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That would just crush Amelia, my business rival. She’d be so jealous of all the things my business would have if it got extra help and money. We went to high school together. Amelia has always competed with me for everything.

I would love to get a bigger place for more business and beat Amelia once and for all. I can only imagine the look on her face if that happens.

I sigh sadly, realizing that things like that don’t ever happen for me. Sheila is so lucky. I really hope she takes these guys up on this opportunity. Her business needs more help than mine does.

Now that we’ve talked about it, I can’t get the idea of an auction out of my head. I wonder what it would be like to be in that situation. How would I react in a room full of rich men like that?

Honestly, I’d probably be up for whatever they suggest. Especially if they are paying good money for it. I’m always looking for a bit of fun. This auction business certainly sounds like it.

I wonder if I can get in on this opportunity too?

I shake my head. That would be foolish; besides, it wasn’t offered to me. Suddenly, I can’t wait for Sheila to call me again. I have a million questions that I want to ask her. I can’t get this idea out of my head, no matter how hard I try. Not only does it sound like good business, I think it’s exciting and sexy.

I really wish I was Sheila. I would definitely take part in this opportunity and probably auction myself off. It sounds crazy, I know, but I think it would be worth it.

I could have all that money and fun.

What could be better than that?

I feel myself growing wet at the idea of being in a virginity auction with all those handsome billionaires. I’m still lying in bed. I don’t have to be at the bakery just quite yet, because I know Ciara can handle things until I get there.

I slide my hand under the covers. My fingers slip into my pajama pants. I push my panties aside and start playing with myself.

I imagine being in the arms of some gorgeous guy. The excitement that I would feel as he touched me. The things he would do to me.

I’ve always been adventurous so I would be open to trying anything. I would love to be undressed and spanked, or just bent over and fucked good and hard.

I’ve never had sex before, and it’s been so long since I did anything physical with a man. It would feel so nice to have that physical contact with someone else. To have him whisper dirty things in my ears and dominate my body.

The thought sends shivers down my spine. I’ve always been attracted to strong, take-charge men like that. I bet there would be a lot of them there at the auction. That thought turns me on even more.

My fingers rub and stroke my pussy until I cum, while thinking about a man licking my clit and then fucking me. Afterwards, I tell myself that that’s enough fun and force myself to get up and shower for work.

I still can’t get the idea out of my head, but I have to try so that I’m able to concentrate at work. I have a lot of orders to get through and I can’t afford to be distracted today.

I keep anxiously glancing at my phone, waiting for Sheila to call. I’m dying to know more about the auction and what she said. I hope I’ll be invited. I’d like to see it, just out of curiosity.

Chapter 5


Finally, after weeks of planning, it’s auction night. Apparently, Sheila decided to host the auction after all, because she’d received an opportunity to buy the flower shop from its owner, ad needed to raise money to do so.

I’m both excited and nervous. So far things seem to be going well. I’m especially proud of Andrew. After a lot of conversations, he was able to convince Sheila to agree to host the event. Sure, things really fell into place to make the offer too good for her to refuse, but he was a big part of it. Those two had become quite chummy over the phone.

I walk around looking at people, but it doesn’t feel the same as back home. Having an auction in a flower shop just isn’t the same as having it at an exclusive high-class dinner club specifically for the purpose of hosting billionaire and virgin auctions.

Still, I tell myself that beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m also disappointed in the variety and quality of women that are here, though. I want this night to be a success. That’s why I am so worried and nervous. I’m hoping that it will be, but hoping and having it actually happen are two completely different things.

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