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“I mean, I figured that at your normal, umm, auctions, there are girls who do all kinds of things…”

“Don’t worry about them,” I quickly tell her. “They don’t matter at all. It’s just you and me here.”

“Yeah, but aren’t there things you’d like to do that are kind of, um, kinky? Like maybe butt stuff?”

I can’t help but laugh at this.

“Yes, of course I’d like to do butt stuff. But not until you’re ready. There’s no need to rush.”

“Yeah, I have to save something for…”

She trails off, as if feeling foolish for starting that sentence.

“Our wedding night?” I ask her, winking.

“Umm, yeah, something like that,” she says, her face bright red.

“Sounds like a deal to me,” I tell her, smiling. “For now, how about you get on your hands and knees on the bed? I want to fuck you doggy style.”

“Yes, sir,” she says, smiling.

And then she offers up her curvy little ass to me so that it’s in full view, and I can also see her shaved pussy, and all I want to do is taste it. So I do, licking gently at first, while she moans softly. Then I suck on her clit while I stick my fingers in my pussy hole, and she starts breathing heavier and faster, her voice getting louder.

“Oh, my God, Derek,” she says, as my mouth ravages her pussy. “That feels so good. I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum in my mouth,” I tell her, ready to slurp up every little bit of her juices. And she does, drenching me with her wetness, while my tongue is lodged deep inside her and the lips of my mouth are sucking on the lips of her pussy.

“Mmmm,” she moans. “Mmmm. That feels so good.”

Then it’s time for me to take off my pants and do what my hard cock has been urging me to do ever since I first saw her again at the park. I plunge it inside her, loving the feeling of her pussy walls gripping me, enjoying the feeling of her wet, tight insides.

“Is this what you wanted to let me do?” I ask her, spanking her plump ass and then holding onto her ass cheeks while I thrust in and out of her. “Fuck your pussy whichever way I want to?”

“Yes, sir,” she moans, as I take my finger and stick it into her ass hole just a little.

“And you’re going to let me have this ass hole once we’re married, aren’t you?” I ask her, giving her a little preview of what it will be like, as I rub it gently.

“Yes,” she says. “Mmm. Yes.”

To be honest, I’m giving myself a little preview, because I want her ass so bad, but for now, I’m satisfied with her pussy. I slap her ass again, watching it get red with my hand print as I say, “That’s right. Because you’re a bad little girl.”

She pushes her ass up against me more, causing my cock to slide even further inside her pussy.

“Yes,” she calls out. “I’m your bad little girl. And you’re making me cum.”

“Good,” I tell her. “Cum all over my cock. I’m going to cum into your wet little pussy.”

And sure enough, we cum at the same time, me letting my load out inside her while she writhes against me, cumming on my dick.

I’m not even afraid of getting her pregnant, because I’d love to have a baby with her. I bet Maxim would love having a little brother or sister, too.

“Did you have a good Mother’s Day so far?” I ask her, as she spoons up against me in bed.

“Yes,” she sighs happily.

“Good,” I tell her. “Because we’re going to take a little nap. And when we wake up, I’m going to make you dinner, to end it on an even higher note.”

“Thank you!” she says, beaming at me.

“I’ll send some home for Barb, too,” I tell her. “She’s a cool chick.”

“She sure is,” she says, smiling happily. “I can’t believe how well everything is turning out. Thanks for being so amazing.”

“It’s easy,” I tell her, “because I’m falling in love with you.”

She looks at me, surprised, and I’m feeling a bit surprised myself. I wasn’t expecting to blurt that out, but I couldn’t seem to help it. That about sums up everything I’ve been doing for the past twenty-four hours. But I don’t care, because it just feels right. As long as she says it back, and lets me know I’m not too crazy…

“I’m falling in love with you, too,” she says, before laying her head back down on my chest and drifting off to sleep, as peaceful as a baby, like how Maxim had looked at the park when I’d met him just a couple hours earlier, which now feels like an eternity ago, because so much has been happening so fast… and I’ve loved every single minute of it.

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