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She shakes her head but she’s smiling, and I know she does like it.

We start off our dinner with some salads.

I figure why not make a night of it?

“As a matter of fact, I do enjoy your flirting. It entertains me,” she admits, after a few moments.

I knew it.

“I’ve been thinking up ways that you can help with the auctions, and make more money for your business,” I tell her.

She looks up at me eagerly.

“Oh, wonderful, do tell,” she says, and after a few more bites of salad, she gives me her undivided attention.

I find myself staring at her gorgeous face and her eyes as we talk. I give her some of my ideas, which include catering a lot of the auctions that we can get other people to host.

I tell her, “You can still host some if you want. Your bakery is amazing, and people liked the convenience of the food.”

“That’s a great idea. I’m glad to help in any way I can. Plus, it’ll get my business more exposure, without having to actually participate,” she says happily, then smiles softly at me.

“Tonight was amazing, though, being up there,” she admits.

My heart flips when she says that. I have to gain control of my emotions.

“Yes, it’s quite an adrenaline rush,” I comment.

She nods in agreement, then we drift into silence. I think about how I enjoyed it too, especially her blowjob. I can’t wait to try more things with her after dinner.

We finish our salads and sip some more champagne. She excuses herself to the bathroom for a few moments. I sit there and wonder what else we can talk about. I decide then that I want to know more about her. What happened to make her so feisty and intriguing?

Also, I wouldn’t mind knowing what the deal is with her and Candy, either. These are thoughts I don’t usually have. I never get close to the women I buy at auctions. It’s a rule I have always had, but I’m having trouble keeping it with her.

When she comes back to the table, our food has arrived.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I ordered us some tea. I thought we might be tired of champagne,” I tell her.

She takes her seat and smiles.

“Sure, that’s fine,” she responds.

I like her attitude. She seems so cool about everything. I take a few bites of my food and watch as she eats hers.

Finally, I ask, “So what happened between you and Candy?”

She sighs, sips her tea and then looks at me.

“Honestly, it’s petty stuff from high school. Not very interesting,” she answers.

I scoff.

“You looked liked you were going to attack her; it must be a very big deal to provoke that kind of a reaction,” I persist.

She takes a few more bites of food, then sighs.

“Okay, so it was Prom season,” she says, and then she starts to explain everything.

I’m shocked by the protective emotions that I feel for her. It actually hurts me to hear her being treated that way. How could any guy dump her before Prom? And by the end of the story, I’m furious with Candy as well.

“Pretty pathetic, right?” she asks, after she’s done explaining.

“Not at all,” I reply, shaking my head emphatically.

I put my fork down and take a drink of my leftover champagne for liquid courage.

“In fact, I had a similar situation happen in high school as well…”

I tell her about how a girl jilted me and broke my heart, leaving me to decide that love was for the birds. I find myself opening up to her pretty easily, even though I’ve never told this story to anyone.

She gazes at me with sad eyes, and at the end of my story, she reaches across the table and gently holds my hand for a few seconds.

“Well look at us now, the past behind us, out having fun in the present,” she jokes, with a smile.

She pulls her hand away and goes back to eating.

I stare at her hand a few seconds, then clear my throat.

“Yes, fun,” I reply cheerfully, as we finish our dinner.

I’m having more than fun with her, but I don’t want to sound pathetic by getting mushy about it.

Afterwards, we talk each other into sharing some cake for dessert. We talk and laugh. She is funny and clever, and I love how she doesn’t cave into my flirting right away like any other woman usually does.

She is very strong and passionate, especially about her business. She enjoyed everything about the auction, especially meeting and helping people get everything set up. I joke that maybe she could take Julia’s job.

She shrugs and tells me she would rather make her business bigger first. She has a lot of plans she wants to accomplish.

I’m enjoying our conversation so much that by the time the check arrives, I don’t want to be away from her. I can’t deny anymore that I’m completely falling for her.

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