“Where are we going?” she asked, even though she had a pretty good idea.

“To the lake,” was all he said as he continued to lead her across the backyard, confirming her worst fears.

It really wasn’t over yet.

Then there was also the fact that it was well after midnight, it was dark out, cold and she really wasn’t looking forward to a dip in the lake, knowing that it was ice cold and would probably kill her or at the very least, lead to more misery. She thought about arguing with him, but she knew that it was pointless. First off, he was determined to do this so that meant more arguing and possibly resorting to kicking him in the shin, which of course would lead to him throwing her over his shoulder, marching down to the lake and throwing her in the lake. Then there was the fact that they both reeked of skunk and that Mrs. Brown would probably throw them out of the house and ban them from entering the house until the last lingering scent of skunk was long gone.

She really wished that they’d never gone on this trip, she thought, biting back a sigh that promised to start another argument and right now, she really didn’t think that she couldn’t handle an argument. She was terrified that she would say something that would make him hate her. She was also afraid that she would come off sounding like a spoiled brat, something that most of the people in town thought she was simply because her father was a member of the Peer. She loved their new home and even the town, but she hated the fact that they thought so poorly of her simply because she spoke with British accent and had been fortunate enough to have been born into a wealthy family.

Not that she’d told anyone about her family, because she hadn’t. No, that information had been shared thanks to James and his good intentions. A few weeks after she’d given birth to the boys, James had dragged Robert down to one of the local taverns and had argued and begged Robert to return to England, because James had assumed that she couldn’t handle living in New England, dealing with the harsh weather and running a household without a decent staff to help her.

She knew that he’d only been concerned about her wellbeing, but that knowledge hadn’t saved him when she found out that he’d had a little too much to drink and had shared his concerns loud enough for half the men in town to hear, who of course felt it was necessary to share this information with their wives, families and friends. She knew that most of the people didn’t care and hadn’t let James rantings affect their opinion of her, but the ones who had seemed to go out of their way to remind her that she didn’t belong did.

“Stay here,” Robert said, letting go of her hand, leaving her standing near the barn as he quickly made his way inside.

Before she could ask him what he was doing, he was back with several blankets and a lantern. He took her hand, continuing to lead her towards the woods that she had to admit that she wasn’t looking forward to taking a stroll through in the middle of the night.

“We need to get this scent off us before we go in the house,” he said as he lead her through the woods on the familiar path that they’d taken so many times before.

“I know,” she said, not sounding too happy about it even to her own ears, which of course made Robert’s jaw clench.

At least, she was pretty sure that his jaw clenched, but it was a little hard to see with only the light from the lantern casting shadows on his face. She considered asking him if he was angry, but quickly dismissed the idea since she knew damn well that he was angry.

He’d worked hard to bring her on this trip and it had been a disaster from the start. It was without question the worst trip that either one of them had ever been on, and it wasn’t over yet. As soon as she got to bed she was planning on staying there for a week or two. She really couldn’t remember ever being this exhausted before.

All too soon they’d arrived at the lake. Without a word, Robert placed the blankets and lantern carefully on the ground and removed his pants. He tossed them aside. Before she could stop him, not that she really thought that she could stop him, he was pulling off her coat and shirt, tossing them aside and leading her towards the water. Too exhausted to argue and wanting to just get this over with, she went with him, deciding that it was best to get this over with so that she could put this trip behind her and finally get some sleep.


He was so fucking tired.

All he wanted to do was climb into bed and hold his wife, but unfortunately the dip in the cold lake and the bar of soap that they’d scrubbed their skin raw with hadn’t completely killed the odor. So, now they were stuck climbing up the ladder to the hayloft above in the hopes that the scent of hay would help cover the disgusting odor clinging to their skin.

He followed his wife up the ladder, careful not to drop the lantern or lose the blanket wrapped around his waist. When she quietly unwrapped her blanket from around her and placed it on the ground so that she could curl up on her side, he knew that he was in deep shit. He’d brought her on this horrible trip that didn’t seem to want to end and not once had she complained, yelled at him or even bitched about it.

She just simply took it in stride as it came, acting act like she was used to this kind of bullshit and that seriously pissed him off. Had she’d expected such a horrible trip from him? Was that how she saw him? Since the day that he’d married her, well after he’d fucked up, he’d busted his ass to make sure that she had everything that she needed and now he had to wonder if it hadn’t been enough for her.

Glaring at her back, because he was too exhausted and too pissed to say anything without starting a fight, he pulled the blanket off, laid down on her blanket, well away from his wife, and threw his blanket over them. Still glaring at her back, he narrowed his eyes on her, ground his jaw so that he wouldn’t say anything that he was going to regret and rolled over onto his side, facing away from her.

It was the first time since they’d made a truce that he hadn’t curled his body around hers and held her. Hell, it was the first time that she was in bed naked with him and he wasn’t trying to get between her legs. As much as he wanted her, and God did he fucking want her, he was too pissed to try anything tonight.

His plan was to lie here, glaring into the darkness as he allowed his anger to fester. He wasn’t going to say anything now, not when he was this angry, but tomorrow morning he was going to-

Groan very loudly as he suddenly found himself pushed onto his back and his wife’s very talented mouth wrapping around his cock. They shouldn’t be doing this, he told himself as he reached down to pull her off his cock, but instead found himself cradling the back of her head, enjoying the sensation of her tongue gliding down the underside of his cock.

Christ, he’d never met a woman that loved sucking on his cock as much as his wife did. She seemed to crave it, needing it more than him. A few times he’d actually thought she was going to come from sucking on his cock. It made her so fucking wet and tight, nearly making him lose it on the first thrust.

She was angry at him, he tried to remind himself, but at that moment he could honestly say that he didn’t give a damn. It felt too good to think about anything else.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly as she suckled on the tip of his cock.

“Oh, hell,” he groaned loudly as her mouth slid down his cock. which earned him another moan that vibrated through his cock and down to his balls.

“I thought you were mad at me?” he suddenly, and very stupidly, found himself asking. He silently cursed himself for ruining everything when her mouth slowly slid off his cock, releasing it with a small moan that the tip of his cock really appreciated.

“Why would I be mad at you?” sh

e asked with a coy little smile as she shifted so that she was straddling his waist.

“The trip,” he said almost in a daze as he found himself staring at the thatch of hair between her legs. God, she was already so fucking wet, he thought as he hungrily licked his lips and reached for her.

She came willingly, casting him a coy smile as she shifted until she was straddling his mouth, already knowing exactly what he wanted. He didn’t make her wait, simply because he felt like he was going to die soon if he didn’t get a taste of her sweet pussy.

Groaning, he cupped her bottom and pulled her closer as he leaned up and licked her slit. She tasted amazing, he thought as his cock jerked in approval and his tongue went in for another taste, greedy for more. As he ran his tongue through her slit, she rewarded him with another one of those moans that he liked so much.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, panting slightly as she shifted on top of him, desperate to feel his tongue slide inside her, but he refused to rush this.

“Are you mad at me, minx?” he asked casually between licks.

“For what?” she asked, sounding a little distracted and confused as she reached up and cupped her breasts for his enjoyment.

“The trip.”

“Why would I be mad at you for the trip?” she asked, panting loudly as she continued to shift on top of him, desperately seeking his tongue.

“Because it was a nightmare,” he admitted, rewarding her with a swipe of his tongue over her core.

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