And so he said simply, “Yes.”

The two blondes squealed.

“We really hope to see you there.” Cass sensed Sandra was dying to say more, but Julian’s monosyllabic replies prevented her from acting too familiar with him.

Sandra knew the polite thing was to leave since the prince was here first, but she was reluctant to end the conversation without finding a way to secure more time with the prince. Unfortunately, Prince Julian didn’t seem to be interested in more talk so she was forced to waste her time with the fortune teller again. “Are you reading the prince’s fortune?” she asked with sham concern. “Are we in the way or something?”

Aware of Julian’s meticulous care of his public image, Cass looked at him in askance, unsure of the proper thing to say. For all she knew, Julian might not want to be known as the prince who believed in fortune telling.

Julian returned Cass’ questioning gaze with a bland look, allowing his mind to speak instead.

Julian undressing her in the tent—-

Julian sending the crystal ball crashing to the floor as he laid her naked body on the desk like a virginal offering—-

Julian parting her legs so he could go down on her—-

Cass slammed the door shut on his thoughts as she coughed several times, using it to recover her wits. Her senses had gone crazy the first second she had realized what Julian was thinking.

Cass was blushing again. Her nipples were also hard and aroused, pebbling against the thin silk covering her breasts. Whether she admitted it or not, his thoughts had clearly aroused her. The knowledge caused a smile to play on his lips as his gaze captured hers.

Let me fuck you tonight, Cass.

Forget about work. I’ll be working you in bed so hard you won’t even have the energy to open your eyes.

You know you want me as much as I want you.

Sandra’s eyes widened as she saw the prince and the fortune teller stare at each other, the sexual tension between the two so palpable it was impossible to ignore. Oh my God! The prince wanted this nobody? He wanted this money-grubbing bitch over her, Sandra, an heiress with ties to English royalty?

Unable to help it, Sandra said loudly, “Well, I guess I can tell your fortune, Mademoiselle Cassandra.”

The words jerked Cass back to reality, and she looked at Sandra self-consciously.

Sandra flashed the fortune teller a nasty smile. “I don’t need a crystal ball to know you’re a gold-digger and a slut. You’re so good at seducing men that you’ve managed to catch the prince and if you play it right, if you act like the most hardcore whore in the prince’s bed tonight, your fortune tomorrow could probably reach seven or maybe even eight figures.”

The malice in the words took Cass aback, but she wasn’t hurt by it, her job as Mademoiselle Cassandra making her immune to every kind of insult. If anything, she was worried about the impact of the woman’s words on Julian.

She reluctantly turned towards Julian’s direction, but for once his thoughts were unreadable. It made her nervous and afraid. Cass told herself that she didn’t expect the prince to defend her. She was not his bride yet. It was his duty to think of his kingdom. If he answered Sandra and the other woman went to the press, Cass would never forgive herself.

Sandra was still speaking, throwing insults nonstop at Cass. Julian waited for Cass to look at him in appeal, but she didn’t. As more time passed without Cass speaking a word, something inside him grew warm.

All his life, he had been trained to believe in several things. One of it was that every person would always want something from him, friend or foe, family or not.

But Cass…

Cass was proving to be someone different.

He finally looked at the other woman, and this time he made no attempt to hide his contempt. It was enough to have Pauline gasp and Sandra’s words to stutter to a stop.

“If you say one more word, bad or otherwise, about Cass, I will have you sued for slander the moment you step out of this island. I will make sure every media outlet covers the story. You will be banned from my kingdom, your photo will be out for everyone to see, and they will know that you are the most disgusting woman I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.”

By the time he had finished speaking, Sandra’s face had lost all color.

“Of course, you can try going to the media, too, but I have resources that you don’t. Before your story even gets typed, my people will be all over it and I would be the one suing you. If you know what’s good for you, woman, then you will not mess with me.”

“I w-won’t go to the press.” The chilling look of loathing on the prince’s face made Sandra feel so low. Never had anyone looked at her with so much disgust and contempt and it galled her, knowing that the prince did so because he wanted the fortune teller over her.

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