“Ooooooooh.” Cass couldn’t believe she had been able to produce such a sound. But when Julian squeezed her breast and started sucking her nipple, she moaned once more. The sound seemed even lewder to her ear, but she couldn’t help making it again and again as Julian sucked her nipple hard.

“Julian…” Cass was arching her body, her movements seemingly involuntary as her hands crept to his shoulders. Fingernails dug into his skin, telling Julian of her wanton need for him, and it fed his desire, making him hungry for more.

He moved to her other breast, sucking her sweet nipple, unable to get enough of her taste.

“Please, Julian…” Cass didn’t know if she wanted Julian to stop or kiss her some more. All she knew was that the pleasure he was giving her was beautiful to the point that it was agony. If this was the kind of dream she had of them every night, she wouldn’t ever want to be awake.

Julian’s mouth was moving down, his hands clasping her hips before raising it up. Cass whimpered as Julian’s lips trailed down her sensitive belly before stopping at her bikini bottom.

Swallowing inaudibly, Cass slowly raised herself on her elbows, unable to resist the temptation to watch Julian. With them connected to each other, she was able to see every inch of him. His head was bent down, but she was able to catch a glimpse of the rampant hunger on his face as he tugged her bikini bottom down with his teeth.

Cass’ heartbeat raced, each beat in tandem with every additional inch of skin he exposed. Once she was fully naked, Cass thought dazedly, that was it. She would be his.

Oh God, she would be his.

The thought was frightening, enough to have her clutching fistfuls of sand in an effort to calm herself. But underneath the fear was an irrepressible sense of excitement, and the late afternoon sunlight beating down on them fed on it.

There would be no turning back after this, but this was also what she had been waiting to happen for years.

Julian’s hands running down her legs made her look at him again, and she saw with a gulp that he had finally gotten her bikini out of the way. She was now completely naked. When he came back to rest his weight on her, his arousal felt larger and more powerful, and the triangle between her legs slowly became moist.

Julian slipped one hand under Cass’ body to cup her buttock. After squeezing the luscious flesh, Julian used his other hand to trace her folds. Cass’ gasp of shocked pleasure made his cock jerk in greater arousal. “You’re so beautifully wet, darling.” His fingers were drenched with her desire, and approval vibrated in his voice as he spoke.

Cass squeezed her eyes closed again, embarrassment and need blending into a whirlpool of sensations inside her. “I c-can’t help it.” She ended up squeaking the last word, with Julian touching her most sensitive part once more. Each stroke of his finger on her folds had her body throbbing with pleasure.

When he finally sunk one finger in, Cass wasn’t able to keep herself from letting out a long moan. And as he started to move that one finger inside her, his strokes leisurely but deep, Cass lost what little common sense she had left. All she could do was moan, twist, and beg.

“Do you want me to stop?” Julian’s words were teasing, but the rough note of his voice betrayed his arousal, which was about to reach the boiling point. She was so exquisitely tight, Julian had difficulty pushing a second finger inside her.

“No.” Her cheeks flushed as she answered him, but she couldn’t help speaking the truth. As her flesh stretched to accommodate two fingers, Cass became even more restless. This wasn’t even his…his thing, Cass thought dazedly. But she already felt like she was going mad with need for him.

As his fingers pushed in harder and faster, Cass’ breathing became erratic, her heartbeat galloping and her skin becoming extra sensitive. ‘On fire’ were words she used to know only figuratively, but now she felt it. Oh, oh, oh God. How she felt it, and she burned even hotter when she felt Julian sinking a third finger inside her.

Cass’ pussy was so wonderfully tight it made him ache hard, his cock demanding to have a taste of her. A ragged groan escaping him, Julian asked, “Does it hurt?”

She shook her head, her eyes hazy with need.

“Good. Because I have to tell you, darling,” Julian muttered painfully as he slowly parted her thighs and settled on a more comfortable position between her legs, “I’m hurting badly, and the only way it’s gonna stop is when I have my cock inside you.” He ran a hand over her silken legs, loving its feel. A memory of having those legs wrapped around his waist had him groaning and made his hands tremble as he cupped her lush bottom.

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