I tried eyeballing its length but found myself stop counting at eight inches. Some things you’re better off not knowing, especially if you don’t think your throat is long enough. I mean, like seriously. I feel like I’d have to be a swan—-

The sheikh suddenly fisted my hair. “You seem to need a little push, habibti.”

Before I could even protest, he was already slowly pushing my head down.


I instinctively tried to struggle and fight back, but his grip was too strong, and the distance between my mouth and the head of his dick started shrinking fast.

“Damn you—-”

“Did you think I’d be gentle?” the sheikh taunted.

I could no longer answer, my lips bumping against the swollen and engorged tip of his erection—-

Oh my God!

My panties were suddenly soaking wet, a scorching-hot flush of desire coming out of nowhere the moment my mouth came into contact with the faintly salty knob of his dick.

“You are not the kind of woman who likes it soft and gentle, habibti.”

I was dying to argue with him, but with the sheikh increasing the downward pressure of his hold, I found myself helplessly opening my mouth instead, and the first inches of his cock pushed past my lips.


My lips stretched wider. God. I felt so fucking stuffed already, and this was just the head, dammit.

“Ready for more?”

Fuck you. But even as my indignant mind couldn’t help answering this way, my body was betraying me at the same time, with the way my pussy actually started quivering hard as the sheikh started pushing my head farther down.

Another inch of his dick slipped inside my mouth, followed quickly by another and another and another, just one after another dammit, that I started to choke, and the sound actually had the asshole laughing even as his grip on my hair eased.

I lifted my head right away, tears stinging my eyes, and as soon as I had gulped enough oxygen back into my lungs, I glared up at him and spat out, “Asshole!”

But the sheikh’s gaze simply glinted back at me. “Ready to put that mouth to work again?”


And that was it. I only managed to get one word out before the sheikh once again tightened his grip on my hair and pushed my head down. I tried to fight him off, but it was futile. His arousal jutted against my lips, hard enough that it was almost as if his cock was slapping my mouth, and even as rage flared inside of me, there was something else.

Oh God, he was right.

What the hell was wrong with me that my body was actually getting hotter and wetter at the punishing brutality of his actions?

Just a third of his cock was inside of my mouth, and already I could feel myself start to choke.

“Breathe through your nose,” the sheikh commanded, and even as the rebellious part of me bristled against being ordered around, I still found myself obeying him. It took a while to find my rhythm, but eventually I could feel my throat relaxing, and as my lips parted wider, more of his dick slipped in.

He was halfway in now, and before I even realized what I was doing, my tongue had already started exploring on its own as it slowly licked the side of his dick. Soon, I found myself circling the head of his erection with my tongue, and my insides quivered when I heard the sheikh release a rasping sound.


His voice was rough with desire, and the sound had more moisture flowing out to coat the throbbing folds of my cunt.

“Suck it now, habibti.”

A whimper escaped me at the command, but I was helpless once again, my body seemingly recognizing him as its master. I started to suck, tentatively at first, and when the sheikh told me to start stroking him and squeezing his balls, I didn’t even think twice.

It was an addiction by now, this inexplicable need to follow his orders and pleasure him, and my head started to bob up and down – fast – as I found myself actually eagerly sucking on his dick.

A small part of me wondered if there were other people looking at us. His sports car was a lot lower than most other vehicles on the road, and although his windows were tinted, shadowy outlines could still be seen from the inside.

Certainly, if someone looked close enough, they’d know right away what I was doing.

They’d know the girl next to the sheikh was pleasuring him with her mouth.

And that girl, oh God…

That girl was me.

The thought had me shuddering, and a rush of madness seemed to take over me. All of a sudden, I was sucking harder at his dick, my fingers moving faster as I stroked his length, and when I heard the sheikh curse…

My eyes squeezed shut, a part of me instinctively recognizing what would come next—-

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