Gripping his thick biceps felt incredible, all that power under my hands, harnessed by his will into gentleness and taunting sensuality. He nipped at my lips, slid his knee between my legs. The pressure he gave me with his thigh was at the same time a relief and infuriatingly not enough. I needed all of him, his powerful length pushing deep into me, making me spread my legs wide just to try to take him inside me. My pussy pulsed at the thought, the image of his cock disappearing into my body. Oh, how I wanted to feel the heavy invasion of it within me, the pressure of his pounding thrusts. I could have wept with wanting it. I writhed against him, trying to hurry him, to increase the pressure of his maddeningly gentle touch.

“You like that?” he said, his thigh going harder against my damp sex. I nodded furiously in case he wasn’t sure I meant ‘yes’.

“How about this?” he said, his mouth fastening onto my nipple.

I jerked in pleasure, my fingers in his hair, trying to trap him there with his questing, wet mouth velvety as it consumed my sensitive flesh. I bucked under him or tried to, pinned down by the delicious weight of him. Slowly, tenderly he worked my nipple, swirling his tongue in a slow circle around it, brushing the tip of his tongue over it, sweeping the flat of his hot tongue back and forth. I clenched, gritted my teeth, tried to endure it, sure it would burn me up into cinders. The slow, deliberate tenderness threatened to undo me, to make me lose my mind. His teeth scraped my sensitive, aching nipple and made me jerk at the edge of pain that sharpened my pleasure. He moved his mouth lazily to the other nipple and worked it over just the same, building the ecstasy till I was ready to scream and beg. Then he moved back up to my mouth and kissed me deeply, deftly. Our lips fit together perfectly, a gorgeous, perfect kiss that was equal parts sex and romance. I never once forgot, even with my eyes shut tight, that Jeremiah was the man kissing me. It was no faceless fantasy man, but Jeremiah himself. The enemy. The man set to destroy everything I held dear. His hand was working between my legs like he planned to spend at least two months just petting me to distraction. I’d go insane in less than five minutes it was so good. Too good.

“I need you,” I whispered roughly. “Please. All of you.”

“You want that?” he said, his lips against mine.

“Yes. S—so much,” I stuttered. He withdrew his wicked fingers at my words.

It seemed to unleash him.

This time, he moved his body between my thighs. He levered up on his hands, eyes bright and locked on mine. He brushed my cheek with his fingers, then kissed my lips softly. I trembled in anticipation, my arms around his neck. I held my breath, bracing myself for the hard first thrust, the explosion that waited after all that patience.

I was shocked when I felt the massive hardness of his erection press tenderly at my sensitive sex, breaching me for a long, slow thrust that left me taut with tension, panting and sobbing at the gentleness with which he wielded that power. His broad, manly shoulders above me gave me something to grip. Before I knew it, my hips were arching up off the bed, wanting to take him in, wanting the slick push of his cock within me, wanting him to go harder, deeper, give me every inch of him.

“Please,” I gasped, “don’t hold back. Let me feel you.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, his voice tight with control.

“Jeremiah,” I managed, “I want to feel all of you. Please,” I said, babbling a little in my urgency.

With a jerk of his hips he thrust all the way into me, every long, thick inch until I thought I’d lose my mind from the pressure, the feeling of fullness. I closed my eyes, imagining him spearing into my body, the slickness of my juices easing his way. I bucked my hips to meet his thrusts. He was careful, giving me short, shallow thrusts at first, but I urged him on, taking more and more, craving it after that first, maddening deep push. Then he gave it to me, all of it, pumping into me almost wildly. The corded muscles of his arms stood out under my grip as he drove into me. Every plunge made me growl, some guttural, deep sound of satisfaction that I could take all of him. The roar he gave when he came hot and hard inside me was a sound I could never forget. He gave a shudder and his arms gave way. He collapsed onto me and I held him, breathless, the wet rush from his climax still in me. I felt a flutter of pleasure at the primal way I possessed him, exhausted from his orgasm, still half-hard within me, the slickness between my legs proof that he had given me all of himself, every drop. I gloried in it.

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