactly what she wanted.


“We don’t have time,” he said, more of a reminder to himself that they really needed to move their asses before it was too late.

Rory laughed softly, clearly unaware of the dangers that they faced, and threaded her fingers through his wet hair again as she pulled him in for a kiss that he was helpless to deny her.

They had to leave. They had to no matter how badly he wanted to stay here and give her a proper wedding night, they had to grab their shit, get in his truck and put some space between them and this place quickly. He’d make this up to her, he silently promised her even as he allowed himself to return her kiss, but only for a moment.

He just needed a minute to hold her in his arms and maybe let her rub her incredibly wet slit against his cock, because it felt wrong to stop her and oh, so fucking good when she tilted her hips down and rubbed her pussy against his balls. God, that felt fucking incredible, he decided, groaning loudly as the little tease that he loved sucked on his tongue as she continued to tease him.

“We have to go,” he managed to get out although at the moment he really couldn’t remember why, not when she was using her hold on him to tilt her hips and-

“FUCK!” he roared, unable to help himself, not when Rory managed to take him by surprise and took his cock inside her in one smooth move that had his legs threatening to give out on him and Rory screaming in pleasure against his mouth.

Oh, God….Oh, God….Oh, God….

They didn’t have time for this.

Not now…

“Oh, fuck yes,” he groaned even as his brain screamed for him to pull out when she used her hold around him and the wall at her back to roll her hips and…and…

“Fucking hell!” he snarled, knowing that he no longer had a choice in the matter. She’d made damn sure of that when she slowly slid her wet sheath down his cock with a slight twist as she tightened every last muscle in her talented body and threatened to squeeze him dry.

Fuck doing the right thing, he decided, knowing that he wasn’t thinking straight and that there was no way in hell that this night was going to end well for him, but as he pulled out of her, put her on her feet and dropped to his knees in front of her, he could honestly say that he didn’t fucking care.

Before his knees hit the tiled shower floor, his beautiful wife was shifting her legs apart for him and giving him easier access. He leaned in, closing his eyes and slowly traced her wet slit with the tip of his tongue, loving the hungry little moans that she was making and the way that she threaded her fingers through his hair, silently encouraging him to continue as she spread her legs even further apart, giving him better access.

“Connor,” came the soft whisper that was barely audible above the sounds of the water splashing against the tiled floor, but he heard it and it was enough to have him groaning her name in response as he forced himself to slowly trace her little clit and greedy core with the tip of his tongue.

So. Fucking. Sweet, he thought hungrily, berating himself for forgetting exactly how good she tasted. All week, when he hadn’t been fucking over the males in her family to teach them a lesson, he’d been thinking about her, about this, about the sounds that she made, the way her skin felt against his and just how fucking delicious she tasted. He’d been close, but not close enough and for that he’d never forgive himself.

When he slid his tongue inside her, desperate for more, she gave him a greedy little moan that he liked so he did it again and again until she was gripping his head and riding his mouth. He was barely aware that he’d wrapped his hand around his cock and was stroking himself in time to her groans. All he cared about was how she tasted and felt against his tongue and he wanted more.

As much as he wanted to stay there on his knees and lick her clean, he needed to feel her wrapped around his cock, squeezing him with every thrust until he thought he’d die with pleasure. The decision was barely made before he found himself surging to his feet, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her around until she was pressed up against the tiled wall. He grabbed her hips, pulled her ass out and watched with greedy anticipation as she read his mind and pushed her ass out to him in offering, her back curving in the process as she reached up and placed her hands on the wall by her head and gave her ass a little shake in invitation.

He shifted his feet apart, placed his hands over hers and pushed back inside her. A startled moan escaped her as he stood there, closing his eyes and savoring sensation after incredible sensation as he slowly slid back inside her. She felt fucking fantastic, better than anything that he’d ever experienced before and he couldn’t believe that she was finally his after all these years.

Apparently he was taking too long, because his bossy wife reached back, grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head down as dropped so that she could kiss him while he slowly fucked her. He wrapped his arm around her, palmed one of her large breasts as he pushed all the way inside her as she pushed back against him.

“I love you,” she whimpered in his mouth as he slowly fucked her, thrusting just enough to take the edge off the overpowering need to slam her against the wall and fuck her hard until they both were screaming with pleasure and too fucking tired to care that he’d probably end the night getting the shit kicked out of him by her seriously, and rightfully, pissed off relatives.

“I love you more, Rory,” he admitted, still surpris

ed at just how good it felt to be able to say those words.

“Don’t leave me again,” she pleaded softly even as she moaned against his mouth before she turned her face away and pressed her forehead against the tiled wall.

“I won’t,” he promised her, deciding that he would do whatever it took, take whatever beating that he had coming for what he’d done, anything and everything to make sure that he kept that promise.

“Good,” she said, panting hard on a whimper as she slapped her hand against the wall and pushed back against him, letting him know exactly what she wanted.

Unfortunately, he refused to give it to her.

Thanks to her family’s fucked up tradition, they’d spent their wedding night apart, which meant that he had to make tonight special and fucking her against the wall of his shower was not the way that he wanted her to remember their wedding night.

He had to do this right and at this moment doing the right thing was the last fucking thing that he wanted to do, but for her he would do anything. Somehow he found the willpower to stop, after he savored one last slow thrust inside her wet sheath. Gritting his teeth against the pain that it caused him to stop, he slowly pulled his cock out and pressed a kiss between her shoulder blades.

“Connor?” she said, panting so hard that her body was actually trembling with the need for him to finish this, but he had to do this right. He had to stay strong.

“Let’s do this right,” he said, forcing his hand away from her breast so that he could wrap his arms around her and draw her back against him.


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