058: You were able to access those, too?

LLC: Yes.

058: Oh no. I hope it didn’t make him think I’m a nerd…even though I really am.

LLC: On the contrary, your commendable performance in university has also worked in your favor. It’s made you extremely suitable for the job, actually.

058: I…can’t believe it. I hope this isn’t a dream.

LLC: There are still a few things we need to iron out, and as long as you agree to all of them, it is very likely that you’ll be successfully admitted to our program.

058: Anything, sir. I’m willing to do anything.

LLC: You understand that the procedure required by the program must be performed naturally?

058: Do you mean…oh no, it’s so hard to say the word out loud.

LLC: If merely speaking the word is difficult for you, then…

058: I…I can do it. Just give me some time. It’s…it’s…oh gosh, I can already feel myself blushing. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and so these things…

LLC: I see.

058: Alright, I won’t be such a baby anymore. This job requires that…that I have s-sex with my prospective employer.

LLC: Indeed. And you are agreeable to this?

058: I think so – no, sorry, forget I said that. I’ll do it, sir.

LLC: You will also need to do this as often as your prospective employer deems it necessary.

058: T-that’s fine. But may I know…why does he need to do it this way?

LLC: I am not in a position to speculate on such matters.

058: I just want to prepare myself. Please sir, can’t you give me even the smallest clue?

LLC: His physical appearance—-

058: So that’s why.

LLC: I was not—-

058: It’s fine, sir. I won’t change my mind. I’m willing to do anything and everything, as long as it means I’ll be able to help my dad.

Chapter Four

Pick up, you bitch. Pick up. I knew I should be spending my time more productively, with a test to review for, and three more YouTube tutorials to watch on digital marketing, but God…every time I remember what I read this morning—-

Oh, the fucking nerve.

I glared at my phone as it kept ringing and ringing. I was dying, just fucking dying to give Dahlia a piece of my mind, now that I knew what had gone down during the interview.

The nerve of her, to act like she was so devoted to Greg, when she hadn’t even bothered to visit him a single time even after knowing the truth.

And God, don’t even get me fucking started on her nasty little digs, with how she had actually managed to talk shit about me while making herself look like an angel at the same time.

You’re going to think I’m silly again, and maybe terribly old-fashioned.

I hope it didn’t make him think I’m a nerd…even though I really am.

Just thinking about it made me want to punch something, and that wasn’t even the worst part. What had really made me feel like throwing up and murdering my twin was how, even by merely reading the words, I could so easily picture Dahlia pretending to be this naïve little thing while whispering in a trembling voice, I can’t believe it. I hope this isn’t a dream.

Dahlia had never let me forget that my own naïvete was the sole reason she was in my life in the first place, and it was why, even after all these years, I always strove to act tough and keep most people at a distance.

I had thought that would be enough, too.

But obviously, I was wrong.

Not only had Dahlia managed to throw me under the bus to the tune of two hundred thousand euros, but because the Fates had chosen to fuck up in her favor, she had also ended up taking away the boy I liked…for the second time.

I thought she was you at first, Johnny had told me last night. He had been working at his family’s hotel in the Bahamas when he saw Dahlia check in. He had called out my name, and Dahlia had immediately corrected him, saying she was my twin.

That’s why I knew she had changed, Johnny had tried to convince me. She could’ve pretended to be you like she always did, but she hadn’t. I know you have every right to be angry at her, but she’s truly changed.

The earnest tone of his voice was all I had needed to hear to know that Dahlia had once again found another gullible fool to wrap around her little finger. I hadn’t even bothered trying to change Johnny’s mind. There was just no point. I had seen it happen so many times: the moment Dahlia gets her claws into a man, that was it. He’d be my twin’s slave forever until she tired of him, and Johnny was no different from all of her former victims, even if he insisted otherwise.

Dahlia tried to leave me so many times – she hated the thought of hurting you so much.

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