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I look around for Andrew. He is busy with Sheila. I have a feeling he’ll be busy with her for a very long time.

I need to go find Julia and talk to her about how we did tonight. I’m hoping that things got better. It seemed like we were able to get a lot more people interested. That was surprising.

I also need to talk to her about the possibility of Tammy hosting the next auction. I hope that she will like the idea as much as I do.

She might be kind of hesitant, though, because of how things started tonight, which is understandable. I’ll just have to convince her to let me try again, because I really want a chance with Tammy.

Chapter 8


A few days later, I’m at home, relaxing for a while. I don’t have to be at the bakery just yet. It’s nice to have a break from work and just get some time to yourself.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table, flipping through a magazine and sipping a glass of tea. It’s a cooking magazine. I like to read through and see what chefs use in their recipes. I also browse the latest updates and trends in the baking industry.

Things have been going great at the shop, but I am nowhere near where I want to be with my business. I start thinking about the big plans and dreams that I have for myself and I sigh longingly.

I realize that it’s been a few days since Sheila’s auction. I’m disappointed that I haven’t heard from Brian.

Maybe he wasn’t serious about helping me and was just using that as an excuse to get my phone number? I wonder.

My phone rings suddenly.

It’s him.

I stare in surprise before I answer it.

“Hello?” I ask.

“Hi, Tammy. It’s Brian. Sorry, but I finally have more information about the auctions. Do you have time to talk?” he asks.

I close my magazine and refill my tea.

“Of course! I’m glad you called,” I reply.

I cringe, realizing how flirtatious that sounded.

I didn’t mean to use that tone of voice.

He laughs.

“Well, I’m glad I called, too, then,” he flirts back.

I have to smile. This guy, he is such a flirt, but a good one. I enjoy the attention, but I’ll never admit that to him. I clear my throat as he continues talking business.

“I checked with the person in charge and we will be able to use your business to host the auction. Did you want to handle the food and catering?” he asks.

“Yes!” I reply immediately.

This will be a great way to get people to notice my bakery, and sample some of my work. Brian is quiet, as if making notes on paper.

“Okay, great. Just so you know, there will be a fee that the company will pay of $100,000 for hosting the event at your business,” he informs me. “Plus a commission based on the number of auctions and how much they each bring in.”

My mouth opens in shock. I can’t believe the numbers that just came out of his mouth. No wonder Sheila was so happy that she hosted one, aside from the fact that she got to hook up with Andrew.

“Hello? Tammy? Are you still there?” Brian asks.

I was so shocked that I forgot I was still on the phone.

“Yes, I’m still here. Sorry,” I apologize.

He laughs again.

“People usually have the same reaction every time they hear that amount,” he jokes.

“I don’t doubt it,” I reply.

“So, we can count on you to host for us that night?” he asks.

Without hesitation, I reply, “Yes. You can.”

Brian sounds happy.

“Great! I’ll give you a definite date once I work out some more details with our hostess.”

“That’s fine,” is my response.

I’ve kind of stopped paying attention and gone back to thinking about my business. Once I heard the amount of the fee, it kicked my brain into overdrive, with all the things that amount of money could bring to the bakery.

After a few moments, Brian asks, “Why don’t we skip all this and cut straight to the chase. We could have dinner together, tonight, or whenever you’re available?” he suggests, flirting again.

I roll my eyes.

I admire his determination, but I have other things to worry about. I mean, he’s hot, but he’s too arrogant for my liking.

“Sorry, I’m busy all this week. I have to go get ready for work now,” I reply.

I got a little bit of satisfaction from rejecting him like that. I like to let the men know that I am a strong woman and that when it comes to the relationship, I am in charge. Ever since Prom, I promised myself that I would never let another man humiliate me like that again.

“Oh, okay. Well, I’ll call you back with the date for the event then,” he replies, sounding disappointed.

“Sounds good. Bye!” I say, hanging up.

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