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I look around anxiously and see the hostess for the auction, Julia, waving me over. She doesn’t look too happy.

This is not going to be a pleasant conversation, I think to myself as I walk over to her. I’ve known Julia for a long time. She handles all our auctions back in the Silicon Valley and is in charge of the Love in San Francisco Club.

After I called her, she got in contact with Andrew, since he had the connection with Sheila, and both of them were able to help me put this auction together.

I walk over to her.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

She looks stressed. I already know it’s about the auction.

She looks at me and says, “We have to get enough people on stage, or this auction will be a bust.”

I sigh and look around the room, wondering who to start with. There is not a whole lot of variety to choose from. Maybe this type of event is too crazy for this small town crowd. I shake that thought away.

I have to figure out a way to make this work. I need this auction to be a success. We invested a lot into it to make it happen.

“I’ll walk around and mingle. See if I can convince some of them to participate or something,” I reply, trying to think of how to fix this.

“Let’s hope that works. If it doesn’t, we are going to lose so much money tonight,” Julia says, her voice getting more anxious.

“Calm down. I’ll see what I can do,” I assure her hastily.

She nods, smooths her hair back into place, then walks away. It’s rare to see her react that way, since she’s normally so calm and collected. I understand why she’s worried, though.

Hell, I’m worried too. I disappear back into the crowd of people and try to chat up some of the women who are there.

A few people express some interest, or curiosity in what the auction is all about. I send them over to talk to Julia. This seems to satisfy her for now. I breathe a quick sigh of relief. I had no idea it was going to be this much work, or this stressful.

The auctions back home are so much easier. Maybe because there were a lot more people in the city, or people are just kinkier out there or something. I really miss being there and attending those auctions. Even though I never found my dream girl, the city offered a larger variety of women.

Julia is busy, so I look around for Andrew. He’s busy talking to Sheila. I’m surprised. I knew she was his type, but she didn’t seem the type who was interested in anyone to be honest.

I look around at the people who are here. I might as well find someone to talk to and distract me. I focus on a group of women standing near the window. None of them catch my attention, so I just look them over.

Suddenly, I have to stop and do a double take. I must be seeing things. I blink again and start to smile. Standing by herself, near the window, is the hottest girl I have ever seen.

To call her my dream girl would be an understatement. She is perfectly petite and curvy. She has long curly hair that I just want to tangle my fingers in.

She doesn’t notice me and looks like she doesn’t really want to be here. I’d love to hold her voluptuous body against mine. To press myself into all of her curves.

I lick my lips as I think about that. I can’t help it. I wonder who she is? The only way I’m going to find out is by going over and talking to her, I remind myself. I take a breath, smooth my tux and walk over to her.

“Well, hello there,” I say, with a smooth smile. “You are a breath of fresh air to see here.”

“Umm, hi, ” she replies.

She looks a little unimpressed. But that’s okay because I like a challenge.

I introduce myself by saying, “I’m Brian. My friend Andrew and I organized this event.”

I know I’m bragging, trying to impress her. I hope it works.

Her eyes widen in surprise.

“Oh! You’re the ones Sheila was telling me about. Nice to meet you, I’m Tammy,” she replies, with a small smile.

I smile back, then look at her, confused.

“Sheila told you about me?” I ask.

“Yes. We’re best friends. She called me and told me when you offered her this opportunity,” she replies.

I look at her with interest. I like talking to her, but I love looking at her even more. I want to see her naked, writhing in my sheets.

Our attention turns to the stage as Julia announces the first auction. Tammy looks curious, so I ask her, “Are you going to participate? You should, because you are very beautiful.”

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