When he looked down on Cass, he saw her eyes full of desire and trust, and somehow that made him a little less selfish, enough for him to ask unevenly, “Are you sure of this?” He wanted to fuck her badly, so much he would probably be willing to sell half of his kingdom just to possess her.

The fact that he was able to ask – and she knew he would pull away if she did say no – made Cass feel cherished, and she cupped his face, saying shakily, “I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.”

The sweetness of her words made him groan, his desire completely taking over him. With painstaking care, Julian slowly guided his cock to her wet entrance. As her inner muscles tightened around his head, Julian couldn’t help growling, the pleasure intense. So goddamn tight, Julian thought as his teeth gnashed at the effort it took him not to take her completely.

Cass was tense underneath him, her breathing shallow and audible, and Julian lowered his head to kiss her. He found himself murmuring sweet nothings in an effort to ease her tension – a first for him since she was the only virgin he had ever wanted to possess.

When Julian felt the tightness disappearing from Cass’ silken limbs, he knew it was time, and his body shook with rising desire. Anticipation had him inhaling deeply, his chest heaving as he sank his cock deeper inch by inch.

A whimper escaped Cass when she felt his hardness pushing into her. It was so different from the way his fingers possessed her, and her fingers dug deeper and deeper into the sand, a subconscious imitation of the way Julian’s cock slid into her pussy deeper and deeper.

Julian’s large strong frame trembled when he felt the barrier against his cock. It was the proof of her virginity, proof that he would be the first to possess her. And no one else. The thought reverberated through his mind, and Julian knew at that moment that it was true. Cass was his – and would only be his forever.

“Julian?” Her voice shook as she spoke his name, her gaze trained on him.

Knowing that he was only making her more anxious with each second he did not do anything, Julian managed to smile down at her. “Cass.” It was his only warning before he pushed hard, his cock tearing through the last barrier protecting her innocence.

Cass gasped out in pain, her body automatically stiffening. The pain had still taken her completely by surprise even though she knew she should have expected it. She felt stretched beyond her capabilities, her flesh doing its best to accommodate his size.

“How bad does it hurt?” Worry made Julian’s voice uneven.

“N-not that bad.” It was more like a stinging pain, but the way Julian was nibbling on her lips and caressing her breast made the ache more bearable. She felt Julian slipping a hand between their bodies, his fingers dipping down, and Cass let out another shocked gasp when she felt him stroking a tiny nub of flesh that was surprisingly sensitive.

She knew it was her clitoris, she knew it was supposed to be a pleasure point of sorts, but she never knew it could make her feel so…

Her eyes closed.

She never knew it could make her feel so good.

With every stroke, pleasure seemed to spread wider and wider in her body. Her hips started to rise in accordance with the stroke of Julian’s fingers on her clit.

Julian growled as Cass’ hips bumped against him, and agony of the most exquisite kind tightened inside him as he started to move. He did his best to keep his thrusts steady and slow, wanting Cass to have as much time as she needed to adjust to his movements.

But then Cass was moaning, rubbing her body against his like she did in his dreams, and his control broke. “You’re so fucking responsive,” he growled as he thrust just a little bit harder and faster into her.

Arms around his neck, legs around his waist, Cass held on to Julian for dear life as his ever deepening thrusts pushed her down on the sand. “Julian, Julian, Julian…” She couldn’t help moaning his name, couldn’t stop rubbing her breasts against his hard chest…couldn’t resist lifting her hips to meet his every thrust.

“What do you want?” Julian asked hoarsely even as his hips moved nonstop over hers, his cock feeling like it was about to burst any second as her pussy tightened around him.

“Do you want it faster?”

“Yes.” The word was torn out from her, and she whimpered when Julian began pumping his hips faster.

“Do you want it harder?”

“Yeeeees.” And she closed her eyes at the sheer pleasure of his cock slamming harder and harder into her, each thrust marked by the heavy slapping sound created by their bodies. Tears stung her eyes as she felt the pleasure inside her rising and rising. “Harder,” she whispered. “Harder——”

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