Clearing my throat, I went back to our negotiations, saying, “The other lovers then…”

“The two of us shall remain exclusive to each other until you give birth. After that, we renegotiate.”

“Fair enough.”

“Anything else, habibti?”

I mulled it over for several moments before slowly shaking my head. “I think that’s it.”


And just like that, the purr was back in his voice, and my heart was once again hammering against my chest. It was only then that the full import of what I had agreed to truly sank in, and I found myself mentally reeling. Had I really agreed to let this man-—

“It’s time then.”

Time? I was immediately distracted. Time for what?

“I gave you two choices earlier.”


I had actually forgotten about that.

“What shall it be, habibti?”

Hey Siri.

What are your tips for blowjobs?

Chapter Eight

Ten minutes later, and we were back inside the car, the sheikh calmly taking the wheel while I struggled to get my panic under control.

“Nervous, habibti?”

The sly tone of his voice made my hackles rise, and I glared at him. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“If you are so anxious that it brings you to tears, I’d like it even better.”

“Well, too bad for you, but I’m not nervous at all—-”

“There is no need to lie,” the sheikh chided. “It’s entirely natural for someone like you to be nervous.”

I couldn’t help bristling at his words. “What do you mean someone like me?”

“Someone who’s innocent and pure…”

Oh, this fucking jerk. Most other girls would probably love being described in such terms, but this asshole knew I’d hate it, and that was the only reason he was using those words in the first place.

“You’re probably worried about the usual things.”

“Like I might accidentally bite your dick off? Is that the usual thing with jerks like you?”

But the sheikh went on as if he hadn’t heard a single word I said. “No doubt, you’ve already guessed how well-endowed I am, and you’re worried if your mouth can take all of me in—-”

“Oh, fuck you.” But even I knew his words were nothing but a ploy to make me relax, and it worked, too, as the tightness in my chest eased just a bit, and my lips actually curved just enough to form the slightest of smiles.

“Perhaps you’d like some instructions to help you get started?”

“Shut up.”

“You’re sure?”



Oh, fuck my pride.

“Okay, fine,” I heard myself say grudgingly. “Instruct away.”

The sheikh laughed, and I almost squirmed in my seat as the low, sexy sound rippled down my spine like a teasing caress.

“What do you think is Step One?”

“Knock you out,” I quipped right away, “and lie about giving you a blowjob while you were unconscious.”

But the sheikh only smirked. “You only wish you wanted to do that, but you do not. Your eyes always give you away, and you know what they are telling me right now?”

“Whatever it is, you’re mistaken—-”

“It’s telling me you’re as nervous as you’re excited at the prospect of sucking my dick.”

“Bullshit,” I growled even as I could feel the heated state of my cheeks betray the truth. How the fuck was this guy so good at turning me on? I used to think a man talking dirty to me would be disgusting, but when it was this guy doing it…when it was this guy talking about me sucking his dick…

A gasp escaped me when long, hard fingers suddenly curled around my wrist, and I gasped again as the sheikh yanked it towards his crotch.

“We’ll start now, habibti.”

The traffic lights turned green as he spoke, and the sheikh released his hold. I watched him reach for the shift stick as his gaze swung back to the road, and throughout it, I felt something grow longer, harder, and bigger under my hand.

I slowly turned my gaze to his crotch and caught my breath at the way the bulge under my hand just kept swelling and swelling and swelling in size.


It just kept growing, dammit.

Maybe the sheikh was right, after all?

Maybe I should be worried about how I was going to fit all of it inside my mouth.

“Ready for Step Two?”

The sheikh’s mocking tone had me gnashing my teeth, and when I felt him turning to look at me, I forced my fingers to move, not wanting him to think that the size of his cock had left me feeling overwhelmed.

Even if I was.

It was a bit of a struggle to unzip his pants, with the way it was stretched so tautly against the swollen size of his dick, and the fact that I couldn’t keep my fingers from trembling just made things worse.

When I was finally able to push his briefs to the side, I couldn’t help swallowing hard as my fingers eventually came into contact with the steely silken feel of his cock. It was nothing like I imagined. Even with all the veined ridges, it was still softer than I thought it could be, but at the same time, so much harder as well, and I couldn’t help gulping anew as I thought about this enormous piece of meat driving inside my pussy.

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