“It’s tiresome, Christian. Give me your location.”

At my words, Dom got up suddenly, spilling me from his chest in the process, and not directing so much as a glance in my direction. He strode, naked, out of the room. I admired the view, unable to help it. He had the most magnificent ass in the world. I wondered where the door he’d left out of led.

I shook my head, telling Christian to start over. I got it down this time, memorizing the address. “Shit.” I suddenly realized I had nothing. No clothes, no phone, no car. My mind went blank.

Christian was still chatting happily on the other end of the line. I could tell he had missed me, by his excited chatter. Even Christian wasn’t normally this ADD, jumping from one subject to the next before I could get a word in.

My mouth went dry when Dom strode back into the room, still completely nude, and carrying a large duffle bag. He was semi-hard and getting harder while I stared, open-mouthed, at his perfect cock, with absolute fascination.

Abruptly he threw the bag in my lap. He handed me a phone. I studied it dumbly. It was the updated version of the top of the line cel I’d had before I was captured. Apparently a new model had come out while I was away.

“There’s a cel phone kiosk in the shops downstairs in the casino. It’s yours, all set up, with a new number, and an alias, of course. I figured you wouldn’t stay long before you were running again, so I ordered it while you slept. My number is programmed in, and I have yours.”

“I assume your friends have some kind of a plan for finding Lynn, but the druids would like to become involved as well. The dragons have declared themselves rogue, even launched a few attacks that were hard to cover up. I’m calling some people into town who will be useful to your endeavors. I will be putting together a task force designed specifically to combat the rogue dragon threat. I’ll let you know the time and place of the meeting.”

I nodded mutely. I couldn’t exactly turn down help, with my sister’s life on the line. And the druids were officially in the fight now, with or without my consent. “That bag has several days worth of toiletries and clothing, all in your size.” He pointed, exuding the coolness and command of his Arch position, a position that had always intimidated me. “The bathroom is in there.”

I showered and changed in record time. The running shoes and jeans fit perfectly. They were the dark colors I favored. I fished out a small black t-shirt, zipping up the bag. He had even remembered the shampoo I liked.

I walked out, fully dressed, carrying the bag, and froze. Dom stood where I’d left him, still gloriously naked, his jaw clenched hard. His eyes were grave. He pointed to another door. “That’s the exit.”

I paused. “Where is my-our, um, egg?” I knew the egg would need to be guarded, day and night. I couldn’t begin to imagine what the wrong people would do with such a thing. My enemies, or even harvesters with any knowledge of what it was, would go to great lengths to steal it.

His mouth tightened. He pointed to another door. “I set him up in there, for now. That is the only door in or out. I’ll set him up in a well fortified vault, first thing in the morning. I’ll keep him safe. I swear my life on it.”

I swallowed, hard. I didn’t want to leave him, not even for a second. I didn’t want to leave either of them. But I had to do this. “Thank you.”

“There’s a car for you downstairs. Like I said, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you were running again. I made all of the arrangements.” There was a world of bitterness in his voice.

I stepped toward him, wanting to touch him, but his forbidding manner dissuaded me. The fear that Dom would reject me was always enough to have me turning away first. I tried for a weak smile. “At least this time, I’m running towards the fight. It’s an improvement, I think.”

He gave me a hard look out of those magnificent, mis-matched eyes. “Not to me.” He turned away first. “Good luck.” It was a dismissal.

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