Every fucking word Jose spoke made sense, and knowing it was so made him want to punch the walls. “She’s not like that.” Jose didn’t say a thing, but Julian could see in his cousin’s eyes that Jose was aware of the lack of conviction in his voice.

The knowledge shamed Julian and he said more forcefully, “She’s not like that. Go to her now and see for yourself. I will let her know to expect your visit. Just one moment in her company and you will know that she is not like that.”

“For your sake,” Jose said quietly, “I hope it’s true.”

MR. DARKNESS WALKED with a smile on his face, humming silently to himself. He was in a very good mood, and it was likely to get better. After two long years, his favorite toy had resurfaced. This time, there would be no escaping him.

The camera installed in one corner of the elevator caught his eye. He winked at it. He had pulled enough strings to ensure that tonight’s video – as well as every footage showing him present at the hotel – would disappear for good.

When he reached the penthouse floor, Mr. Darkness did short work of the two guards, taking advantage of their surprise. In seconds, he had broken their necks and his smile widened as their bodies crumpled to the floor in a heavy thudding sound.

He knocked on the door, but no one opened it. That was entirely expected. Smart girl, Mr. Darkness thought proudly. He liked his toys smart. It made things more exciting.

“I’m coming,” he told his dear little Cass, almost playfully, before getting to work on picking the lock.

Chapter Ten

Something was very wrong.

Cass paced the living room restlessly. Everywhere she could see death, and only the fact that it was not dark in her world like before kept her from going crazy. From time to time, she would use the peephole to ensure that the guards Julian had stationed were still there. They were. Thank God. That meant she was safe, right?

Hours passed, but fear kept her awake. It was already eleven in the evening – surely Julian would come anytime soon?

Another hour passed. She turned around, walked, and bumped into a console table, causing a vase of flowers to crash to the floor.

Cass paled.

She had never bumped into anything before. Never. It felt like a bad omen, and when she slowly bent down, the feeling of danger worsened until she wanted to scream.

She fumbled, feeling like there was something she had to hold in order to see.

Something sharp pricked her finger, a broken piece from the vase, causing her to cry out in pain.

And then she could see.


ONCE, THERE WAS A MAN who was a prince of Ethereal like Julian.

He was popular like Julian.

He was handsome like Julian.

But everyone knew he was never going to be king because he was too weak, unlike Julian, who was strong.

As the elders spoke of his many flaws within earshot, the hatred he felt grew and grew.

One day, he would kill Julian.

One day, he would be king.

And when that happened, the world would suffer for thinking he was not enough for them.

But before then he would pretend. With every instance that the world chose Julian over him, he would smile during the day but at the night he hunted, taking his anger out on a hapless victim, whether it be animal or human, old or young.

The world knew him as the prince from the House of Rodrigo.

Cass knew him as Mr. Darkness.

Julian knew him as Jose.

MINUTES AFTER JOSE left, a call from Manolo’s wife came through. The whole time she spoke, Julian struggled with his disbelief. The woman had done the impossible, managing to convince her husband that his decision to wage war would only tear the kingdom apart. If Julian were to ask Manolo to be one of his advisers, even if it was to be a nominal position, Manolo would back down.

It was a fair exchange, and Julian did not hesitate to strike a deal.

The entire office erupted into cheers when he made the announcement. He shook his hands with Raoul and the two other princes who had come to his aid.

“You look like there’s somewhere you’d rather be,” Prince Crispin said knowingly.

Julian flushed. “Am I that obvious?”

“Only because I am in love like you,” the prince answered.

The words stung, but Julian couldn’t make himself deny or acknowledge them. It was futile, he thought grimly, to label his feelings for Cass, knowing that their relationship could never end in marriage.

“You did well, Julian,” Rico, an older widowed prince, said warmly as he clapped Julian on the back. “It would be my honor to serve you when you are king. But for now, go home to your woman. We can take care of the rest. Your presence is no longer needed and you deserve to celebrate.”

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