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Everyone gasps, and then the room goes silent. I realize that I’m rock hard and ready to take her.

That doesn’t usually happen this way for me. I mean, I get aroused, of course, but never like this – so obvious, almost desperate. I have no idea why this woman changes me and makes me weak in the knees, but she does.

I find myself wanting to have her in my life forever. It’s strange, but I have never been so instantly attracted to someone before, at any point in my life. I look back at Jocelyn and wait for her answer.

With every fiber of my body, I’m hoping that she will say yes and accept my bid. Even if she doesn’t, I’d still keep bidding. I’d pay any amount of money to be with her.

She looks shy and hesitant. That attracts me to her even more. I can’t stop staring at her curves. I need to have her, tonight. Nothing is going to stop me from being with her. I have never been the type to believe in destiny or relationships, but when I look at her, I feel like I could become that person.

That thought both scares me and excites me. I have never felt like this before. It’s all very new, and a little mind boggling. But I’m determined to see where it will take me – and I sure hope it will let me take Jocelyn there with me, too.

Chapter 8


After the auction, I’m talking to Derek. It’s important that I explain something to him right away.

Even though I am nervous about it, I say, “I can’t spend the night. I understand if this is a dealbreaker, but I just can’t.”

Of course, I don’t mention why to him, but the exact reason is because tomorrow is Mother’s Day. That’s a day I want to spend with my son, Maxim.

Plus, I have never left him alone overnight before. I don’t know how he would react and I don’t want to burden Aunt Barbara any more than I already am.

I had decided not to mention anything to her because I had also thought I had to decided what to do on my own. I was just going to host the auction, not participate in it. And so of course I hadn’t cleared an overnight babysitting gig with her. Now I would feel rude, dumping it on her like that – not to mention that I wouldn’t have any good explanation as to why I needed to ask her to do that for me.

After letting Derek know, I turn to walk away because I’m pretty sure that he won’t want to pay so much for me anymore.

But he surprises me by reaching for me and instantly saying, “That’s fine. I can take you to my place and have you home within a few hours. Whatever works best for you is fine with me.”

“Um, ok,” I reply softly.

I can’t believe that he is this into me. He’s so handsome with his dark, wavy hair, and tanned body. I love that he’s quite a bit taller than me and that I have to look up at him. I want to melt whenever I look into his deep brown eyes. I want him so bad.

I still can’t believe that all of this is happening.

I feel like it must be my lucky day.

I’m going to get all this money for my bakery as the fee for providing the place for the auction, and this amazing guy who wants to pay way more just for the chance to be with me!

I don’t think I have ever been this nervous or excited before. This is exactly the kind of thing I needed to happen to put Maxim and me in a great position forever.

After we leave the bakery, we stand outside on the sidewalk for a few moments.

I have something else to tell him – I feel like I’m delivering him an endless string of bad news, but it’s necessary – so I look at him and say, “If it’s ok with you, I will have to drive to your place. This way I will have my car to get home afterwards.”

He looks at me, then replies, “Of course! That’s perfectly all right. Like I said, whatever works best for you.”

He smiles at me reassuringly – and oh, how I love that smile, already. He gives me his address and says, “I’ll meet you there. ”

When I get to the place where he’s staying, I’m shocked and in awe. It’s a luxury suite and he’s strewn rose petals everywhere, and lit a few candles. The room looks absolutely gorgeous.

As soon as I walk in, he doesn’t waste any time. Silently, he walks over to me and swoops me up and he lays me on the bed. We both hesitate, then reach for each other.

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