She gasped.

“In fact, in my dreams, you don’t argue with me at all. All you do is suck my—-”

Cass gasped more loudly. “I do not!”

“Yes. You do.”

She stared at him for a long moment, trying to find any clue that would prove he was being petty and dishonest. But there was none. She shook her head incredulously. “Are you serious?”

Julian raised a brow. “Are you denying it?”

She said slowly, “I don’t think we’re having the same dreams.”

Bemused, Julian asked, “What do I do in your dreams?”

A smile formed on her lips, and a faraway look fell on Cass’ face as she murmured, “We talk all the time.”

In his dreams, they had foreplay all the time.

“You hum me to sleep sometimes, like you know, singing a lullaby to a baby?”

Julian almost choked. He had never fucking hummed in his life, and he hoped to God Cass didn’t expect him to do it in reality.

“And,” Cass continued with a sigh, “there was one time that you recited poetry to me.”

This time, Julian did choke.

Cass looked at him in confusion. “Are you okay?”

He cleared his throat. “I’m fine.” Not. He still had trouble accepting the fact that he was so incredibly gay in Cass’ dreams. Hum her to sleep? If it had been him, he would have fucked her until both of them passed out. And poetry? No fucking way. If she wanted to feel cherished, he could do that just by talking dirty.

Curiosity made Cass nibble on her lower lip before asking, “What about your dreams? What do, err, I do in your dreams?”

He looked at her. He only looked at her and let his mind do the talking.

Cass’ jaw dropped.

Cass was on her knees, and she was smiling up at him as she took him in her mouth——

Cass was seated on a stool, hands on her lap, while a gloriously naked and powerfully aroused Julian stood before her, his hands on her hair as he slowly guided her head to his cock—-

Cass was on top of Julian, his face buried in her pussy while she worked on him with her mouth and hands—-


Julian smirked.

“B-but I’ve never done anything like that in real life.”

“I’ll be happy to teach you,” he answered smoothly.

She blushed and glared at him at the same time. “I…” She shook her head. “Impossible!”

Wickedly, he asked, “Do you want me to give you a blow by blow? Better yet, maybe I should just try to recall so you can see for yourself—-”

“No need,” she said so quickly it made him laugh.

The sound was rusty, a testament to how rare he had found anything in life worth genuinely laughing about. Even in her dreams, Cass thought, Julian rarely laughed. But he was laughing now, and knowing that she had been the cause of it made her blink back tears.

“Julian?” Her voice caught.

He looked down at her sharply, hearing the uneven note in her voice. “What is it, sweetheart?”

The endearment made her blink even more. “You must find a way to believe that I’m telling you the truth about everything. I’ll be very hurt if you don’t believe me, but more than that…I want you to be happy. I want you to have more reasons to smile, to laugh, and I think that’s only going to happen if you believe in us.”

Chapter Five

When Cass came out of the employees’ locker room dressed as Mademoiselle Cassandra, the figure standing next to the door turned a deep angry shade of red. “What the fuck are you wearing?”

Around them, heads swung towards their direction upon hearing the prince’s raised tone. Although the hotel’s luau would officially start at dinnertime, the management had various activities planned to provide guests with entertainment throughout the day. One of it was having Cass tell the guests’ fortunes.

Seeing the way Cass flinched at his words made Julian mentally curse himself. A truce of sorts had emerged between them since their conversation at Cass’ apartment. Of course, when Julian found out that Cass was not willing to take a day off from work, the truce between them had been threatened.

“If you truly think you are destined to be the woman in my life,” he had said silkily, “shouldn’t you start practicing saying yes to everything I want?”

Cass had only shaken her head. “You are the most selfish man I have ever met.”

Her words had made him start. He had always been an arrogant and spoiled jerk, but selfish? No, he had thought broodingly. Selfishness wasn’t one of his sins. That side of him only came out where Cass was concerned. He had dreamt of her for so long, it felt like he had known her for years but only had the chance to be with her now. Of course he wanted Cass to spend her every fucking moment with him.

Especially now, Julian thought grimly, considering what she wore. Her slim curves were enhanced by her outfit, made of silk and gauze, and transparent almost everywhere except for the most vital parts.

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