“Good. You should.”

“But you have to admit your part in this too,” I told her.

She scoffed. “And what do you think my part is?” she asked.

“The part where you make me so hard I have to stroke my own damn cock until I come like a horny teenager every fucking night just to get a hour or two of fitful sleep. And then again in the shower in the morning because I can’t get you out of my goddamn head.”

She stared at me for a moment, unblinking. Then, suddenly, her hand shot in the air as she called the waitress for our check. After I threw a few bills on the table, she grabbed my hand and nearly dragged me out of the restaurant.

In the car, I glanced at her before I pulled away from the parking spot.

“My house,” was all she said.

I nodded. Somehow, neither of us could bear to speak. The tension between us was so thick, so heady that words failed us. I drove that car with one hand on her knee. I was breathing hard all the way back to town, all the way to the turn onto the quiet street where she lived. Then I found that I’d forgotten how to breathe at all. She was so beautiful, so ready to be mine. I tried to make my hands stop shaking. All that pent-up desire, all the fury of want I’d been keeping leashed—I had to go slow, be gentle with her. I couldn’t unleash that explosive arousal. She’d be terrified, too stunned to even respond.

When I stopped in front of her house, I cut the ignition and turned to her. Even in the darkness, the soft light from her porch seeming faraway, I could see her wide eyes, expectant and excited. I could see the pale, trembling hand as it settled over mine. She seemed as breathless as I felt.

“Let’s go inside,” she said.



His eyes were so dark, so fiery, I felt like they could devour me, swallow me whole. I felt a shiver almost of fear on the edge of my anticipation. I could barely walk straight on my way to unlock the door, although I was sober as could be. The warm breeze ruffled through my ponytail as I tried twice to fit my key into the lock, clumsy with desire. He put his hand on my wrist to steady me.

As if his touch would calm me.

I shook harder. Everything inside me was zinging around wildly in excitement and panic all at once. I turned around and looked at him, helpless. He took the key from me and opened the door smoothly as if it wasn’t impossible to do.

Once inside the door, the keys jangling into their bowl on the hall table, I reached for him. I was too late. Jeremiah already had his hands on me, dragging me against him. I didn’t have a chance to catch my breath or hold on to him. He swept me into a kiss, breathtaking and intense.

Jeremiah’s rough fingertips traced my jaw and slid down my sensitive neck. I shivered under his hands, knowing he’d make me shiver a hundred more times before he made me scream. I wanted that so much, and at the same time wanted the kiss to go on forever, never stopping. Firecrackers seemed to spark and pop behind my eyes as his tongue pushed into my mouth, merciless, demanding. I felt a sob rising in my throat when his big hand cupped my breast. I arched into him, pressing my nipple into his palm, wanting more.

“All this time I’ve wanted you, my beautiful Maggie,” he groaned against my neck as he licked and sucked. Every suck sent trails of sparks zinging down my skin and left me drenching and quivering.

“Please,” I said, because it was all I could manage to say.

I pulled back, staggering out of his embrace for an instant. I pointed toward my bedroom like a bad pantomime and made to lead the way. He reached out and swept me up into his arms. He had me in the bedroom in seconds, on the bed, stripping off my shirt. I stretched my arms above my head, unprepared for him to throw the shirt while bearing me down onto the bed, his mouth fastened on my nipple through the lace of my bra. The lace was cheap and rough, a jagged counterpoint to his hot, wet mouth on my pebbling skin. I moaned, clasping his head to my breast urgently. His hand worked over my other breast, fondling and squeezing, pinching the nipple into aching hardness. Every sharp pinch made me shriek with spikes of pleasure. I wanted his cock inside me. I felt like I couldn’t wait another second. I needed him plunging and thrusting, rutting into me immediately.

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