You’ll just have to stick to my side like glue so the opportunity never arises.

Remembering how he had purred those words made my toes curl, and my body’s instant reaction filled me with self-disgust. Hopeless. I was so fucking hopeless, and this had me grabbing my notebook so I could give my forehead a good, hard slap in a fit of frustration.

The sound had several heads in the library turning my way, but I pretended not to notice this. Maybe, if I did this enough times, I’d be able to knock some sense into me and—-

“Stop that, habibti.” A tanned hand swiped the notebook out of my hold, and I could only stare in shock as Raj unfolded his length into the chair opposite me with faultlessly lithe grace. He was in another one of his suits as always, and looked so fucking hot that I noticed right away how he had everyone in the library gawking at him.

“Why were you hurting yourself?”

“It’s just a stupid notebook.”

“You know I alone have the rights to be cruel to you.”

And there I was, thinking his concern was rather touching.

“Seriously, sheikh: fuck you.”

The sheikh smiled. “That is indeed what I came here for.”

My eyes widened.

“But because I’m a gentleman, I’ll give you the privilege of choosing where.”

“Are you out of your mind?” I hissed under my breath.

“Tick tock, Ms. Teller.”


Was he fucking serious?

“You should take advantage of my generosity while you can.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I contemplated running away from him—-


Knowing him, this asshole was just going to make things a thousand times worse for me if I did that.

“Well, habibti?”

Ten minutes later, and we were in the mezzanine of one of the least-used stairways of the university, the sheikh unzipping himself while his other hand was busy pushing my skirt up from the back.

This was insane.

So fucking insane.

But damn if I wasn’t horny as hell, my body trembling and aching, and my pussy already weeping with need for his possession—-


The sheikh had entered me without warning, and my pussy’s full-o-meter went from zero to stuffed in a nanosecond.

“Do you want it slow or fast?” the sheikh crooned.

“Just fucking get it over—-mmph!” I couldn’t finish talking, with his fingers suddenly pushing inside of my mouth just as the sheikh started pounding into me hard and fast.

“Start sucking,” he grated out, and idiot that I was, I found myself not just doing as he ordered but actually enjoying it, too, with the way his long, hard fingers so wonderfully resembled the steely length of his cock.

A part of me wondered why I wasn’t fighting him off and was instead letting him do as he willed, pushing me to bend from the waist over the balustrade while his cock reamed my pussy and his hand started slapping the cheeks of my ass.

Why couldn’t I make myself care that someone might hear us? See us even?

I might’ve chosen this place because students and faculty only came this way when they needed to visit the school’s on-site mail office (in other words: almost never), but there was still a fucking chance, dammit, and especially when the asshole wasn’t even making any attempt to tone things down.

With every forceful shove of his dick inside of me, he’d create this lewd, slapping noise that I knew no one would ever mistake for anything else but sex.

I should care more about getting caught, dammit, but instead I was just fucking lost, just mindless with how good it felt, that when I heard him whisper in my ear—-

“You asked me why I’m here earlier. I’ll tell you why. It’s because I miss my baby mama. I thought of her the whole fucking time, with images of her sweet, dirty body dancing in my mind over and over that I could no longer concentrate at work. I knew I had to fill her up again, shoot my load into her until it goes all the way to her womb so she can start getting round with my kid.”


Smarter Side of My Brain told me the guy was just messing with me, but my body didn’t care. It just shuddered anew at the words, and my vaginal muscles clenched so tightly around the sheikh that it had him swearing out loud.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

The desire-roughened tone of his growl had me clenching my inner muscles again, and I felt his big, hard body shudder against me.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good. FUCK.”

Oh God, I think I’m just as bad as him. I had to be, with the way the mere sound of his F-bombs turning me on so hard that I actually felt sex juices trickle out of me pre-orgasm. And when I heard him start talking dirty?

Your ass is shaking so fucking hard against me, little one.

Do you want my cock that much?

Do you like how my cock destroys your pussy over and over?

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