“No, you smartass. I’d like to get out of here,” I said boldly.

He went to the bar to settle the bill. I dashed to the ladies’ room and hurried back, my lipstick fresh and ready to be kissed right off.

In the car, he reached for my hand and kissed it. It took me right back to the first time he had done that, how I felt the thrill through my whole body. It made my eyes sting a little at the recollection, how much it meant to me. And I wondered again why I was doing this. Why was I giving myself over again to something that was clearly going to break my heart in another week or two? How weak was I that I couldn’t walk away?

At the B&B, he leaned over and whispered, “Do you want to go in separately? So you’re not obviously going to my room?

“There’s like ten rooms. Max is working the desk tonight. There’s no point sneaking around,” I said decisively. I reached over to open my door.

“Wait. That’s my job,” he said.

Jeremiah got out of the car and came around and opened my door. I barely got to my feet before I was in his arms. Swiftly, he pulled me to him, my head bent back over his arm for a Hollywood kiss. I was swept away in the stroke of his tongue, the urgency in his embrace. My knees were weak. I had to cling to him to stay upright as I answered his passionate kiss with my own.

By the time he drew back, I knew I was wild-eyed, kiss-swollen lips with lipstick smeared everywhere. I lifted myself on tiptoe to rub my lips against his sensuously. Jeremiah clasped me to him and kissed me again. We clung together for a long moment before we ventured into the lobby. He answered Max’s greeting from the front desk, and I waved as we passed. No hiding my face tonight, no pretending I wasn’t crazy about this man, as reckless as it was.

We climbed the stairs in lockstep, even our breath in sync. Inside the room, he shut the door, turned the deadbolt. The snick of the lock seemed to reverberate through my body, to shiver in my blood. We started peeling off our clothes without a word. There was no need for talking. I shimmied out of my panties while he reached behind his head and yanked his shirt off. I loved watching him do that, loved every inch of smooth skin revealed as he pulled the shirt up.

I had to get my hands on him. I touched his stomach, and he jerked as if startled. His eyes smoldered as they met mine. He grabbed my wrist and pressed my hand to his body, “You can touch all you want. It just feels electric,” he said. His voice was husky and warm, curling through my body.

Greedy, I put both hands on him, unfastening his jeans and pushing them down. He helped me shuck off his jeans and boxers, and his hands went to my bra. Reaching behind me, he unfastened it so I could shrug out of it. I stood bare before him, not ashamed of my curves, just hungry to feel his touch. He didn’t disappoint. He touched my breasts, reverently, tenderly at first, making my nipples pucker in anticipation. His fingers slowly curled toward them, making me breathless, eager. He rubbed them, rolled them between his thumb and forefinger, making a sharp jolt of pleasure jerk through me. I ran my hands up his muscular arms, reached up and pressed my lips to his shoulder and then bit it lightly. He growled low in his throat. He released my nipples to my whimper of dismay and caught me by the hips. He turned me around, bent me over the bed. A chill of excitement raced up my spine as his big hand stroked my back, pressed me down. His hands slid up and down my sides, stroked my bottom, my thighs, before his mouth was between my legs. I jerked, cried out as the tip of his tongue grazed the underside of my clit. The pleasure made my knees buckle, but his hands were there at my hips to hold me, my fists buried in the sheets.

He tongued me, sucked at my clit, pushed one and then two long fingers inside me, pressing and stroking my g-spot without mercy until I came and came, screaming, so fast and hard. I was still shuddering when he slid his fingers out of my quivering passage and got to his feet. I felt him there behind me, his thighs against mine, his bare, hot cock brushing against my sex. He rubbed the head of it over my wet slit, savoring the mess I’d made with a rumble of satisfaction in his throat. I was still sensitive from my orgasm, but I pushed my hips back toward him, taking the tip of his cock in me, taking him by surprise. He jerked forward, thrust into me slow and deep until I felt like I couldn’t swallow. He was so deep inside me, filling me up. I needed to spread my legs more just to accommodate him, how thick, how rigid he was as he shoved it into my yielding flesh. I loved it, felt wild and powerful with that cock thrusting into me from behind. It gave me a shiver of bliss just thinking how we looked, me bent naked over the bed as he stood behind me, his palm on the small of my back, other hand on my hip, taking me.

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