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“Just trying to be a good friend,” I reply, with a shrug.

I’m not ready to tell him about my idea yet. I want to do a little research on my own first and present him with something he won’t be able to refuse. He gives me a doubtful look as we both walk into the flower shop, which is called Love in Bloom.

He is all business again as he begins examining the bouquets. I’m instantly bored, so I just wander around the shop. I can’t help it. I start scoping out the women in the place.

I’m sizing them up and wondering which of them would agree to the auction. I doubt too many of them would, though. Being that we are in a small town, I’m sure they have high morals and ethics.

Still, it can’t hurt to try or ask, I figure.

For a small store, this place seems to be doing well. There are a few customers in here, as well as a lot of wrapped bouquets lined up, as if they’re about to be delivered.

That surprises me. It also makes me wonder what other places this town has to offer. Maybe I should check it out.

I haven’t been out much since we got here – not that I really want to. I’m just bored and missing the city.

And sex.

I’m missing kinky, fun sex.

Chapter 2


Love in Bloom. Sounds a little cheesy for a flower shop, I think to myself as Andrew and I are walking around the store. I start talking to a few of the women that are in here. Although they’re decent looking, there is no one that stands out to me or catches my attention.

What was I expecting?

We are in Idaho, after all.

I wait for Andrew to pick his flowers. While I do so, I glance at the cashier a couple of times.

She’s not really my type, but she is the best looking one here. Maybe I can convince her to be a part of the auction, I think. I mean, it’s worth a shot.

I’m getting irritated with Andrew for taking so long. He finally gets his flowers. While ringing us up, the cashier seems friendly. I still think she’s attractive and curvaceous, even if her features aren’t really my thing.

I can tell that Andrew likes her a lot though, because of the way he’s acting. She smiles at us politely and has that friendly charm that everyone in small towns seems to have.

Her name tag reads Sheila.

I start talking to her and asking her questions about her job and financial situation. She answers them in a friendly manner, so I start to think that maybe she will be open to what I have to say.

I soon find out that I was so wrong about that.

“How would you like to learn about an interesting money-making opportunity?” I ask her.

Though her smile is polite, I can see the drop dead look in her eyes. She informs me that she is very happy with her job and isn’t interested. I’m still busy trying to convince her, though – what other choice do I have?

Andrew whispers softly in my ear, “You are being too pushy. We have to be careful. This is a small town and people talk.”

I ignore him. I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. I grab a business card and leave it with Sheila. It has both of our numbers on it, so I tell her to give us a call if she might be interested. She seems too busy flirting with Andrew to care, though, but I still figure it was worth a shot.

We leave the store as a line is forming behind us.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Andrew snaps at me once we’re outside.

I shrug.

“I have to take all the chances I can get,” I reply.

Andrew shakes his head in disbelief. We are walking back to the office now. Andrew is quiet. I can’t tell if it’s because he is upset with me, or just preoccupied with work. Either way, I’m busy with my own thoughts. I feel like I accomplished something at the flower shop, but it’s still not enough. Sheila wasn’t even my type, and it’s clear that Andrew is into her, but maybe she could bring some friends if she were to decide to do it.

Andrew and I part ways at the elevator and go to our separate offices. Finally, I can be alone with my thoughts.

After running errands with Andrew, I feel like my whole day was a disappointment, despite what happened at the flower shop. I sigh, all I want is to be back at home so I can visit the Love in San Francisco Club. That’s where I belong.

How am I supposed to get my very particular needs taken care of in this small town in Idaho?

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