“So, good night then,” she grinned, pink with pleasure.

She rose up on tiptoe and pressed a quick kiss to my lips that staggered me. I reached out for the railing to hold on to. Because it wasn’t just the gesture, the affection in it that got to me. It was the fiery jolt of pleasure I got from Maggie’s kiss, a three-second, barely-there kiss that felt like a building just went up in flames, consumed by lashing fire, bright against a dark sky.

I nodded to her, watched her unlock the door and go inside before I drove off. I gritted my teeth all the way back to the B&B. I barely made it in the room and locked the door before I had my pants unzipped and my cock in my hand, turgid and pulsing, thick in my punishing fist. I leaned my head back against the door as I jerked off, my eyes shut on images of Maggie, her big, soft breasts a swell against my chest, her tongue in my mouth, my hands full of her hair. In my fantasy, I hitched up her knee to my hips and opened her to me. With two fingers I found her soaking wet sex, massaged her, making a slick mess of her before I drove my cock in hard, all at once in a deep thrust that lifted her off the ground as I braced her against the car and fucked her without saying a word. As I imagined her tight, slick pussy around me, I came in fierce spurts, my whole body shaken with the force of it.

It still wasn’t enough. The sexual tension between us wouldn’t go away. Not if I jerked off every hour until I left this little town in the dust. Nothing would satisfy me but Maggie herself, all of her naked on this bed she had made. Something about that appealed to me, letting her be the one to make those fresh clean sheets all dirty, our sex pressing her into the mattress and letting her find her release in that bed, under those blankets.



I was surprised I could even walk up the porch steps. He had my legs so weak, my panties so wet from that kiss. No, it had been more than a kiss. So when I went inside and locked the door, I turned off my porch lights so no one could see what I was about to do.

I had never, ever done it before. Not like that. Not jerking my pants down, leaning my shoulder against the door and shoving my hand into my soaking wet panties. I didn’t play around either. I stuffed my fingers between my wet, quivering lips while I worked my thumb over my clit hard and fast. I slithered to the floor when I came, grunting with the release. I just sat there with my pants around my knees, my fingers drenched and still crammed inside my panties while my inner muscles quivered with the aftershocks.

After a long shower, I called my sister.

“I’m a failed slut,” I said.

“What? Were you really bad in bed or what?” she mumbled sleepily.

“No. We didn’t’ get that far. I didn’t have the nerve to do it. I can’t have a fling. I’m not built that way. I’m not equipped to handle what he was giving me.”

“Oh, God, is he weird? Did he whip out a ball gag?”

“Oh my god, no! He’s here on business, why would he have a ball gag with him?” I said.

“So what did Company Man do?”

“He asked me to go back to his room and spend the night. I said no,” I said miserably.

“Not into him?”

“Yes into him. Super into him,” I shouted without meaning to.

“Jeez, woman, you woke me up to yell at me about how bad you want the guy you turned down? I’m not a therapist. Call the health department and see if they have a specialist for stupid chicks who refuse to get laid,” she said grouchily.

“I’m not stupid. I barely know him. But I have no control over my body when I’m around him. When he kissed me, I thought I was going to come on the spot, I swear to God.”

“You can’t come from a kiss,” she said dismissively.

“I would’ve said that too, but now that I’ve kissed him, or he kissed me, I should say,” I sighed. “It was that good.”

“Sound’s great. Why’d you say no again?”

“I wish I could’ve gone with him. It would’ve been easier than this. I’m suffering. I’m just not the kind of girl who can go home with some guy. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry. You’re the one sitting around with some girly blue balls,” she laughed, “Get out your vibrator and—”

“Look, that is not going to solve anything. This is like nuclear-level sexual tension. My body responds to him in a way that I can’t even explain.”

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